Her mother and her boyfriend turned her in for a warrant

By the Gazette-Times

An Albany woman bound with duct tape was turned in on a warrant by her boyfriend and mother to the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

On Wednesday morning, a deputy at the jail was told by records personnel that two people had brought the woman to the sheriff's office in the back of a pickup, according to a sheriff's report.

The deputy confirmed the woman had a warrant for her arrest before speaking with the boyfriend, who said he bound the woman with duct tape to bring her in on the warrant.

Outside the sheriff's office, the man opened the canopy on the back of his pickup and deputies found the woman, Kimberly Diane Emmons, 35. Emmons' arms and legs were bound with duct tape.

Deputies assisted Emmons out of the pickup, handcuffed her, and escorted her into the sheriff's office.

When deputies asked Emmons why she was bound, she told them she did not want an investigation or anything else done in regards to her being duct-taped, according to the report.

Deputies helped remove the duct tape and Emmons was taken to the Benton County jail on a warrant for violating probation as well as for failing to appear in court. She was released from jail Thursday.