Man with knives tasered outside Buckingham Palace (Telegraph, with video)
A man holding a knife to his neck has been tasered outside Buckingham Palace during the Changing of the Guard ceremony.
Josh Greenberg, who captured dramatic pictures of the scene said: "I was walking past the palace, heard some commotion in the area next to the Victoria Memorial looked to my right, the guy ran out into the middle of the square with a knife at his neck. Within a few seconds he was surrounded by police horses and officers on foot. Less than two minutes later a car came with officers with Tasers.

"One stood in front of him and the other went around from behind and discharged the Taser then the police got him on the floor, kicked the knives away and put him in the back of a van."
The man, who is understood to be in his 50s, was taken to a central London police station for further questioning and a medical examination.
more at the link, with pictures and the video