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    Mother’s ‘Newborn’ Photos for 13-Year-Old Adopted Son Go Viral

    Fantastic idea!


    ........Three years ago, Kelli Higgins of Crestview, Florida, had five biological children at home and was pregnant with a sixth. She and her husband then adopted two siblings, 5-year-old Chanya and 10-year-old Latrell. Last month, while the family sat around the dinner table, Higgins, a photographer, told the kids that she would be doing a newborn photo session. Latrell, who spent much of his youth in foster care, mentioned to his mother that he didn't have any baby photos of himself. That gave his 12-year-old sister Alycia an idea: Their mom should take "newborn" pictures of Latrell now, at age 13!

    Amid laughter and fun, Higgins shot the images of Latrell as if he were a few weeks old. She said of the experience, "As we were taking photos of Latrell we were laughing so hard it was hard to get a single shot!" .......more at link.......

    "Newborn Latrell"

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    I love this!! I'm so glad he was man enough to do this for his mom. I especially like the "newborn" feet picture.

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    This is so cute!!! Thank you for sharing!

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    How sweet and thoughtful!

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    Lucky young man. Very lucky Mom <3 sweet pictures!

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    Very creative idea, neat pictures!

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    Aww so sweet!! What a thoughtful idea. I know it isn't the same as having a baby pic but helps so much to replace the thought of "I don't have any baby pics" with the wonderful memories of "my parents love me enough to do such a creative and loving thing and make it into a memory that is priceless and is a great story to tell for years to come"


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    Awww - they had so much fun making this great memory! I love this story, thanks for sharing it!
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