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    MO - David & Pamela Martin for child abuse, Kansas City, 2013

    Although technically an adult at 17 under Missouri statute, the individual is considered a child in this investigation due to his mental condition.

    Kansas City police this week found a mentally challenged 17-year-old boy handcuffed to a steel pole in his basement and curled into a fetal position on the concrete floor.
    The teen told police his daily routine would start when his father woke him at 4 a.m., allowed him to use the bathroom and fed him a packet of instant oatmeal. The father would lock him back up until 2:30 p.m., when his father got home from work. His father would allow another bathroom break and serve one packet of ramen noodles before handcuffing the teen again. Later in the evening, his father would bring him two bologna sandwiches with a cup of water before locking him up for the night.

    While officers were at the scene, the father and a 24-year-old brother who lived at the home arrived. The brother told police the teen was restrained in the basement because they had “let him upstairs” in December and he ate nearly an entire bowl of fruit in one sitting.

    Police reported that the parents told them they restrained the teen for their safety and his. He allegedly had hit the stepmother in anger on several occasions. She reported a domestic assault to police in 2009 and two domestic assaults in 2010.

    The parents told police the handcuffs were a temporary solution while they tried to figure out a long-term plan, according to police reports.
    Much more at the link:


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    Wow! That is horrible. I can't believe the number of times this happens.
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    his crime? Eating a whole bowl of fruit GASP

    sheesh, what in the world is wrong with people? poor kid, maybe if these morons would feed him better than an oatmeal packet, a ramen packet and two bologna sandwiches a day he wouldn't be so ravenous that he wolfs down nearly a whole bowl of damned fruit.

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    My kids can all down a bowl of fruit... which is a good thing. How horribly sad for this sweet boy.

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    All those different accounts that the neighbors told and nobody called the authorities. Unbelievable!

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    Poor innocent tortured guy. Parents were rotten to the core. They need to live in cells and feast on bread and water.

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    That poor kid! And his "crime" was eating a bowl of fruit? When my boys were teens, they ate us out of house and home. They were always hungry and eating. They weren't overweight either. That's just the nature of teen boys! The should have let him have the fruit (and other healthy foods too) and gone out and bought more. It seems like the 24 year old brother must have also known that doing this to the younger brother was wrong. And didn't anyone from his old school check on him after his parents said they were going to home school him? Why in the world didn't his older brother sneak more food to him if he wasn't going to at least report to the authorities what was going on. Were the parents ashamed of the younger boy because he was slow mentally or had learning disabilities or some other problem? My husband and I have a mentally retarded daughter, age 44, who still lives with us at home and works in a sheltered workshop. We would never treat her like that! She is happy and healthy and lives life to the fullest and enjoys life a lot. She can't read or write or ever live on her own but she has a happy and fulfilled life. There is just no excuse for what the parents did. I hope they are severely punished for what they did and I hope the boy goes to a great foster home or group home.

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    Police: 3 in custody after teen found chained in basement

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    March 2013:

    Following his rescue in early February, the boy told investigators he had been kept in the basement since his father pulled him out of school in September. Court documents say the boy's weight had dropped from 130lbs to 103lbs.
    According to court documents, the Martins told police that the victim is bi-polar and also suffers from attention deficit disorder.

    The teen's father said the family could no longer afford to buy medications for the 17-year-old and had run out of options to keep a handle on the boy.

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    February 2015 - father found guilty of felony restraint and domestic assault.

    The prosecution asked for 10 to 14 years in prison. The defense, stating there was “no malice,” asked for probation. The judge decided on two consecutive six-year terms pending a four-month shock incarceration after saying, “The facts [of this case] are disturbing, to say the least.”

    If Martin successfully completes his 120-day shock incarceration without violation, he could then be released on five-year probation. He is barred from having any contact with his son ever again, no matter the medium or circumstance.

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    What the heck is Shock Incarceration? How do you go from a twelve year sentence to 120 days + 5 years probation?

    I'm glad he's barred from ever contacting his son again.

    I'm not sure I've ever seen this kind of resolution. Anyone else?

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    No, I've never heard of it!

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