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    Baby girl recovering after being declared dead at Humber hospital

    Nearly two hours after a baby girl born on a frigid Toronto sidewalk Sunday morning was pronounced dead in hospital, two police officers waiting with her body noticed movement under the sheet that had been placed over her.

    The officers checked for a pulse — and found one.

    The baby girl was alive.


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    Thank goodness the officers were with her and noticed! I was wondering if the baby was deserted like that but the article says:

    “She wasn’t feeling well and her and her mother were walking to the hospital,” said Drummond.

    She didn’t make it. She went into labour and had the baby out there on the sidewalk.
    Drummond said the woman called 911 and police and paramedics arrived. They hustled the baby, along with the woman and her mother, into an ambulance and brought them to the hospital.
    Thanks for the post! A very happy ending!

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    What a poorly written opening sentence - leads one to believe that the baby's body was left on the sidewalk in the terrible cold.

    But no...she delivered, and called 911, and it was in the hospital that the officers were sitting watch, and noticed movement.

    Not being a downer...just not at all liking the way that was written.

    YAY for baby, Mama, and LE...way to do it right, officers!

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