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    OH Teacher- duct taped students' mouths; put pic on FB

    "The photo, according to APS, depicted eight or nine of Cairns’ 16 students with duct tape across their mouths and a caption that read: “Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!"


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    According to the article she is the founder of a domestic violence awareness org.

    You would think she would be more aware and more sensitive to the humiliation of duct taping someone's mouth and of the pain involved in removal of the tape.

    Why am I not seeing legal charges against her?
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

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    Must be a joke from the comments below the article.

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    IMO she was just playing around with the kids and it was not done to humiliate or punish any of them at all. Now they want to fire her? I had wonderful teachers while I was growing up and this type of activity is exactly what made my school year memories fun.

    It's sad to see that the teachers who play and have fun while teaching our children have to worry about being fired for just being silly and playful.
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    One student was using the duct tape to fix a binder and jokingly placed a piece over her own mouth. The student's peers quickly joined in, and the class encouraged Cairns to take a photo. The image has since been removed from Facebook.

    This should be a fun memory 20 years from now, not lead to a teacher being fired.
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    I heard on the news it was the kid's idea, one kid started it and most of the others joined in and then insisted she take a picture.

    She gave the duct tape to one student to repair the binding on a notebook, and that student taped his mouth shut and everyone thought that was funny so he passed the scissors around the kids taped their mouths.

    I think as a culture, we've lost our sense of humor completely.

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    If these kids were in on the joke, even helped encourage it by placing the duct tape onto their own mouths then honestly the only the the teacher did wrong was display bad judgment in posting the pic.

    It was a joke, plain and simple, and while the teacher should not have posted it, no child was abused, harmed.

    I think a simple mild disciplinary action could handle this, not sure why there is talk of firing.

    I agree JeannaT, we as a nation have completely lost our senses of humor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by princesspjs View Post

    This should be a fun memory 20 years from now, not lead to a teacher being fired.
    Okay, I was ready to be mad at the teacher until I saw this. Have the children affirmed the teacher's story? If so the only thing the teacher did wrong in my opinion was posting the picture on facebook.

    We need all the good teachers we can get. I hope she is not fired over this.

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    This is why being a teacher is scary today. I taught in the inner city and I had some very high energy, high maintenance students. I used a sense of humor to help control my class and it seems any person could see that this was obviously just a joke and that the kids were very willing participants.

    I would jokingly threaten to beat my kids with my magic wand (which has a soft puffy star on the end of it), beat then with a wet noodle or other such silly things and they would giggle and settle down.

    My students all taped their mouths once when I was teaching. We were hanging artwork and I asked them to tone it down a bit or I was gonna use my masking tape on them and next thing i know, they all had the piece of tape i gave them (to hang their artwork) on their faces and were giggling. It was funny but i told them to please take those off before the principal walked by and had me arrested.

    wow, what a huge deal made out of something that was obviously a joke.


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    After hearing several perspectives on this, I hope the District decides not to fire her. I think the posting was a case of bad judgment and it could be handled internally (if that is all of the story).

    As a former officer and now someone who teaches, I avoid social media with my name on it as much as possible. For certain occupations, Facebook and Twitter have few rewards yet offer unlimited sources for problems.

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    What this shows is a lack of good judgment on her part. That, alone, should make officials re-evaluate her suitability to care for children all day.

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    Sounds to me like it was an in-class funny moment, that of course should have stayed in-class. Any teacher HAS to be aware that what is posted on the internet is there for ANYONE to see and apply their own interpretations or misinterpretations. Poor training, poor judgement, poor impulse control.

    However, even if the moment had stayed in-class, in this day and age, unless she was absolutely certain that every one of her students donned the tape willingly and without trepidation, there is a risk that one or more would report the incident to their parents who would then apply THEIR own interpretation, and the results might be the nearly the same for this teacher. She really needs some reorientation and training about what is appropriate in the classroom in 2013.
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    It sounds like none of the kids were upset if it took a colleague reporting the photo to higher-ups and none of the families called and complained.

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