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    Well done lads: Two boys, age 9 & 10, instruct neighbor mom in CPR, save baby's life

    Heroic boys, 9 and 10, keep calm instructing mother how to perform CPR on her infant son saving his life (Daily Mail)
    A Georgia mother says it was a pair of 9 and 10-year-old neighborhood boys who ran to her rescue and instructed her how to perform CPR on her two-month-old son after hearing her desperate cries for help.

    When Susanna Rohm’s son Isaiah abruptly stopped breathing on Monday afternoon she was sitting home alone and in her panic lost her cell phone, and as she immediately felt, any chance of calling 911.
    Across the street in Marietta was 9-year-old Rocky Hurt and 10-year-old Ethan Wilson tossing a football.
    As Ethan called police and waited on the ambulance outside, Mrs Rohm said Rocky raced inside to her, a boy she had never met before, and realizing what was wrong directed her on what to do.

    'I told her to push on the baby's chest five to 10 times with only two fingers, tilt back the baby's head, plug the baby's nose and breathe into the baby's mouth,' said Rocky.

    'He said it so confidently that I just listened to him right away,' the mother said.

    Seconds later, the baby started streaming.

    'He screamed but I told her that that's a good sign because the baby's breathing,' Rocky said.

    An ambulance arrived moments later with Ethan guiding them in.

    'If the little boy hadn't shown me how to do the compressions right here ... my baby would not be alive right now,' she told Fox News Atlanta. 'And I am incredibly grateful.'
    more at the link, with a video

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    Thanks for posting, WF....these two boys are great!

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    Sede, it's kids like this that make me believe all will be well in the world. GO Ethan and Rocky!! WOOT!

    Herding Cats
    When you find yourself in the position to help somebody, do not feel burdened. Rather, feel happy and blessed because God is answering that person's prayer through you. In that moment, you are God's Angel - His door to reach through and bring light to someone who is struggling in the darkness.

    Be God's Light. Be God's love. Be an answered prayer. Be God's Door.

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    What wonderful and well educated boys who kept their heads and did the right thing! Real heroes!

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    Such cute boys. They read and memorized a poster about CPR in the school cafeteria. That proves we still need the Ten Commandments hanging on school walls, especially since most religions have the same teachings.

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