LAWRENCE--Wachovia Bank in the Lawrence Shopping Center was robbed of just over $1,000 yesterday, in what might be the most unbelievable bank heist in years.

In the driving snow that began falling at noon, a man and a woman--strangers--approached an elderly woman living on Slack Avenue, according to Township Police Capt. Mark Boyd.

"One of the stranger things about this is they asked her for a ride to the bank," he said.

"This lady doesn’t know these two people. But she gives them a ride to the bank.

"He comes in the bank, passing a note, threatening that he has a weapon and wanting the money," Capt. Boyd said. "So he gets over $1,000, and leaves."

His girlfriend has stayed in the car with the elderly Good Samaritan. The manjumps back in.

"Then he asks the woman if she’d drop them off in Trenton near the Battle Monument," Capt. Boyd said. "She drives them down to Trenton, and drops them off there.

"And she goes home, never knowing that there was a robbery."

Boyd said the Good Samaritan woman was in her 80s. Police aren’t revealing her identity, nor that of the daughter with whom she lives. While the woman was chauffeuring the robbers around, her daughter, who saw the duo get into her mother’s car, got suspicious, and called police.