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    Mexican 'Ape Woman' Buried After 150 Years

    An indigenous Mexican woman put on display in Victorian-era Europe because of a rare genetic condition that covered her face in thick hair was buried in her home state on Tuesday in a ceremony that ends one of the best-known episodes from an era when human bodies were treated as collectible specimens.

    I'm not sure what I think about this. In one way her condition led her to marriage and an attempt at motherhood, in another I wonder if she was exploited. If she was "exploited", did it ruin her life, make her unhappy, or was it her own choice to leave her homeland and see the larger world?

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    I'm sure it brought both happiness and sadness Trident. If she were left at home I'm not sure what kind of life she would have had. Yes, it's sad that people gawked at her and probably made horrible comments but she saw the world and hopefully fell in love with Lent. She may have been seen as an outcast if she stayed home, never marrying, never seeing anything more than her house and neighborhood.

    I hope she enjoyed her life and I'm so happy that her body has been laid to rest in her hometown. RIP

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