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    Part 3 - TRANSCRIPT

    DAY 25 3 of 3

    (Thanks to David Lohr for the YouTube Link)

    JM: And so you made the decision to go though, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And then, though, after that, you did something else to cover up, didn’t you?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: Let’s take a look at another exhibit. Let’s take a look at Exhibit #504. (JM hands Jodi a copy of exhibit for her review.)

    JM: Do you recognize it?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: It’s a text message that you sent, correct?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: What’s the date on it?
    JA: The 6th of June.

    JM: Pardon?
    JA: June 6th, 2008.

    JM: And it’s to Mr. Alexander, correct?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And again, the hours are off by 7, correct?
    JA: Um…yeah, I didn’t look at the hours, so…

    JM: Well, why don’t you just take a look at the hours just so we can make sure.
    JA: Okay.

    JM: They’re off by 7, correct?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: I move for the entrance of Exhibit #504
    Nurmi: No objection.
    JSS: 504 is admitted.

    JM: Let’s take a look at this text message. First of all, that’s your telephone there on the left, correct?
    JA: That was, yes.

    JM: And the date there is 06/06/08, correct? (Exhibit showing on screen)
    JA: Yes.

    JM: If we take this 7 hours away from 16:58:15, what we’re really talking about is what 9:58 in the morning, is that correct?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: This is while you were still on the road, right? Home, correct?
    JA: Yes. I believe it was.

    JM: And, why don’t you read to us what the message is that you left for Mr. Alexander.
    JA: (Jodi begins to read) “Hey, I need to know when you’re going to deposit that check?”

    JM: And you were referring to the check involving the car, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: The check that you know was uncashed in his umm…desk in his office, right?
    JA: Umm…I don’t…I didn’t know where it was, but I figured it wasn’t …cashed.

    JM: Now, in fact there was a conversation that you had with the detective where you talked to him about the uncashed check, correct?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: So you knew it was uncashed, correct?
    JA: By…yeah, I went…By the time it hadn’t cleared on the …whenever I talked to him I knew it was uncashed. (Jodi appears to be starting to cry)

    JM: But another thing that you knew on this date is that Mr. Alexander was dead, didn’t you?
    JA: (Nods affirmatively, up and down). Yeah, I think I did.

    JM: So, you did that again…so that you could cover up what you had done, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: Because you did not want to be faced with whatever consequences were involved, right?
    JA: I was afraid of the consequences. (Her fingers move to her neck).

    JM: And because you were afraid, that was a good enough excuse for you to send something like that?
    Nurmi: Objection, Your Honor, argumentative.
    JSS: Re-state.

    JM: The reason that you sent…gave to us that you were afraid, in your mind, even though the fog had lifted, or there was a fog that was involved, you felt that it was okay to send this message?
    JA: I didn’t…feel…it was okay. It’s not like that. So I guess that would be no.

    JM: So then why are you sending it? Are you sending it so that you can reach him in the grave, or what?
    JA: (trembles) …No…

    JM: You’re sending it so that, as you previously said involving the telephone calls, so you won’t have to face the consequences of what you did, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: Just like the scene. You’re trying to manipulate the evidence, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: Let’s take a look at another exhibit. Exhibit #505. Do you recognize it?
    JA: Yeah.

    JM: And that’s an e-mail, right?
    JA: Yeah.

    JM: Sent by you, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: Sent to Mr. Alexander, right?
    JA: To his e-mail.

    JM: And what date and time was it sent?
    JA: Saturday, June 7th, 2008.

    JM: What time?
    JA: I’m sorry, umm…10:21.

    JM: I move for the admission of Exhibit #505.
    Nurmi: No objection.
    JSS: 505 is admitted.

    JM: Let’s take a look at it. It’s from you, right?
    JA: Yeah.

    JM: You already told us the date and time. You’re sending it to him even though you know he’s dead, right? It’s a way to stage the scene, right?
    JA: I think so, yeah, that was my goal, I think…

    JM: What was…I didn’t hear you?
    JA: That was my…

    JM: goal, right?
    JA: Yeah…(shakes head in the affirmative)

    JM: Well, why don’t you start with, ‘Hey you…’ and read to us what it says.
    JA: (begins to read) “Hey, you! I haven’t heard back from you…”

    JM: a little bit louder
    Nurmi: Objection, the fact that it was sent is enough
    JSS: Overruled.

    From: “Jodi Arias”,jodiarias@gmail.com.
    Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2008 10:21:08 -0700
    To: “Travis Alexander” <travis.alexander@gmail.com.

    “Hey You…
    I haven’t heard back from you. I hope you’re not still upset that I didn’t come to see you. I just didn’t have enough time off. It’s ok, sweetie, you’re going to be here in less than two weeks – we’re going to see the sights,
    (Jodi stops reading – fist clenched, covering her mouth, eyes shut, crying…)

    JM: (begins to read where Jodi left off).
    You also write:

    “…check things off “The List,” and all kinds of fun things.”

    JM: Right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: You say,
    “Oregon is BEAUTIFUL this time of the year. Yaaay….be happy!”
    JA: Nods head in affirmative, crying.

    JM: And then you say,

    “Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about pushing my visit up to next week but it depends on my budget, so I’m not for sure yet. I know you’ll be in Cancun, but I’ll probably crash at your house in your cozy bed anyway…eat some of your oatmeal and frozen dinners, you know, the usual – jk. =) I know you said the door is always open, but I wanted to give you a heads up. If for any reason that won’t work, let me know and I’ll make other arrangements. Your house has always been my second home, although it’s a bit lonely without Naps around. =/

    You’re probably in California right now, but wherever you are, get a hold of me at least before you head to Mexico.

    Thanks, hon – Jodi.”

    JM: You wrote that, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: That was your way of an attempt for you to again stage the scene, so to speak, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: Let me play something for you, Ma’am. Exhibit #248.

    (Listening to Jodi’s Inside Edition TV interview)

    JA: No jury is going to convict me?
    Troy Hayden: Why not?

    JA: Because I’m innocent, and you can mark my words on that. No jury will convict me.

    JM: That’s you, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And that’s you saying that …not that you’re going to not be convicted because you’re going to commit suicide or anything like that, is it?
    JA: That’s correct.

    JM: You’re saying that you’re innocent, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And you believe that no jury would convict you because you are going to lie your way out of it, right?
    JA: No.
    Nurmi: Objection. Argumentative.

    JM: Ma’am, you indicated certain things in this Court as part of your testimony, didn’t you.
    JA: Yes.

    JM: You indicated for example that Travis Alexander that you saw him masturbating to a picture or pictures of young boys, correct?
    JA: I only saw one picture.

    JM: Right! You saw him do that. That’s a lie, isn’t it, Ma’am?

    Nurmi: Objection. Argumentative.
    JSS: Overruled.
    JA: I wish it was a lie. It’s not…

    JM: And Ma’am, with regard to this issue of him being hypersexual and him overbearing …being overbearing in that department, that’s not true, is it?

    Nurmi: Objection. Argumentative.
    JSS: Overruled.
    JA: It’s true that he was hypersexual. It’s not true that he was overbearing.

    JM: I’m not asking you if he was hypersexual. I asked if he was overbearing.
    JA: You said hypersexual.

    JM: All right! Let’s go with overbearing then.
    JA: No, I don’t think he was overbearing.

    JM: And in fact, you gave as well as you took, didn’t you?

    Nurmi: Objection. (Pause). Calls for speculation.
    JSS: Sustained.

    JM: You were in it to the same extent that he was, in the activities, right?

    Nurmi: Objection. Calls for speculation.
    JSS: Re-phrase.

    JM: Ma’am, for example we saw some of the text messages that you sent to him, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: We heard some of the conversations that you had with him, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: You indicated for example, I don’t need to go into all of them, that you wanted to sexually blossom, do you remember that?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And do you remember specifically saying that you wanted a facial, do you remember that?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: So you were enjoying the sex, weren’t you?
    JA: Yes. (Pause) Mostly. Yes.

    JM: And yet, you came in here and for days upon days you told us how uncomfortable they made you feel, right?
    JA: Only those times. We didn’t talk about all the other times.

    JM: And Ma’am, additionally, you talked about how he was physically abusive to you during your testimony, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And you said, for example, that in March when you were going to move to Yreka that he hit you on the freeway, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: But we took a look at your journal entry, do you remember that?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And your journal entry speaks otherwise, doesn’t it?
    JA: Um…it doesn’t speak of the incident.

    JM: No, it spoke of tenderness. Three, soft kisses, doesn’t it?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And involving the allegation that he kicked you and did something to your finger, do you remember that we also took a look at your journal?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And in that journal, that journal indicated that on the day that that was supposed to have happened, “nothing noteworthy happened.” That’s what your journal said, right?
    JA: Over the span of those four days, yes.

    JM: Right! And on January 22 when you allegedly saw him in this masturbatory conduct, that’s also when you wrote in your journal that nothing noteworthy occurred, right?
    JA: I’m sorry, it was on the 21st, but that would be right.

    JM: Right. The 21st. But your journal entry of the 24th covers the June…I’m sorry…January 21st, doesn’t it?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And so, you believe that you’re going to be acquitted because you came in and told those stories, don’t you?

    Nurmi: Objection. Argumentative and relevance.
    JSS: Overruled.
    JA: I can’t predict the future, and that’s not why I told the truth. I still planned to kill myself when I told the truth.

    JM: And you believe that you…you’re saying that at that time you planned to kill yourself, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: But that’s not what you say in there, do you?
    JA: No, I couldn’t say that.

    JM: Well, I’m not saying whether or not you could say it, you started your testimony on direct examination by saying, “Those are the bitterest words I have ever uttered.” Do you remember saying that?
    JA: No. I said, “They’re probably the most bitterest words I will ever eat,” or something like that

    JM: Right! And so you have a very good memory as to what you said about that, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: And you said that the reason that you made that comment that, “No Jury Would Convict You” was because you were going to commit suicide, right?
    JA: That’s right.

    JM: But in this clip that we saw, you actually say It’s because you’re innocent, right?
    JA: Yes, the first degree murder. I’m innocent of that.

    JM: Yeah. It does say that you did say you were innocent, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: Even that’s a lie, isn’t it, Ma’am?
    JA: Umm….

    Nurmi: Objection.
    JA: Not how I was meaning it…

    JM: What’s that?
    JA: Not how…

    Nurmi: Objection. Argumentative.
    JSS: Re-phrase.

    JM: Isn’t it inconsistent, your testimony, isn’t it inconsistent with what this particular Exhibit, 248, what you say in Exhibit 248?
    Nurmi: Objection. It misstates the law. That’s not accurate. That’s self defense.
    JSS: Approach.
    JSS: You may continue. Objection overruled.

    JM: In this Exhibit 248 you heard yourself, right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: You said, “I’m innocent. No Jury will convict me!” Right?
    JA: Yes.

    JM: Whereas when you started this direct examination, in your testimony you said, the reason I said that “No Jury would convict me,” was because I planned to kill myself, right?
    JA: I said I planned to be dead. Yes.

    JM: Because you were going to plan to commit suicide, right?
    JA: That’s correct.

    JM: Those are two different stories, aren’t they?
    JA: No! On the stand I explained why I didn’t say suicide as opposed to the alternative because there was an officer sitting a few feet behind me, and if I had said that they would have hauled me off to a padded room, stripped me naked, and I would have lived there until…whenever…

    JM: So, what you’re saying even today that when you say that you’re innocent, that means to you that there is an officer sitting next to you and you didn’t want him to know that you were going to commit suicide, right? That’s what you’re saying?
    JA: When I made that statement?

    JM: Yes! When you said innocent, that’s what you equate it with?
    JA: Umm…well, definitely innocent of …

    JM: Yes or No!?
    JA: …preplanning whatever…you’re trying to say…

    JM: No, I’m not asking about that. I’m asking about the statement. Isn’t it true that the statements are different? That’s all I’m asking you.
    JA: Yeah, they’re different.

    JM: I don’t have anything else, thank you.

    JSS: All right ladies and gentleman, we’ll see you on Monday, 10:15. Please remember the admonition. Are there any questions? Have a nice weekend.

    ~~ end of tape
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    I don't have time right now to read all of the transcripts but I appreciate all you do. Hopefully I can read them tonight. You rock!!!!!!

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    TRANSCRIPT - Jane Velez Mitchell - Dr. David Hughes - "I Introduced Travis to Jodi



    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv3FGM7uW78

    Jane Velez-Mitchell:
    Joining me now in an exclusive interview, Dr. David Hughes—the very man who introduced Jodi to Travis, the woman that we have been seeing in these tapes. Doctor, first of all, I want to thank you for joining us, but my first question. You worked with her. You knew her before anybody ever knew Jodi Arias. Looking at her incredible ability to lie in the face of all evidence, can you give us an insight? Did she ever exhibit any tendencies that would give you an inkling that she would be able to lie this effectively?

    Dr. David Hughes:
    Well, we knew that she…As we got to know her better we knew that she was a chameleon and she would adapt to any type of environment or situation she needed to. And so, you know another thing is that we never really got to know Jodi Arias. I…I actually worked with her in Legal Shield and she was part of my team, and she would…I would take a few business calls, but I didn’t know her on a personal level until we met for the first time, in person, at the Las Vegas convention. And so when I met her I in person I was like, “Hey, listen, great to meet you,” and then I thought, “Well, hey, Travis is a single guy – and I know he’s always looking around, you know, for a cute girl to date and so I introduced him, and I said, “Hey…” and I told Travis “you’ve got to meet this gal,” and he goes, “Well, introduce me.” So I introduced them and then the relationship grew very quickly, and as we continued to learn more about Jodi, we just didn’t know much about her personal life, like she just didn’t reveal a lot of that information, um…and so…but we always felt—weird! Like there was always, you know…I will say this…that she...she knows that she has a way with men. And that’s why I believe that she will take the stand. I think that she wants to take the stand, because she feels like she can go and, you know, convince a male on that jury to say, “I think…I think what she is saying is true” or it could put a question in their mind. But women on the other hand, for the most part, they uh…they see right through it, and my wife and my brother’s wife they just knew that there was something weird about her right from the get go.

    Jane Velez-Mitchell:
    And apparently she did something strange—when you were all hanging out at one of Travis’ friends, Dave Hall’s house. Tell us about what she did that made you really wonder about her.

    Doctor David Hughes:
    Well, I think it’s interesting that the Defense is saying that she…that you know Travis was the one that was so obsessive and manipulating whereas it was…you know she was the one that was like that and I think move evidence just like in today is going to come out that will show that. But you know at Mr. Hall’s house we were sitting there and she was uh…you know, very affectionate with…overly affectionate in front of a bunch of other people and she was fondling his ears and rubbing his hair and he just kind of like, you know, just kind of waving himself like a gnat was kind of bugging him at the time and uh…she would back off a little bit but it was…it was to the point that it was just not natural and it was strange and everyone noticed.

    ~End of Tape~

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    Wow great work!!!!

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    Unless Travis was threatening to kill her. Or there was a Domestic Violence situation. There is no reason to stab someone once let alone 100 times. (Don't remember the number). She was angry or possessed when she killed him.

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