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    You're Butt's ringing

    A Sri Lankan prisoner who tried to hide his mobile phone during a search of his cell was caught out when guards heard ring tones from his rear-end, a hospital official said on Friday.

    The 58-year-old convict had to be admitted to the national hospital in Colombo where doctors later retrieved the handset from his rectum.

    "The man had concealed the phone inside his person," the official said, asking not to be named.

    "Unfortunately for him, the phone rang at the wrong time and guards knew he had a phone at the wrong end."

    He said the man was in hospital for two days but was discharged and sent back to prison Friday after the mobile phone was taken out.

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    It was an unlisted number and the caller was a Preperation H salesman dialing randomly. I wonder what his ringtone is? Browneyed girl? Ring Of Fire?

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    Sam, you crack me up! (no pun intended)

    Do you guys remember the article I posted in this thread about a guy hiding a gun in his booty????

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    Gosh, everybody knows that you should put your phone on vibrate when you stick it in an orifice.

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