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    OK - Child abuse caught on video - Mom wants kids back

    February 7

    The video shows Hawkins putting her hand over the mouth of her screaming child, striking the child several times on the stomach, then throwing the child onto the couch, court documents state. In the video, Hawkins can be heard yelling the crying child.

    Hawkins told investigators she meant to spank the child on the bottom and tried to sit the child down on the couch.

    “I was trying to sit [the child] down but I guess she went flying,”
    Hawkins told investigators, according to court documents.

    The child was 2-years-old at the time.


    “After I got the video this time, they [police] still kind of were ‘iffy’ about it but when I threw it on Facebook and YouTube, and finally went to the DA’s office, then they finally did the right thing,” said Randall Chaney, family member who reported the alleged abuse.


    February 8

    Christina Hawkins has been charged with felony child abuse.
    The child's father, who police say recorded the video, is also charged for not telling police about the crime.
    Rickey Griffith is facing charges of enabling child abuse and obstruction.


    February 11

    “She doesn’t want to talk to nobody,” said a man at the home.

    5NEWS asked the man if Hawkins was available. “She’s got a mental problem,” said the man.
    “I’m not letting her talk to nobody and the attorney said the same thing.”


    Charged with felony child abuse, she told 40/29 News, ”Yeah, it looks like that’s what happened in the video but that’s not what actually happened, I would never abuse my kids like they’re saying I am…I’ve never hit them like that, I’ve never left any bruises on my children at all.”

    She also said that it’s hard not having her girls around, and that she finds herself crying at night.


    Hawkins has pleaded not guilty and is due in court on March 12.
    Griffith will appear on March 6.


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    one word-NO

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    April 2014:

    "I'm not a bad person," said Rickey Griffith, Hawkins' former boyfriend who captured the video.

    Griffith was also in court Friday. He said he took the video with his cellphone to prove he wasn't the one who was abusing the child.

    Griffith is charged with enabling child abuse and not reporting it to authorities...

    "It wasn't me doing the abuse. I did turn it in to somebody. Just because I didn't go to the police about it, not everybody has to go to the police or DHS to deal with stuff," Griffith said.

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