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    It's pretty far fetched though right? No note left behind, no wallet, nothing. Just walk into the ocean to end it all?

    Could it be as simple as she fought him off, ran into the ocean, he went after her, held her face down and she drowned? The moment and his previous MO is gone then and she couldn't become #5 (that we know of), so just leaves her there?

    MHO only.

    I haven't read the notes (will do so later) - but was there history of CL/BP for Jugo also?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcme View Post
    You go out into very cold water and even if you can swim, after a short time you can't move a muscle if you wanted to, you drown, filling your lungs with water so you sink instead of floating, cold water hold off decay and the gasses it forms until the water warms up a little, at that point your corpse fills with gas and floats to the surface again.
    The water is at its coldest in March. I've been at various polar bear swims and can attest to the above theory. If you have clothes on and fall into the water, your survival is down to minutes. I tell anyone that falls in the water, get your shoes and coat off ASAP.

    Is there a rock jetty in the area? People will walk out on one regardless of time of year, I've done it before. One slip is all it takes.

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    This family had more tragedy. Jimmy arrested for manslaughter in 2014

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    this unidentified girl found at Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn reminds me of Natasha Jugo.. wondering if the killer could be the same.


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