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    IN - Stacy Green, 29, pregnant, murdered, Griffith, 2 Nov 2004

    Trial set for Griffith man accused of killing pregnant wife
    HOMICIDE: David Green faces 130 years if convicted, but not the death penalty


    This story ran on nwitimes.com on Tuesday, March 8, 2005 12:40 AM CST


    CROWN POINT | A Griffith man accused of killing his pregnant wife and the baby boy she was within days of delivering will go on trial May 2.

    David Michael Green, 29, appeared in court Monday. He has pleaded not guilty to the double murder charge.

    Green agreed to provide police with a statement in exchange for the state agreeing not to seek the death penalty. He faces 130 years in prison if convicted on both counts.

    Upon his arrest, Green told police he had dinner with his estranged wife, Stacy Green, and their two children Nov. 2 at her home at 1216 N. Arbogast St., Griffith.

    David Green told police that after the children went to bed he told Stacy Green, 29, he was seeing another woman and she became angry. He said she picked up a knife so he kicked her several times to defend himself. He said he put his arm around her neck, squeezed hard and felt something pop before she went limp, according to the probable cause affidavit.

    Green said when he laid her on the floor, he saw blood coming from her neck. Lake County Coroner David Pastrick said Stacy Green died of a stab wound to the left side of the neck that cut her right carotid artery and fractured her cervical spine.

    Rather than call for help, Green said he washed off the knife and put it back in the drawer, then went to his girlfriend's house for the night.

    The next morning Green called his 5-year-old son asking to talk with Mommy. When his son said she couldn't come to the phone, Green repeatedly asked him to get Mommy. The boy finally said Mommy was on the floor and there was blood.

    That's when Green called 911.

    The couple had been married for eight years but separated for the past two.

    A pretrial hearing is scheduled for March 31.

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    What an a-hole !! First he kills his wife - then he leaves her there for their children to find her ???? He needs to rot in prison !!
    That poor little boy will probably always remember seeing his mommy like that !

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    What a son-of-a-b*tch!

    When police arrived at Stacy Green's house at 1216 N. Arbogast they found the boy standing by a couch with his 4-year-old sister and their mother dead next to the refrigerator.

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    I totaly agree what these son-of-a *itches do their wifes/girlfriends and children they only think of themselves and I know in Lake County, IN if the jury finds him guilty which I'm sure they will the judges will sentence him to the max. I know Lake County Prosecutor Bernard C. Lake County is a very large county and he has to deal with all the crime out of Gary Indiana and I'm sure people have heard of that city it used to be a booming city but once the steel mills starting laying people off then some shutting down the crime has sky rocketed.

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    What a sicko! First to kill the mother of your children and your unborn child, but then to call and get your 5 yr old son to go "look" at his mom's body!!!!! If they need a volunteer to administer the injection.....my hand is up. We've got to toughen up the laws in this country. This is happening way too much lately.

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    That's one of the worst things I've ever heard of.

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    To those who commented regarding this case, the family of Stacy Green thanks you for your support. It has been a difficult time for all of us & it helps to know that there are many people out there who are supportive & care about the impact this has had on her children. It will be a very rough road ahead for them & all of her family. Please pray for the children & us & please continue to support us during this tragic time.

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    Prayers to Stacy's family and especially her poor children. I know it's important to get a statement from the prisoner to help make the case, but imo, he should be sentenced to death.

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    Exclamation Keep in touch with this case

    I understand that the trial is scheduled for sometime in October. To stay in touch with the goings on, go to Nwitimes.com, then, click on "Lake News". I will try and keep those of you who are interested, up to date. Just e mail me and I will forward any info I get on this case.

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    The murder trial is scheduled for Oct 24 however David Green filed a motion for bail (yes I said bail) & that trial is scheduled for the last two days of June & July 1

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    I just don't understand for the life of me how a man can kill his wife and his unborn child. Where does this behavior come from?

    Prayers to her children and family.

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    Prayers for Stacy Green's children and family. There are cases that really should have the DP and this is one.

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    For anybody interested visit........ http://www.stacyskids.com/default.php

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    I remember

    I remember being told that "we" dont want a media
    circus....this was told to us, the day after Scott
    Peterson was found guilty.....and before david
    green was arrested......Now that I think about it,
    I wish there would have been at least a little......
    this man is out there, living a normal life......and
    very few people know who he is, what he did,
    and what he looks like.

    Today is September 10th, it was 10 months and

    7 days ago that David Green Called 911 to have

    them check on his wife Stacy, who lay in a pool

    of her blood, it is not known whether david

    woke up the children or they were already up.

    The children were alone all night as David

    spent the night with his girlfriend....what

    would have happened if there were a fire,

    or if the kids would have paniced, and ran

    out of the house into the street. David Green

    is not charged with child endagerment, but

    is charged with two counts of murder.

    and to this day, as he is out on bail,

    he does not believe he did anything

    wrong...and evidently, some of his family feels the

    same way... As one of his family told my

    daughter, "wait till you find out what really

    happened"...I can't blame them, blood is thicker

    than water. Well, His trial starts in 45

    days....I invite david to take the stand,

    and tell us all what "REALLY HAPPENED".

    But, we know this will never happen....This

    man that killed Stacy and Baby Nate, and

    left his two other children to fend for them-

    selves never did know what the truth was,

    is, or will be....Arrogance tends to do this

    to a person.

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    That is truly disgusting. I can't believe this guy. He should get the death penalty PERIOD.

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