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    FL - woman pulls gun after Walmart refuses coupon


    A Florida woman is in jail on charges she threatened Walmart workers with a gun after the store refused her Internet dollar-off coupon.

    Mary Frances Alday of Crawfordville, near Tallahassee, was arrested Friday and charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of battery, for allegedly ramming an assistant manager with a shopping cart. She was also charged with resisting arrest and battery of an officer, according to the arrest report.............

    A sheriff's detective soon stopped Alday and was joined by a deputy, who asked Alday if she had a gun. "Yes, I have a concealed weapons permit, and you are not taking my gun," the arrest report states.

    Alday refused to get out of her vehicle, and the deputy twice stunned her with his Taser after she reached toward the passenger seat and continued to struggle. The deputies then pulled her from the SUV and handcuffed her..................

    Obviously that was a very important dollar!

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    People just keep getting crazier all the time! This is the type of person who should not have a permit to carry a gun!

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    Is it wrong that I'm curious what the coupon was for?

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    People just blow my mind..

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    I am surprised there are no 'under the influence' charges.

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    Heck, I'll give her a dollar.

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    My first thought was " It must be one of those " Extreme Couponing" ladies.

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    nope, not gonna comment. Just gonna lurk and sit on my hands.

    Well, none of us should be too worried, after all, she is licensed to concealed carry.

    okay, now sitting on hands.

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    Wow, not sure how she got the concealed carry permit in the first place but hopefully she doesn't have it anymore.

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    They tasered her TWICE and she still resisted arrest.

    I'm thinking she doesn't need the gun because she's already got super-human powers of EEEVILLE.
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