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    Biscuit, the tubby tabby, has found a home


    ST. CHARLES • Biscuit, the 37-pound tabby, has a new home.

    Ed and Lisa Pyatt of Eureka, who already share their home with another fat cat named Max, are planning to bring Biscuit home next week.

    “We adopted Max from the Humane Society about five years ago, and he needs a buddy,” said Ed Pyatt. “Biscuit will be a perfect friend for him.”

    Workers at the city shelter publicized Biscuit’s story after he was surrendered to the shelter for the second time. They feared he would never get a home because of his size. Most male cats weigh about 10 pounds, so Biscuit is more than three times larger than he should be............

    Phillips said it will be important for Biscuit to be monitored by a veterinarian regularly as he trims down.

    “Cats in particular can get very, very sick if they lose too much weight too fast because their livers are not able to handle digesting fat stores,” she said.

    She estimated it will take Biscuit more than a year to get back to a healthy weight.

    Pyatt said Max, who weighs 20 pounds, also has a weight issue, and they have been working to help him slim down. They are committed to helping Biscuit do the same.

    “We’re going to be the last stop for this cat,” he said. “We’re already attached to him.”

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    Awwww, he is just a big ole cutie pie! So glad that he found a home...

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