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    Child's Book of Rules Found


    A Wal-Mart worker near Sacramento is trying to find a young Boy or girl who left behind a very special notebook at the store .......(over 100 rules!).........

    Including "Don't bite the dentist"

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    lol. That's adorable.
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    Owners found! and now they have been offered a book deal!

    "The rules sparked so much interest that the girls have even been offered a book deal for their list of rules."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz2IKBGLS7J

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    Now that the book's rules have become so famous, the girls did allow for one exception to their privacy rule. They let Flores add a rule to the book last night. He wrote, "Stay in school," according to Busath.

    Both moms say they are overwhelmed by the worldwide attention their daughters' feel-good story has received. Tatarakis, who is holding on to the book for safekeeping, says she is also putting it to good use.

    "I was trying to get her [Isabella] to go to bed last night and she was so excited she wanted to stay up and was pleading ," Tatarakis said. "I said I was pretty sure that no talking back is in your rule book and she said, 'Oh, it is. It's on page one. I'll go to bed now."

    My favorite part! What amazing kids they are, as well as the young man who didn't just toss it in the trash!

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    Oh, I just love this story! Thanks for posting it.

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