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    GA - Nykhiya, 10, Jammarian, 9, & Daija Williams, 7, die in fire, Macon, 24 Feb 2013

    This story has been big local news. Four children were in a house fire, 3 died (youngest survived).

    Mother claimed she was at the convenience store a block away buying sinus medicine at 1:30 AM. Many folks were openly skeptical about that story and the DA just charged her with murder.

    Turns out she was at a boyfriends house and the fire may have been accidentally set by the children (no other source can be identified). Mother did an interview shortly after saying basically "It was God's will". Other family members are stating the children are in a "much better place, in heaven now even though their Momma loved them greatly".

    Somehow both the Mom and her family seem to think no one was the slightest bit at fault and these things "just happen...God's will and all".

    Investigators now believe it is possible that the children (10, 9, 7, and 3) accidentally set the fire themselves, they were not asleep, they left their room and ran into their Mom's bedroom, they were all found huddled together on the floor near the Mom's bed.

    When interviewed by police Feb. 24, the day of the fire, Williams said she’d gone to the Seven Store on Napier Avenue at Mumford Road. She told The Telegraph she’d had trouble sleeping and needed sinus medication.

    Williams told The Telegraph she was gone only about 15 minutes and that she got a call while she was at the store from someone saying her house was burning. But during an interview later with police, Williams admitted she had lied and said she was at her boyfriend’s house at the time, according to an arrest warrant released Thursday.


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    God's will? Sure. Just what God wants is three dead little children.

    Those poor children had to be absolutely terrified.

    Even if she had seriously been to the store for sinus medicine at 1:30AM leaving her little ones all alone IMO she'd be equally at fault. You can't sleep? Too flippin late. You wait till morning to get your sinus medicine. Better yet send your boyfriend.

    From Sonya's link....Williams told police her boyfriend's name was Michael Jackson. It's really Greene.

    Sad, and senseless.

    Then she asks the Judge "I don't get out?"

    Thoughts to the poor firefighters who have been devastated finding those kids.

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    I know people who don't use car seats for their babies...
    "God's will is going to happen whether they are in a car seat or not."

    First question: Was she legally allowed to leave these kids home alone?

    Do we know how long she was gone?
    The laws on this are vague... and in Georgia if she was gone 2 hours or less... she may have been allowed to leave them alone.
    In many states between 9 and 12... you can leave them alone for 2 hours. It gets fuzzy when there are younger children.

    If she was gone all night then it was likely illegal to leave them home alone under 12.

    I hope that has already been established... because it would suck to have this case thrown out because it wasn't illegal.

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    A Macon woman whose three young children died in a house fire while she was away visiting a boyfriend has pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter and cruelty to children.

    The Telegraph reports (http://bit.ly/1cP0VHL) a judge Monday sentenced Colethia Williams to six years in prison followed by 40 years on probation after she pleaded guilty in Bibb County Superior Court.

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    6 years? That's shameful! The children were huddled together in a corner. Imagine! 6 years is nothing.......

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    She is a lucky woman. 6 years. 40 years probation? Who is going to oversee that? No one. She had an excellent attorney and I hope he/she can sleep at night.
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