We first brought you this unbelievable story Wednesday night -- a young man punching the 68-year-old woman on his way out of the Pasadena Wal-Mart. On Thursday, surveillance video of the incident was released. Greeter Shirley Barker asked the man and his companion to open their bag to check it so she could mark their receipt. Thatís when she was punched in the face. Pasadena police are releasing the surveillance tape in the hopes you can help them track these men down.

The surveillance video shows the two suspects walking into Wal-Mart right past Barker, who is busy straightening out some shopping carts. Less than five minutes later, the two reappear. The suspect closest to Barker punches her in the face without warning.

"He approached. He walked by. He just rolled up his fist and then just went pow," said Barker, demonstrating a punch. "He said nothing to me at all."

When we zoom in on the video, you can clearly make out the suspect as he strikes her. Barker says she hasn't been the same since.

"Bruised the inside, I spit up blood for three days and the right side of my face is all numb," she told us.

The drama didn't end there. Barker hurried out of the store after the suspects. Video captured the two casually walking through the parking lot. The camera caught them getting into a four-door Pontiac Grand Prix. As the car backed out, a Wal-Mart employee arrived moments later and attempts to chase down the car.