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    OK - Janet Hume, 77, found dismembered, Oklahoma City, 14 Nov 2012 *Insanity*

    'Known schizophrenic' bought guns before arrest in mother's shooting death (Daily Oklahoman)
    An Oklahoma City man was able to buy guns at stores in Moore and Del City, despite being “visibly” mentally ill, in the weeks before he shot his mother to death and later dismembered her corpse, police say.

    Gerald David Hume, had several mental health-related run-ins with Oklahoma City police before Janet Kay Hume's killing in November.

    Oklahoma City Police Capt. Dexter Nelson said the fact that Hume, 52, was able to get the guns is a scary reality in Oklahoma and a majority of the states in the nation.
    “From the officers who responded to the house, they said, ‘The man's visibly unstable.' … That's what they described him as,” he said Thursday.
    Nelson said Hume bought rifles Sept. 25 at the Walmart in Moore. He said Hume bought a Glock handgun the next day at Gun World.
    much more, including a discussion of the law and details of the crime, at link above

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    An eye-opening (and spine-chilling) article. One 2011 mental health report in all of OK? How difficult would it be to buy in a program that cross-checks prospective gun-buyers against mental health databases to flag applicants such as this one? At the very least requiring say, an interview, before purchasing guns and ammo? Or would such precautions tread too heavily on the 2nd amendment?

    Is a "visibly unstable" man with long-term documented schizophrenia a reasonable candidate for a "well-regulated militia?"


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    From June 2014:


    A Cleveland County judge will consider reports from multiple mental health experts before ruling on the possible release of a man found not guilty by reason of insanity in the death and dismemberment of the man’s mother, court records show.

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