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    Las Vegas Police to target Human Trafficking

    Metro police have received a grant to fund*the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force.

    The federal grant is*for almost $370,000 and the money will help Metro police get a handle on exactly how many people may be victims of this crime. It will also pay to dedicate officers to target the people responsible for the human trafficking
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    Glad to hear this....human trafficking is a big problem in most tourist areas...we have a lot of that problem in FL also...I hope the program can help a lot of the victims...

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    new U.N. report on trafficking


    A new U.N. report paints a grim picture of the millions of people trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced labor: They come from at least 136 different nationalities, have been detected in 118 countries, and the majority of victims are women though the number of children is increasing.

    The U.N. Office of Drugs and Crime, which launched the report Tuesday at U.N. headquarters, said the victims can be found in the world's restaurants, fisheries, brothels, farms and homes, among other places.

    The report said trafficking for sexual exploitation accounts for 58 percent of all trafficking cases detected globally while the share of detected cases for forced labor has doubled over the past four years to 36 percent.

    only problem is...
    there is a movie called "the whistleblower" by kathry bolkovac

    she was a U.N. International Police Force monitor...and she stumbled on U.N. Peacekeepers TRAFFICKING girls...

    get the movie..you'll see

    Kathryn Bolkovac - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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