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    Transcript of Video 4 continued...

    DF: Why do you feel responsible? If you felt responsible it means you know something else.

    JA: No, because I…

    DF: It means your actions led to his death.

    JA: Because he always has guilted me. He has always guilted me, and, the last time…

    DF: So you feel… you feel somebody else killed him?

    JA: Well, yeah!

    DF: For what reason?

    JA: I don’t know. I don’t know that.

    DF: Then how do you feel guilty…

    JA: Because…

    DF:…if you don’t know the reason?

    JA: Here’s why I felt guilty. One of the last times we spoke, he was guilting me about not coming to see him, and part of my heart still wanted to go see him and another part just wants to move on, and pursue this new avenue, which was in Utah, and there is a tinge of guilt, you know, and he would text me and he would say, Hey, you want to come over and make out or wanna’ duh duh duh. Umm… I didn’t respond one night, and I just stayed strong, and I didn’t respond, and he called and called and called and then the next day he was like, You don’t care about me, you don’t love me, you don’t care, I was there all alone, and you didn’t want to come and hang out. You don’t want to come and keep me company, and he says it not like that, in that tone, but it’s in the sweetest, sweetest way, and it’s… it’s… guilt. Umm…

    DF: I still don’t get the guilt… I really don’t. You keep explaining it but it has nothing to do with whether he…

    JA: Because he guilted me…

    DF: …was killed or not. How is you being there going to prevent him from being killed?

    JA: Well, I kinda’ feel that if I had gone that we could have been out watching a movie or we could have…two people could have done something more than just him. I just feel like if…if there was some way that I could have prevented it or someway that I could have done something to stop it, and I told that to a few people and they’re like well, you might have been killed, too, Maybe, but maybe Travis would still be alive.

    JA: Travis has done a lot for me and I wouldn’t hurt him. He introduced the gospel to me.

    DF: Well…I have proof that says otherwise, Jodi. I can’t… (sigh) I can’t deny that proof, and that proof is not pointing at anybody else. Nobody! Nobody in this entire world, except you! Nobody! Nobody else was in that house that day, except you. You were the only one. You and him – alone!

    JA: I didn’t even go to Mesa. Can you check, can you check (unintelligible… sounds like: the gas in the car???)

    DF: Yes, we will check that.

    JA: If, you know, if that comes back…

    DF: And I’ve looked at the map and the way that you’re saying you traveled, there is no way…

    JA: Listen, the last road trip Travis and I went on, we drove to Utah, I mean, I’m sorry, we drove to Oklahoma City umm…from Mesa, and one of our stops on the way was Roswell. After he drove all night and I slept, and then when after Roswell Museum, it was my turn to drive, and he’s like, just get on this and drive 98 point something miles, and then we should be there. So I got on the road and I drove 98.6 or .2 whatever miles it was, and I woke him up and I said, I don’t think we’re here, and it was just like rolling fields forever, and I drove completely in the wrong direction, and I’m not saying… I don’t know…I’m just saying I have a poor sense of direction. I got totally lost. I know maybe that’s just bad luck. I got totally lost.

    DF: Even if you got totally lost doesn’t explain all that time. It does not … I mean…if you went four hours here, five hours in the wrong direction it’s still a long period of time.

    JA: Well, at that one point I wasn’t going anywhere because I ran out of gas. I was totally stranded. I was sitting…like a sitting duck, and that’s when I began… it was a little bit warm. It wasn’t too hot, but… umm… that’s when I just I read for a little bit. I had already slept. Umm and that’s when I started looking around the car and organizing stuff and getting trash together and had a couple bites to eat from snacks that I had and when I was cleaning out under the seat I found my phone charger, plugged it in, powered it on, and there was no cell phone reception anywhere.

    DF: So you’ve never seen his camera? His new camera?

    JA: I don’t know. He described it…

    DF: Did you ever touch his camera?

    JA: I’ve never seen it.

    DF: Okay. So there’s no reason your fingerprints should be on that.

    JA: Huh uh (indicating no)

    DF: Okay, because that things off to the lab right now, and they’re hopeful they can get some prints off the camera. And if your prints come back on that camera, what are you going to say?

    JA: Well, they won’t come back on it because I never touched it.

    DF: But you still can’t explain the rest of that stuff.

    JA: I honestly can’t explain the pictures. The other stuff, and…or the palm print, the other stuff I can explain.

    DF: No, you can’t explain the blood either, because that blood is in blood… I mean…it’s… it’s part of the print. Unless you cut yourself at the beginning of the year and left your palm print in blood and it stayed there until he was killed.

    JA: I cut myself, it was in the beginning of the year, it was before convention.

    DF: No, you can’t explain it.

    JA: I’d have to say early March.
    DF: That palm print is there, in blood, partially yours and partially his.

    JA: Is it possible that there is just like any other way in the universe that that could have gotten there?

    DF: Possible? Probable is the question you need to ask and probable is absolutely not probable.

    JA: I understand that, but it is possible.

    DF: Anything is possible.

    JA: That is very compelling.

    DF: Mmm hmmm. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I traveled here, because I came here to arrest you, and get an explanation from you. That’s the second reason, and since you’re not giving me an explanation, I guess we’ll just continue with the…

    JA: I just have no reason to hurt Travis.

    DF: You do have a reason to hurt Travis.

    JA: What would my reason possibly be?

    DF: There’s a whole history of you two and everybody knows it.

    JA: I have a whole history with other guys that go back years.

    DF: Why is everybody saying that you had something to do with his death? Why is everybody saying that you are capable of hurting him? Everybody says that. So don’t tell me that you’re not capable.

    JA: I don’t even hurt spiders.

    DF: Have you ever had any anger issues before? Never in your past?

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    Transcript of Video 4 conclusion.

    JA: I’ve had arguments. Travis and I…

    DF: Well, everybody has arguments. I’m talking about anger -- absolute anger where you lose it sometimes.

    JA: No, I had a nervous breakdown once.

    DF: Are you taking any medication or anything?

    JA: Well I had a nervous breakdown when a boyfriend and I were arguing once and umm and he began to argue with me in a way that was totally different from how we had ever argued before, and he was just like, and every time I would say something he was like “Blah…Blah,” you know, it was kind of weird like, every time I tried to formulate a thought and I was just sad and I was crying, every time I tried to formulate a thought he would interject and then twist it and it was like the weirdest psychological thing that had ever happened, and the way I reacted was, I went into my room, this was the guy I bought a house with, I went into my room and shut the door. We had separate bedrooms, and I was in his room and went down the hall into my room and shut the door and I just remember hyperventilating, and that’s all. I don’t know. I was crying, and then umm…I went to get something out of my car and when he saw that, he umm… maybe thought I was going to leave, so he asked me for the key to his truck and pulled behind my car, because he thought that because I was upset that I shouldn’t be driving anywhere. That I’m nuts…Other than arguments, no anger issues – none I can remember.

    JA: Oh… I kicked the dog once. I was a freshman in high school, and I love, love, love animals and one… we had this dog. His name was Doggy Boy, and my parents, until this dog that they have now, have never been able to and I don’t mean just them, we as a family, have never been able to care for a dog properly as far as give it attention or take it for walks or be consistent. Umm… so this dog stayed in the back yard a lot and stayed tied up on... in the shade.. with plenty of, you know, leeway. At one point, though, he was untied, and I took the trash out and he, and this is when my little brother and sister were still in diapers, and he tore, it was diaper trash. He tore diapers all over the yard, and, of course, I had to clean it up and when diapers get wet and they’re like jelly, spongy weird stuff.

    DF: Mm hmm.

    JA: and, I just… I got mad and I… I just kicked him with my right foot, and he just moved a few feet, and he didn’t yelp or anything, but he just went… he ran away and I never saw him again after that, and…I mean that’s probably an anger issue, I guess, but…

    DF: Well, one time kicking a dog is not an anger issue.

    JA: It changed my world as far as animal treatment goes, because… I just…I’ve never seen him since, and I need to apologize for that, to him, I know it sounds weird. My relationship with animals is kinda’ like, they’re like people, too, you know they have souls.

    DF: What you need to do is, you need to apologize to Travis. But you just refuse. I can’t help you anymore if you’re not going to help yourself.

    JA: You asked me why…

    DF: I can’t. I can’t, Jodi. You can keep talking till your blue in the face. I can’t continue to listen to lies. Do you have anything else that you need to tell me?

    JA: You asked me what I have been up to in the week since I got back…

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: What did you mean by that?

    DF: Just what…because I know this thing has to be weighing pretty heavy on you.

    JA: I’ve been trying to put his death behind me. If I… if I did anything that had anything to do with his death in any way…

    DF: It’s not if, to me…

    JA: I wouldn’t…

    DF: It’s not if…It’s not if…at all!

    JA: Well to me it is. I would be more than remorseful.

    DF: Is it maybe something you’re blocking out of your head?

    JA: I don’t think so. I mean…I tend to write everything down. I tend to…I just finished the book, The Road Less Traveled,

    DF: Mmm Hmm.

    JA: and it said the true definition of sanity is dedication to reality at all costs. So, I think at times, you know, I may have, you know prayed, or meditated upon a certain way, you know, like me being umm…wealthy or something like that, but…

    DF: Well, this is definitely reality. We are sitting here inside of an office in the Sheriff’s Department, and you are facing first degree murder charges…

    JA: What is the difference…?

    DF: …and you are going to be booked into jail, and eventually you will be brought back to Arizona, and you will stand trial. That’s the reality, and once you realize that, I think you’ll be better for it, and if you really wanted to embrace reality, you would sit here and explain to me why this happened, but you refuse. You refuse to…

    JA: I don’t know why. I don’t know why he was killed. I don’t know why. I had issues with Travis. If anything, he had more issues with me. Umm…I’ve had worse issues with other people. They’re all still alive. I’m still friends with my ex-boyfriends. They’re all still alive.

    DF: You know I’ve been doing this a long time and there’s one thing that I can never get out of my head, ever since the first day I talked to you. There’s an old saying that, you know, something’s just not acting right. Look into it. You have not acted right from Day 1. From Day 1 when I talked to you on that phone, I just sensed it. You just… you weren’t acting like somebody who used to love this guy, or who still loved him, even as a close friend, and even now when I told you that I have all this evidence against you and that you’re facing 1st degree murder charges, you’re...you’re just not acting right, Jodi. You’re acting like somebody who is guilty.

    JA: How so?

    DF: You tell me. I know because I’ve been doing it a long time.

    JA: It’s not that I don’t…

    DF: It took me a long time to figure it out, but within the first 30 seconds to a minute of a conversation I can… I know when somebody is acting right. There’s a certain way people act.

    JA: How did I act that would make you think…

    DF: It’s not like TV. It’s not anything like that. It’s not what you see in the movies. I see reality. When I accuse somebody of committing a heinous crime or, you know, something very serious, reality hits in and they definitely act a certain way, and that’s not you. You act just like everybody else who I accuse of doing a crime who did it. There’s no other way to tell you?

    JA: Is it because I’m not crying?

    DF: No. It’s not because of that.

    JA: What is it? I mean I’m not going to change how I act.

    DF: No. Obviously, you can’t change the way you’re acting.

    JA: No, I mean I am who I am.

    DF: Okay. You’re… you’re sincere in the way you’re acting, but uhh…

    JA: Well, how is it…

    DF: You’re just not telling the truth.

    JA: How is it different?

    DF: Well, it’s not really something you need to focus on anymore. I think you need to focus on the truth, but it’s something you refuse, so if you don’t want to continue, then we’ll just move on to the next step.

    End of Video 4

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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation
    Video 5

    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 5 - YouTube

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores
    FO = Female Officer

    Transcribed by TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    JA: Listen, it’s not that I didn’t love Travis, and it’s not that I don’t still love him, but I really needed to move on…

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: and, the last…

    DF: What prevented you from moving on? Nobody was preventing you from moving on.

    JA: Well, the only person preventing me really from moving on was myself, and until I made that step and I moved back, moved away, and we communicated gradually less and less and less, and I was fine with that. Umm…I haven’t found the guy or the man that I want to marry – the person I want to spend my life with. Umm…but in my mind, Travis did, and I was happy for him, and I thought, there was also a part of me that felt, if I stay, I’m going to jeopardize that for him as well. We both deserve to be happy. We both deserve to have, you know, be married in the Temple.

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: Umm…and that’s where he wanted to go. Umm…so, I mean I didn’t know that Mimi didn’t feel that way. I had never spoken to her, except at church when I came down to Arizona. It was really brief, umm…and it was the Bishop who told me that, you know, she had essentially turned him down, and the last few umm… I mean now that I think about it, he was really just…blah… you know, in his attitude and stuff, and I just thought maybe that’s just because we’re just beginning to more distance ourselves, and, you know, he still had his trip planned to come up here. I just… the reason I… I don’t know. It’s not that I’m not remorseful that he died. I didn’t kill him. I didn’t take his life.

    DF: Did you have anything to do with it?

    JA: I had nothing to do with his death…at all…at all. The reason I hesitate is because…maybe it’s just something that’s wrong with me psychologically because I think of the butterfly effect, and it’s like, you could say that the guy pumping gas station…pumping gas down at the gas station could have potentially, because you see all these movies, these funky movies, where it’s like this effect or this effect or this effect… (unintelligible as DF starts talking and cuts her off)

    DF: I know if you would have never met him he probably would still be alive.

    JA: That’s true.

    DF: Yeah. That’s because you killed him.

    JA: No!!!

    DF: Jodi, you did!

    JA: I did not!

    DF: Jodi…you can’t convince me otherwise, unless you come up with more proof that you didn’t, but I can’t prove that anybody else…

    JA: Could it…


    DF: No! It couldn’t of…

    JA: Well, what about if the car comes back that it was never even in that area?

    DF: It still doesn’t negate the fact that we have this other evidence here.

    DF: This is absolutely some of the best evidence I’ve ever had in a case, and I’ve convicted a few people on less that this.

    JA: Well, so I’m as good as done, right? With that evidence…

    DF: Yeah…

    JA: I just can’t admit to something that I didn’t do. If it would help…if it would help my case and get me an easier sentence I know people plead guilty for those things…

    DF: No, and I don’t want you to do that. That is absolutely the last thing I want.

    JA: Well, I know…

    DF: What I want to do, is I want to sit here with you, and I want to go over why you visited him that day, what you guys talked about, what caused you to get so angry and the details on what happened, and it’s something that you probably don’t want to remember but it’s something that I need, because for me to finish a case completely, I need to know not just the details but what was going through your mind, because I need to present that as a full picture, because if I don’t, I don’t feel that I’ve completed my job, and my job is to speak for him, not anybody else. My job isn’t to speak for you. My job isn’t to speak for his family. It’s to speak for Travis, and I know something horrible happened that day. Absolutely horrible! Something that could have been avoided! Whether something was planned, I don’t know. Whether you planned it or whether it accidentally happened or if something got out of hand, I… I don’t know. All I can do is speculate, and I want to believe that you’re not this cold hearted person that could just go out and do something like this to somebody. I want to believe that, like a lot of people, things got out of control and before you knew it, it was too late. That’s what I want to believe, and that’s truly from my heart…because I sit here, and I’ve talked to you, and I’m talking to you now, and all those conversations we had on the phone, and I don’t see a cold hearted murderer like you would see on TV or that I’ve seen before sit across from me. That’s not what I see in you, and I’m going to call it begging…because I’m begging you to at least come clean and tell me why, because I don’t want to leave here today not knowing because it’s all gonna’ be forever.

    JA: I wish that I had answers. I’m sorry. I…

    DF: You need to just let the answers come out.

    JA: There’s just no reason. There’s just no reason.

    DF: There’s no good reason why this happened. There’s never a good reason why somebody dies like this.

    JA: How many times was Travis stabbed?
    (Jodi is crying)

    DF: More than I want to remember,

    DF: and I’m not going to sit here and show you pictures of him after the fact. I don’t do that. That’s not how I work. (Jodi crying) That is not for me to do. But eventually those photos will come out.

    (Jodi is crying)

    DF: Jodi…

    (Jodi is crying)

    DF: Jodi, we’re here now. We’re right here.

    DF: I think you’re feeling the reality in the moment now.

    JA: No, I’m just …feeling all of the things that I’m going to potentially miss out on with my family, and I think of all the things that Travis’s family is going to miss out on with Travis…and he had brothers and sisters, and I have brothers and sisters…and it’s…it’s not fair.

    DF: It’s not fair, but this is where we are.

    JA: I know that he’s in a good place, and I know that he’s fine. I know that he’s doing great, but what about all of his friends…all of his family that are here and they’re just going through all this, and I know that it’s temporary, but it’s so very much right now. (Jodi crying). There’s just no reason I would ever want to hurt him.

    DF: Well, whether you wanted to is…is a different question.

    JA: I’m just saying…
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    Transcript of Video 5 continued...

    DF: I don’t think you wanted to. I really don’t think you wanted to, but this speaks for itself. It speaks for itself, Jodi. It goes beyond speculation. This is way beyond speculation. This is downright proof, but there’s no back story to it. All I know is that I need a story or else it’s just cold. It’s so cold. You don’t look like the person who would plan something like this. You’re…you’re just not that person. I can believe other things but not that, but without the truth I can’t paint another picture, and it’s going to be up to the prosecutor to paint that picture, and if you want that prosecutor, and I’ve met him, and you don’t want him painting that picture, because he is good at what he does. I’ve worked with him before, and you allow him to paint that picture for you -- it’s not going to be good.

    JA: It looks like you don’t really uhh… need anything…it does look like, I mean…it looks like you don’t even need a good prosecutor anyway…so, I mean…

    DF: You’re right.

    JA: I…I have to maintain my innocence. I can’t admit to doing something that I haven’t done. I… there’s…and there’s…part of me wants to cop out and say it.

    DF: No…

    JA: Well…

    DF: If you’re gonna’ cop out it’s because you’re telling the truth.

    JA: Well that’s not really copping out.

    DF: Yeah. I don’t want you to sit here and tell me a lie to appease me. That is the worst thing you can do for me, but back there in that mind of yours is somebody screaming to get out and tell me what happened, but you just cannot.

    JA: He has done nothing but, I mean except for some mean words that he said,

    DF: I know…

    JA: people have said worse to me

    DF: Right

    JA: …or just as bad. Except for that, he has never…he has helped me. He has given me money. He was selling me his car on the…

    DF: Then why?

    JA:…easiest terms ever…

    DF: Why, Jodi? Why?

    JA: There’s no reason why…

    DF: It just happens.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: There’s just no reason…

    DF: Well, I have more work to do.

    JA: Can you give me a rundown of what’s going to happen up here when you leave?

    DF: Yeah. You’re uhh…

    JA: Like…just today, for example…

    DF: Well, you’ll probably be taken across the street to the county jail. Uhh… you’ll be processed through there. You’ll be sent in front of a judge, at least within 24 hours, and umm…there’s a warrant for your arrest, and the bond is $2 million dollars. If you can come up with the $2 million dollar bond, then the judge will decide whether to, you know, accept that $2 million or not. At that point, we’re going to file extradition papers. Basically, our courts are saying that, Hey, you have someone in custody on one of our charges and we want them brought back to Arizona or at least allow us to come pick them up, and that’s called an extradition hearing. You will be given the opportunity to either waive it or say “That’s fine, I’ll just go on my own free will” or you can fight it and say, “No, I don’t want to go back to Arizona.”

    JA: What if I say I go on my own free will? Of course, I would go.

    DF: Yeah. At that point the judge would say, Okay, she’s not fighting this so come get her, and then we would go.

    JA: Well, what if I did fight it, then what happens?

    DF: Then you would have a hearing…

    JA: Oh.

    DF: Like a little trial. DF: Not a trial…

    JA: So it just delays the inevitable, basically…

    DF: It delays it.

    JA…and costs the taxpayers money.

    DF:…and then you’ll be transferred over to Maricopa County jail in Phoenix and you’ll start your court proceedings there.

    JA: …and, umm…

    DF: I’ve already filed these charges. It went to a Grand Jury and the Grand Jury indicted you.

    JA: So it’s all public now?

    DF: It’s public record.

    JA: So, does everyone know?

    DF: If somebody goes on and checks public record they can check it and they would come up with an indictment against you for murder.

    JA: But it’s going to be on the news tonight?

    DF: We don’t report anything to the news.

    JA: Has his family called today?

    DF: No.

    DF: They don’t even know that I’m talking to you.

    JA: But they’ve been calling every day?

    DF: Every day.

    JA: Are you going to tell them?

    DF: I talk to them every day. How would you feel if your little brother or little sister was killed?

    JA: I’ve been wanting to call every day, too, but I didn’t want to look obsessive, so I just tried to limit it to once a week.

    (Jodi cries)

    JA: Will I be able to see my family (unintelligible – sounds like: before they come)?

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    Transcript of Video 5 conclusion.

    DF: I don’t know.

    JA: Can I talk to my mom?

    DF: I don’t know what their procedures are in this jail in this county.

    JA: Umm…can I talk to somebody about my affairs that need to be taken care of?

    DF: You’ll have to do it over the phone or they’ll have to come visit you, I don’t know.

    JA: It would have to be over the phone because the person that would take care of my stuff lives far away.

    DF: Are we done?

    JA: How long is it going to take you to do all the paperwork?

    DF: I don’t know. I need to go see. The procedures are different here in California than they are in Arizona. I’m used to the procedures in Arizona, so I’m getting help from this county and the deputies here and they’re assisting me, so I need to get with them and find out how long it’s going to take.

    JA: (Jodi crying) Oh, this is a really trivial question and it’s going to reveal how shallow I am, but before they book me, can I clean myself up a little bit?

    DF: You’re going to be taken the way you are. I can’t give you anything else.

    JA: How soon?

    DF: I don’t know.

    JA: Like 5 minutes, 2 hours?

    DF: I’d say within an hour. It could be 5 minutes, it could be 50 minutes. I need to go talk to my associates here, and if at any time you feel like you need to tell me something, you just go ahead and approach me.

    JA: Umm…

    DF: Okay?

    JA: Can I use the bathroom?

    DF: Yeah. I’ll get someone to come take you.

    JA: Umm…you know I’m not like violent or going to run. It’s Yreka, so, I mean do I have to go in handcuffs everywhere?

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: That’s just procedure.

    DF: Whether you wrote a bad check or you’re facing murder charges, you’re going to go in handcuffs. That’s just the way it is. Okay? They don’t take, you know, different precautions for different people. It’s the same for everybody, so I’m sorry.

    JA: I need you to ask when I can start getting a phone call or two.

    DF: Once you get booked into the jail.

    JA: Do you know how many I get?

    DF: Uhh…if it’s like ours, they give you a phone and you can make as many collect calls as you want.

    JA: Oh. Okay.

    DF: Okay? Let me see if there is somebody to take you to the restroom.

    JA: It’s not too urgent but like maybe within the next 10 minutes I’ll really need to go.

    DF: Okay.

    (DF leaves the room.)

    (Jodi sits alone in the room)

    (Jodi talks to herself)

    “You should have at least done your makeup, Jodi. Gosh!”

    (Jodi starts to sing to herself lines from the song: Here with Me by Dido):

    I didn’t hear you breathe
    I wonder, how am I still here
    And I don’t want to move (unintelligible)
    It might change my memory
    And I won’t go
    And I can’t breathe
    Until you’re resting here with me
    And I won’t go
    And I can’t hide
    I won’t breathe

    (JA picks up water bottle and starts playing with it – picking off the label)

    (JA starts singing again)

    Breathe until
    Resting here with me

    (JA stops singing)

    (JA singing)

    I didn’t hear you breathe

    21:53 - 22:01
    (Jodi turns around and picks up trash can and brings it close to her, puts her hand in it, rummages around, and then turns around and puts it back)

    (Jodi giggles, runs her hand through her hair and talks to herself)


    (Jodi starts playing with her hair)

    23:15 - 23:42
    (Jodi gets up from her chair and goes over and does a headstand against the wall, stops, flips her hair from the front of her head to the back while still on the floor kneeling)

    (Jodi reaches over to the corner table and grabs a piece of paper, inspects it and puts it back)

    (Jodi turns around and begins singing

    O Holy Night
    The stars are brightly shining
    This is the day of our dear Savior’s birth

    (Jodi reaches over and takes piece of paper again from table)

    (Jodi laughs)

    (Jodi sings some lines from the song, O Holy Night)

    He knows our need
    Hear the angel voices
    Oh night divine
    Oh night when Christ was born
    Oh night

    (Jodi laughs)

    (Jodi sings some lines from O Holy Night:

    Oh night
    night divine

    (Jodi reaches behind her and takes something from the drawer of the table behind her. It appears to be a pencil/pen. Jodi pulls the table closer to her. The paper is on the table. Jodi lays her head on the paper and appears to be doing something on the top left of the paper only).

    (Jodi puts the pencil/pen back where she got it from.)

    (Jodi bends over and is very closely examining the paper. Her head is almost on the table).

    27:06 – 27:19
    (Jodi plays with her hair and runs her fingers through her hair)

    (Jodi sighs)

    (Jodi starts singing O Holy Night again)

    He knows our needs…

    (Jodi hums a few bars of this song)

    (Jodi hums)

    (Jodi Giggles and then talks to herself)
    (Unintelligible – sounds like: “Still hate me… brat!)

    (Jodi sighs)

    FO enters the room to escort Jodi to the bathroom.

    FO: Here are your shoes. Why don’t you go ahead and put those on.

    (Jodi puts on her shoes and then gets up and walks to the door and out).

    FO to JA: Stop right there and just turn around. Put your hands around your back

    (Sound of handcuffs being put on and tightened).

    End of Video 5

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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation
    Video 6

    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 6 - YouTube

    JA = Jodi Arias
    FO = Female Officer

    Transcribed by TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    Jodi is in the interrogation room, handcuffed behind her back, wearing orange prison garb.

    JA: (Sighs)

    JA: (Jodi starts singing)

    “Just remember in the winter
    Far beneath the bitter snow
    Lies the seed…”

    (Jodi leans over and scratches her head on side of the table)

    Female Officer (FO) enters the room.
    FO: All right. Do you wanna’ go ahead and stand up for me. As I take these cuffs off, you just go ahead and put your hands down at the waist, okay? I know these, especially these types of cuffs, aren’t the most comfortable.

    JA: Do you think they’re really designed for comfort?

    FO: Nope. They’re not. Okay. You’re not going to give us any problems being out of the cuffs.
    You really don’t look like the type that would.

    JA: (Unintelligible response)

    (FO gets recorder from back table and places it in front of her on the table)

    FO: Okay. Today’s date is July 16, and my name is Detective Rachel Blaney, umm…and I’m here with Jodi Arias. Is that how you say your last name?

    JA: Arias.

    FO: Okay. I’m sorry.

    JA: That’s okay

    FO: This is just formality, umm… and this is, you know, if I have to, you know, write up a report of what we talked about, at least so I know word for word what you said and there’s no mistakes. Okay, so it’s for your own protection or good that they we record it.

    FO: Umm… and before we go any further I need to read you your Miranda Rights again, just to make sure that you understand.

    FO: You have the right to remain silent. Do you understand?

    JA: Yes

    FO: Anything you say may be used against you in court. Do you understand?
    JA: Yes.

    FO: You have the right to the presence of an attorney before and during any questioning. Do you understand?

    JA: Yes.

    FO: If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you free of charge, before any questioning, if you want. Do you understand that?

    JA: Mm hmm.

    FO: Okay. The reason that I wanted to talk with you this morning -- there’s a couple of reasons actually. Umm…I have been privy to the investigation umm…and all of the evidence in this case umm… and to your conversation with Detective Flores yesterday and there’s…there’s really no…Umm…let me say this. It’s obvious to me that, you know, you’re not umm… You’re not our typical suspect. You know, you come from a good home, a good family. Your parents obviously care about you, umm that was evident, you know, when I talked to them yesterday. Umm…and you’re a bright girl – umm probably more intelligent than you were letting on yesterday, and there’s no question in my mind or any of the other investigators minds that you were the person that took Travis’ life, but what I need to know, what I’d like to know, and give you the opportunity to do is determine whether, you know, you’re a cold blooded, cold hearted murderer who slaughtered this guy or are you somebody that got caught up in circumstances and things got out of control, because I think that is what happened. Honestly! In looking at everything and all of the facts and in talking to people, you know, I think in every person that anybody could be capable of harming another person. I think it’s in our nature and, in general, most people suppress that. Umm…but I think given the right circumstances and, you know, the right time and the right place, anybody could be, you know, capable of harming another person. I see that on a regular basis. Umm…what I generally see are the, you know, the cold hearted ruthless types. What I don’t see very often, Jodi, are people like yourself that are intelligent, and spiritual, and caring, and umm…so I tend to believe that it was an incident or circumstance if you will. Umm…it looks as if, you know, this guy, Travis, umm…you know befriended you, you got into this relationship and it certainly looks to me like he took advantage of your generosity and your kindness. Umm…you know one of the other detectives had described him to you as a player. Umm…and I don’t think that that’s very far off from everything that I’ve seen, and I don’t think there’s a woman out there that hasn’t been umm…treated badly or taken advantage of by men like that, and I’m hoping, because you come from a good family and because you have, you know, a decent background, I’m hoping that you’ll be smart about things and make some good choices for yourself to help better your situation. When this hits the news, umm…and it will, it will go to the media, do you want to be portrayed as that cold blooded, cold hearted murderer because the media loves that. That’s not, you know, that won’t be our words or their words when they do a press release but that’s what the media will take a look at the facts and that’s what they’ll portray it as or do you want to be portrayed as a person that didn’t mean to have any of this happen – it just got out of hand and you’re remorseful? You know which way do you want to go? How do you want to portray yourself?

    (No response from Jodi)

    FO: You’re a businesswoman, is that correct?

    (No response from Jodi)

    FO: Okay. And you have a couple of different businesses going, Right?

    (No response from Jodi)

    FO: So you’re a smart girl, Jodi, a smart woman. Umm…you got to have a lot on the ball to be, you know, your own businesswoman and balancing everything the way you do because it sounds like you had a lot going on and a lot of juggling and balancing. You’re obviously very organized, well read, umm…

    JA: I would say well read but not organized.

    FO: Not organized? Why so?

    JA: Umm…I just…I procrastinate, so things… papers pile up and things don’t get filed on time and umm…I lose stuff and I find it later when I don’t need it anymore. You know, when I do need it I can’t find it.

    FO: Okay.

    JA: Just general stuff like that.

    FO: Well, maybe you’re not as organized as I had thought so certainly…

    JA: Well, I try, I mean I go through these periods where like today is devoted to organization, and then I’ll get organized and it will be that way for a little while and I’ll kind of let it slide and then I’ll have to go back and clean up again…

    FO: Mmm hmm…all right. So, I think that you know the reason you’re here is I think that you should have at least one more shot at the opportunity to do the right thing. You know you say that you’re spiritual – those are my words not yours but that’s certainly what I got out of you know reading and looking at everything that umm…you have some sort of relationship with God or some sort of deep spirituality, and so did Travis, and umm…it sounds like, you know, you cared about what umm…Travis’ family thought of him umm maybe what they thought of you. I don’t know whether you ever met them.

    JA: I met his grandmother.

    FO: Okay.

    JA: A few times.
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    Transcript of Video 6 continued...

    FO: Were they good people?

    JA: Yeah. Wonderful, and umm…I did meet his family at his services but I saw some of his sisters and he talked about them a lot and he talked about how proud he was of all of his brothers and sisters because they come from a rough background but they’ve all done really well.

    FO: Mmm hmm. I would imagine that keeping all of this in…I can only imagine, because I’ve never been there myself, but I can only imagine that keeping all of this in is tearing you apart inside. It’s not hard to tell that, you know. You have portrayed yourself as being very strong, but you can see it in your eyes, Jodi.

    JA: It’s not like, you know…it’s not that I detect… My dad said that Detective Flores told him that I was just cold yesterday, and it’s not that I’m cold. I’m just resolute, and it’s not that I haven’t cried because that’s all I’ve done for the last month.

    FO: Mmm hmmm

    JA: You know, and I go to work part-time and at my job I need to be a happy, cheery person, so I’ve got to suppress all of that and put on an act while I’m on the clock.

    FO: Mmm hmm.

    JA: and if I’m going to get any more clients for my business I’ve got to be an attractive person in my personality so it’s … it’s not … it’s not like I haven’t been grieving him since I heard about him.

    FO: Mmm hmm. Well, you know you have an image. I understand that you have an image to uphold and you have to portray, you know you’re a together, savvy woman and not somebody who is falling apart so that’s understandable.

    JA: I fall apart when people aren’t looking.
    It’s at night and I go to sleep. Travis always used to call me, not always but very frequently so that’s the hardest part is when I go to sleep at night and if he wasn’t calling then I’d just call him and sometimes I’d just call anyway just to hear his voice mail.

    FO: So let me go back to… you know the choices that you have because again, there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind what happened that day. There’s no doubt that you were involved that day that Travis died.

    JA: Listen, I know that I wasn’t involved in T death.

    FO: Okay.

    JA: umm… and…

    FO: But wait. Hold on. What you need to decide is do you want to be portrayed as that cold blooded killer,

    JA: Well, that’s what I was getting at.

    FO: or do you want to be portrayed as somebody that was taken advantage of, and umm…you know things just was headed in one direction and it wasn’t or I… I don’t know exactly the circumstances ‘cause I wasn’t there but I would certainly think that it’s to your benefit to appear as this is something that happened, you didn’t plan it, it was, you know, umm…it was a heated moment and you didn’t’ mean to hurt him, ‘cause you didn’t mean to hurt him, did you?

    JA: I’ve hurt him very much emotionally and I never meant to hurt him because he said that more than the death of his father.

    FO: and I believe that. How are you going to come clean with yourself between you and God umm…if you can’t even look his family in the face and show remorse? I don’t think that you’re a bad person. I don’t think you meant any of this to happen. I think that things got out of control and you didn’t know what to do and you panicked and I would certainly like your parents to see that, your friends to see that, instead of the cold hearted killer that the evidence is screaming to show, and this is you know at a certain point you got to' do what’s right, you know, you got to make things right for yourself. ‘cause otherwise it’s gonna’ eat inside of you. You’re gonna’ be sitting in that cell with all of this churning inside of you and it’s going to eat you up.

    FO: Just 'cause I’m a cop doesn’t mean that I don’t care, you know, about humanity and people. I’m not sitting here judging you. I’m trying to help you out. Trying to give you a chance to make things right. You know show the families that you do have some remorse. You know Apologize for the things you’ve done if that makes you feel better, whatever it is. But when you continue to deny, deny, deny when it’s obvious that that’s not the case you appear to be the cold blooded killer. You know there’s … and the media is going to feed off of that. When this goes to trial, the media’s there. It’s not kept a secret. Do you want to be out there like the OJ Simpson’s, because nobody felt sorry for him? You know, nobody respected him afterwards, even though he maintained his innocence. How do you want to be portrayed? Do you want to be portrayed as the person that you are, you know, a decent person who had some tough times and, you know just didn’t make the right choices at the time, or do you want to be portrayed as a person who doesn’t care about anybody or anything?

    JA: You know of course I don’t want to be portrayed as a cold blooded murderer. That’s…

    FO: I believe that. I believe that umm…everybody…everybody wants to tell the truth because to keep that lie in tears you up emotionally, physically, mentally. I see that over and over and over again with people, and I believe that you don’t want to be portrayed in the negative light that I’ve already… and I’m not making that stuff up. I meant that’s just reality, Jodi. That’s the way our society works. That’s the way this world works, and things are going to start moving real fast here for you. This is kind of a pause, you know before things start getting heavy. This is an opportunity to help yourself out. When the jury looks at it, those are the things they are going to be mulling around in their mind when they decide what type of sentence to hand out or when they make a recommendation to the judge. Those are the sorts of the things that turn a jury and the jury’s sometimes can be fickle, but I’ve never seen a case with so much concrete hard evidence. We don’t need you to tell us anything. I’m doing this for you. Arizona’s case goes no matter what. They got a rock solid case. So what you say is basically irrelevant to their case, not irrelevant, but umm…it’s not going to make it any better for them.
    But it can certainly help you out.

    JA: How can it help me? I mean how can what I tell you today affect the media?

    FO: Umm…you take control of this situation as much as you can and paint whatever kind of picture you want to paint of yourself. Nobody is going to believe that you didn’t do it after they see the evidence. It’s just it is what it is, but it’s a matter of do you want to take control of your situation and paint the picture of who you are, ‘cause you’re the only one that knows that, or do you want the media to…to take the evidence, all of the facts and the information and paint their own picture of you, and as smart as you are, you know as well as I do that the media doesn’t like to paint warm and fuzzy pictures. They would much rather paint the vicious cold blooded killer because that sells. Am I right?

    JA: Mmm hmm.

    FO: So…do you want to control your situation, paint your own picture, or do you want to let somebody else do that for you?

    JA: I don’t feel like I have any control over what the media says anyway.

    FO: Well, you do, to a certain degree. You can have, you can have the opportunity to tell your side of the story. You know, was it just a matter of umm…like I said, umm…this guy, Travis, building some sort of what you thought was some sort of relationship you know were you hoping for marriage? Because I heard a lot of talk about you know possibility of marriage and I know that that is umm you know the cornerstone of your faith is marriage and family. Is this something that you were hoping for? Was he leading you down that path? Umm… you know did he take advantage of you? Umm…was there, were there promises made that were broken? Did he betray your trust in some way? I don’t know. Only you know that, but certainly, if that was the situation, they would look at you in a better light than if you just went in there and just killed the guy just ‘cause… just ‘cause you’re a cold hearted person. You know the reasons why are what’s gonna’ give you better portrayal …a better light that you’re portrayed in. That’s why the reasons why are so important to you and that’s how you can take control. When you leave umm, you know, Siskiyou County and go back to Arizona, which eventually you will, whether you fight the extradition or not that’s just kind of a…

    JA: inevitability?

    FO: Yeah. Umm…it’s gonna’ happen eventually. You’re not gonna’ have the opportunity to do this again. I’m certainly not going to go back to Arizona. You won’t have the opportunity, and this shot will be gone.

    JA: Is this your role, though? I mean, you’re a detective?

    FO: Mmm hmm.

    JA: Oh.

    FO: This is our jurisdiction, umm Siskiyou County, so you know part of this investigation if you will, is on us. I’ve taken an interest umm…in this case. I saw you and I read all this information and I’m like, Man, you know she’s…she’s not the typical person that we see in here.

    JA: Can I ask you a couple questions?

    FO: Sure

    JA: Umm…not personal questions. Umm…I know I understand you took some of my stuff yesterday.

    FO: Mmm hmm.

    JA: Where does all that go, to Arizona?

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    Transcript of Video 6 conclusion.

    FO: Umm…it’ll be transferred to Arizona. It’s held in evidence. There’s a list of everything that was taken, and a copy of that was left at each umm…

    JA: location…

    FO: at each location.

    JA: It was a carbon copy so my parents couldn’t read it all and my grandparents couldn’t read everything. They told me some of the things and some of the things were like my camera, for example, which is fine and I understand that. My concern is other people. For example, I’m a wedding photographer and I had a wedding on Friday, and umm (Jodi starts crying/whimpering) I feel bad for Bryan and his wife Katie because those are their wedding pictures. That’s all they have of their wedding, and I just want to know when they’ll be able to get their wedding pictures.

    FO: I don’t know when. I don’t know how. You know, this could go on for quite awhile.

    FO: That’s the only thing they have to remember the day.

    FO: They’re not going to destroy the wedding pictures. They’re not going to get rid of them or anything like that.

    JA: You know, and I just take pride in my work and I guess I’m not going to have a chance to edit them and make them really beautiful. They already turned out really good, but, you know, and Photoshop has all kinds of neat effects and they turn out like magic, so that won’t be the case this time but at least the hard files are there for them and you know, if they’re not gonna’ get them forever and ever it’s gonna’ suck for them, but as long as they get them eventually.

    FO: They’ll get them eventually.

    JA: and also my…

    FO: I think that, you know, go ahead…

    JA: Umm…my sister, I don’t know what her problem is, I mean she’s far less messed up than I am, I guess, but she’s…she’s in a program right now in (unintelligible city) Falls umm…for…until the end of August, rehabilitating from something, and my mom, we write her, you know we only get to talk to her once a week and my mom was going to send pictures, because I have on my… my umm…external drive I have a bunch of pictures of her and I that we were just doing this with - just taking pictures of each other on her prom night because I helped her do her hair and I helped her, you know, take pictures and then I dropped her off and she just wanted some of those to have because she’s all done and glamorous –and I did a photo shoot with my little brother and they turned out really good and she wanted those pictures, too. She doesn’t have access to any of them now and those are all family treasures, and I did that, of course, because it’s for them, and you know, but umm…I would have made her a CD, but my CD ROM just wasn’t working right, and I didn’t get around to making it because I didn’t have the proper tools to do it, and she just wants those to mail to Angela.

    FO: Well, see these are the sorts of things that you know paint the picture of a good, decent person where things just went a little wrong, you know you showing so much concern and care.

    JA: Do you know what happened to my journals, too?

    FO: Umm you know I wasn’t there when they took…

    JA: I know they said they took one, but I don’t know if they took my other ones.

    FO: Where were your other ones at?

    JA: In my fireproof safe.

    FO: Okay. I’m not sure. There’s a …they have a hard copy you know an actual copy umm an original copy umm…that…

    JA: Umm… if you want my journals it documents the entire time starting from when I moved to Arizona up until 2 or 3 days ago.

    FO: Where is that safe at? Is that…

    JA: It’s in my bedroom they said they went through it (unintelligible).

    FO: Well, then if there’s anything…

    JA: I don’t know if they felt it was relevant, but…

    FO: You know…

    JA: I’m sure there’s…Travis got a lot of ink in my journals. I don’t know. That doesn’t matter now because I know you guys think what you think but umm...

    FO: It’s not… you know, the job of the detectives, umm…any detective is to determine, you know, what happened whether a person umm…you know is there is evidence that would clear you, evidence that would convict you, etc. We’re totally neutral going in, and it’s not a matter of, you know our opinion or what we think, umm…it’s a matter of to kind of look at all the evidence and knowing, and,
    you know, I think you’re not grasping the reality of this situation and umm…hearing what you’re concerns are, you should be concerned for yourself right now. You should be fighting for yourself. This is … this is not going to go away anytime soon for you, Jodi. You know, you’re a young woman, just starting your life. You had a lot going for you. You should be fighting for yourself right now.

    JA: There’s really nothing to fight for, if I fight. It just makes me look worse.

    FO: If you fight…

    JA: And if…if I give you some false confession that just makes it look just as bad. So there’s really not…

    FO: No! We don’t want a false confession. That is absolutely not what anybody ever wants, ever! Umm…I was just hoping to give you the opportunity to show the world, to show the community, to show the jury, to show Travis’ family that you do have a heart, that you do care, that you are a good person and maybe things went askew that day. I’m giving you scenarios with what happened that day because I wasn’t there. I don’t know the emotions that led up to it. There was obviously a lot of emotion. That’s very clear. There was a lot of emotion that day and what happened and so I’m giving…I’m trying… it’s kind of like pulling teeth here. I’m trying to give you the opportunity to help yourself, umm…to show the world, to show the community, to show Travis’ family that you do have remorse that you are a good person and that doesn’t benefit me in any way. I get no benefit out of this. My job pays the same whether I’m sitting here or at home, whatever. I’m just…I was trying to give you that opportunity. I asked if I could talk to you today to do that. It makes no difference to me, not personally, but it sure can make a difference for you. You let this eat at you and it’s going to destroy you or change you in a way that you wouldn’t want. There comes a time in somebody’s life, there’s always a pinnacle in somebody’s life where you have the opportunity to define who you are. Do you want the murder of Travis to define who you are or do you want to take control of that and do it yourself? Everybody makes mistakes, some bigger than others and I think this is the time in your life. I’m trying to tell you, this is the time, Jodi. This is the time to take control more than you’ve ever done before and at least show the people that you love and care about that you have remorse and that you have a heart because when they sit there and see somebody who is just stone cold and saying they didn’t do it when it’s clear to everybody that you did, that’s what they’re going to see is a stone cold person. This is your opportunity to change that.

    End of Video 6

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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation

    Video #7

    Error 502 (Server Error)!!1

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores
    FO = Female Officer

    Transcribed by TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    FO: You can’t change what happened. You can’t go back and undo it. It’s a done deal. But hopefully, you’re smart enough to realize that you can have a little bit of control of how you’re portrayed. I don’t think that you’re a bad person. I don’t think that you meant to hurt him. I think that you really cared about him and that you loved him and that’s why there was so much emotion in that day. I’m not sure of the circumstances, the conversations that led up to it. I can only see the result. I think that things got a little heated. You, you know, were angry or upset or disappointed or betrayed, whatever the emotion was, and things got out of control.

    JA: We both have betrayed each other, but it was so long ago, you know. The last time we even talked about marriage on a serious level was when we were still dating over a year ago, and the last time he proposed to me, once…He proposed to me a lot of times, but he wasn’t always serious. He just kind of said it, “marry me” you know, as a joke. Umm…

    FO: But how did that make you feel – when he said “marry me” as a joke? I mean, did you want it?

    JA: Not… not after we had broken up. It was kind of like laughs. It was really kind that he would joke like that, umm and we would laugh, you know. I took it as a compliment because it’s when I did something that maybe in his eyes he saw me as a good person, and so he’d be like wow this is a good girl, marry me. It was more of a compliment, it wasn’t a serious proposal. Umm… you know, so marriage, I just…As much as I love Travis, I just have always…there’s something inside that says he’s not the guy I’m gonna’ marry.

    FO: So then what was it? What was it that left all of this? I mean there’s gotta’ be something,
    ‘cause I honestly don’t believe that, you know, that you’re cold hearted and that you…you would just go and kill somebody on a whim. That doesn’t fit your profile. So what was it that led up to that? You know, you tell me. You tell them. You tell, you know, Travis’ family. What was it that, you know, pushed you to your limit? I’m just trying to fill in the holes there, I’m just kinda guessing about the emotions. You know what was it that would make you, you know, so angry or upset?

    FO: And if you’re smart, you’ll realize that, you know, (sigh) you’re not gonna’ get a whole lot of other chances to do this -- probably none.
    Once the wheels start turning, they move real fast, and you will be out of control then. Do you want to have control over your destiny, so to speak?

    FO: You know what about your spirituality and your beliefs with God? You know if you continue to lie to yourself and all of us, that’s one thing but God knows. He knows what’s in your heart.

    FO: Doesn’t the Mormon religion umm…want you to repent for what you’ve done? You know, I’m a spiritual person myself and I don’t think that I would want that, you know, inside of me. I wouldn’t want all of the ugliness of the lies inside of me.

    FO: I’m not gonna’ sit here all day you know…

    (Jodi reaches for her water bottle and takes a drink)

    FO: and try to convince you to do something umm for yourself if you’re not willing to help yourself, but I just wanted to give you that chance this morning.

    FO: It’s clear. It’s crystal clear to anybody who looks at this case. There is no doubt in my mind. There’s no doubt in any of the investigators’ minds that you are the person responsible for Travis’ death. It’s just a matter of how you want to portray yourself now, Jodi.
    Are you the cold blooded killer or are you a victim of circumstance? Was it in the heat of passion, or was it calculated and planned out and executed? Which one is it going to be? That’s how you can control things for yourself right now.


    FO: I don’t think you’re the type of person that can sit there during a trial and see Travis’ family sitting over there and continue to maintain that lie in yourself without it tearing you up.

    JA: I don’t think I could either.

    FO: You have an opportunity. You can’t bring him back. You can’t bring his life back, but you can at least make things right within yourself, and that, ultimately, will probably help out your situation.


    FO: Nobody wants to believe, even, you know, your friends I’m sure, I haven’t talked to any of your friends but I know that your family doesn’t want to believe that you’re that person. Help them understand what happened and why so that they, they’re not stuck with that…that image of you.


    JA: The only image they’re going to be stuck with is Jodi in a big orange suit.

    FO: Yeah, but does Jodi have a heart or is it cold and ice?

    JA: They know it’s …what my heart is like. They raised me. They’ve lived around me forever.

    FO: How about the rest of the people that just know you umm as far as image – that doesn’t know you personally? Do you care about that?

    JA: I care.

    FO: How about Travis’ family?

    JA: I care very much about Travis’ family and I can’t alter the way they think. They hate me regardless.

    FO: It’s true that their umm… their feelings are probably always going to be negative about you umm… you know you took their son’s life. They can never get over that.

    JA: I did not take Travis’ life.

    FO: It’s clear to everybody what happened, but I was hoping that you were smart enough to realize the situation, the reality of the situation and want to help yourself out, whether you want to maintain the charade which isn’t going to get you anywhere or whether you want to do the right thing.


    FO: You’re the one that’s got to live with yourself, you know. You’re the one that’s got to look those people in the eye.

    JA: I have one more question and it’s not going to have a thing listening to what you’re saying; it’s unrelated, umm…but when they took my purse I had $240 in cash and umm…from what I understand, this thing over in the jail, they…you have money on your book so you can get things like shampoo or whatever, I don’t know what I would even need there, umm…but what happens to my cash?

    FO: Well, it’s… first of all, they count it all out and document it so there’s no question of, you know, what was there. Umm…I can… I don’t know what the procedure is…

    JA: I know it’s not really any…it’s not your area or responsibility, but who do I talk to about that because my parents don’t have money to just keep doling out and making collect calls there all the time or whatever, so?

    FO: Well, I can certainly talk with umm…the detectives and put in a request for you, and I’ll do that. I don’t go back on my words, umm and I, you know, I don’t know how much longer, you know, you want to sit here and listen to me talk, I was kind of hoping to kind of drill something into your head and wake you up and show you how you can help yourself.

    JA: Maybe you’re giving me more credit than I deserve for being smart…

    FO: I don’t think so

    JA: …but I just don’t see how any of that could help.

    FO: What if it could? Wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to help yourself?

    JA: I don’t …I think that my situation is hopeless and I don’t think that I can help myself.

    JA: (Whispers) I’m sorry.

    FO: Not sorry to me.

    JA: (Whispers) I’m just sorry…
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    Transcript of Video 7 conclusion.

    FO: Are you sorry for what happened to him?

    JA: Of course I am. That’s awful what happened to him. He didn’t show me any pictures but he showed me the carpet.

    FO: It was pretty horrific.

    JA: You know Travis was very strong. I watched him work out a couple of times. It’s super intense. My dad has worked out all my life. He’s been a body builder, sort of, not professional. He’s just always been really big. I’ve seen him work out, but I’ve never seen anybody work out like Travis and it’s…he’s just…You know, a couple of times, he was really into UFC and a couple times he would show me some wrestling moves, and it…like…I was just powerless, like there was no way out of it.

    FO: Well, I tell you what, I’m going to take a break for a couple of minutes. Umm…I see you still got some water. I was going to give you some more water.

    JA: Yeah, if you could bring one more that would be nice.

    FO: Take a minute to think about what I said, and umm…I’ll leave you alone while I do that…while you do that.

    (FO leaves room)

    (Jodi takes a drink of water)

    (Jodi gets up and sits under the table)
    (Jodi pushes the chair out of her way a little and rearranges the position of the trash can)
    (Jodi appears to be picking hairs off the chair and dropping them to the floor)
    (Sound of Jodi crying)

    (FO reenters the room)

    Jodi gets up from the floor)

    FO: I got you some more water

    FO: Jodi, I…I’m really confused. I… maybe I did have the wrong picture of you. You know, all of this time that you and I have been talking and I got information from your other interview, you are talking about insignificant things at this point. You’re talking about money, you’re talking about material things, you’re talking about everything but

    JA: I’m just talking about (unintelligible) people I care about.

    FO: you’re talking about everything but how bad you feel about Travis. You only respond to my questions specifically about Travis.

    JA: If I murdered Travis, I would be very remorseful.

    FO: I think that I’ve gotten the wrong picture of you. I think that, you know, maybe I was wrong. Maybe you are that cold blooded person that they’re trying to portray, and umm you know, I’m just really confused. I just…at this point, you know, maybe you’re right, maybe there isn’t anything you can do to help yourself umm… you know. . Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you’re not as intelligent as I thought you were. Maybe I was wrong. What do you think should happen to the person that murdered Travis?

    JA: Umm…you know I’ve never been one for an eye for an eye but they took his life, and even the book of Mormon says that…umm…that…that that calls for the life of the person who took his life.

    FO: Do you think that’s the path you’re going down right now and it’s inevitable so why fight it?

    JA: Umm…I’m not sure... kind of… I’m not sure. I don’t know where I’m going.

    FO: So tell me this, after looking at all the evidence and what I think is crystal clear, if you didn’t kill Travis, then who did?

    JA: I…he was private about a lot of aspects of his life.

    FO: Mmm hmm.

    JA: He told me some things. Some things I got from some of his, you know, Facebook account, email account, or My Space or whatever, because I have passwords to those. Umm…but I don’t know like, he would get occasionally he would get solicitations but and he would always respond not to not answer the solicitation but to call the person out, and I don’t know if anything ever became of those. I don’t know. I know his tires were slashed. I don’t… I don’t know.

    FO: Maybe…maybe you weren’t the person that did it. Maybe…maybe you were just physically there when it happened and somebody else did it. I mean, I guess, you know that’s a possibility. If that’s the case, help us out here. Help yourself out. I don’t know what else to do for you, Jodi.
    I’m at the end of my rope. You’re not going to get a lot of people that are trying to help you out along the way beyond this point. If you didn’t do it, then who did, because everything is pointing to you, not just pointing to you but you know screaming that Jodi killed Travis, and I thought that I could come in here and talk to you and talk some you know sense into you and get you to kind of help yourself out. You don’t need to help our case out. You don’t need to help their case out. That’s a slam dunk.

    JA: I know he showed me.

    FO: And what I’m hearing is somebody who doesn’t give a rap about what happened. I’m hearing somebody who is worried about money, your appearance, everything about you. I don’t hear anything about Travis, unless you’re specifically asked. How do you think that looks?

    JA: Listen, I don’t care so much about…

    FO: No, you listen! You are not grasping the reality here, Jodi. You know, you’re worried about wedding pictures and you know all this other stuff that is really insignificant

    JA: Listen, my life is over. Travis’ life is over. I’m sorry about Travis. I didn’t take his life.

    FO: All right. Well, I guess I was wrong.

    JA: The reason I cared about those other things is because those people still have lives and I care about those people and I just, they don’t know where their stuff is, you know? I happen to be in a position with their stuff, and so…

    FO: All I know is all of the innocent people that I’ve talked to that have been accused of a crime don’t act the way that you do, and you are acting like the person that I portrayed, the ugly, cold blooded murderer, one of the actions that I portrayed, that is how you’re acting. There is nothing in your actions that would indicate to me (sigh) that you’re the victim of circumstance, and you’re going to be sorry you know when we get down the road and… and…uh…

    JA: I agree.

    FO: And you’ll probably be sorry you didn’t do the right thing. You have the opportunity to do something right here (sigh). I don’t know what to tell you.


    (FO Sighs)

    FO: Show me that I wasn’t wrong, Jodi. Show me what’s inside your heart and not what’s on the exterior.

    FO: Help me understand why it happened and that it wasn’t cold and calculated and planned because that’s how everything points right now.

    FO: You owe that at least to Travis’ family. Give them some closure, because I know just from working with all these families that have lost loved ones that they’re not struggling with who did it they’re struggling with why.

    JA: That’s what I’ve been struggling with.

    FO: Do you not understand why you did it yourself maybe? Is it something that, you know, is it a part of you that umm…came forth that you’ve never seen before? I know Travis’ family is struggling with why, and that would be one thing that would give them closure. They may never like you, but I think that they would be appreciative of why their son’s life was taken.

    FO: You can’t give them their son back, but you can at least give them peace of mind as to why.


    FO: I know if it was my child, that’s what I would want. I know that you’re not a mother, but all women have those mothering instincts within them and I think you can understand what I’m saying, and that’s why you’re hanging your head right now.

    FO: Was I off base, Jodi?

    JA: I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose one of my brothers.

    FO: Wouldn’t you want to know why you lost one of your brothers?

    JA: Yeah.

    FO: I’ve never met them. I can’t speak for them, but I would bet, you know, my paycheck that that’s what they’re wondering right now, and you can at least show that you have a soul, that you have a heart, and that you understand that need in them and do something for somebody else beside yourself. That’s the least you can do for them right now. Give them an answer. Tell them why. That’s how you can control something that is happening in your life right now, because you have all the power. That’s a gift you can give that family. Tell them why. Use me as the voice to tell them why.

    JA: (Whispers) I just don’t know why.

    FO: Did one thing lead to another and it just got out of hand and it’s unexplainable even in your mind, or did you have it all planned out?


    FO: You know, was he roughing you up and you just couldn’t take it anymore? Was he being violent on his part?

    JA: He was only that way a couple times. It was before I moved. People just… I had bruises and stuff, and people were like “Oh, is
    Travis beating you up?” and we’re like Ha, Ha, Ha, and he got mad because I wore a short sleeve shirt, but it was like 100 degrees outside.

    FO: So this isn’t the perfect picture of a relationship.

    JA: No it was very rocky. No, I’ve never once denied that we didn’t have our challenges -- that he’s said several choice words to me that weren’t nice, and you know, but he’s not the only person that has ever done that. My own father has done that. You know other women and men have done that to me and other boyfriends, you know.

    FO: But you didn’t kill them. You didn’t get pushed to the point where you couldn’t take it anymore. That’s what we’re trying to understand is why. Either way, those detectives in Arizona have their case made, but the last you can do for that family is give them an answer.


    FO: I’m not saying portray Travis as this ugly, horrible person, because you know (Sigh)… I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do either, but at least let them know that it was a two–way street and it wasn’t all your fault. Or, like I said, maybe I’m wrong, and maybe you did plan it from Day 1 and carried it out…


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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation

    Video 8

    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 8 - YouTube

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores
    FO = Female Officer

    Transcribed by TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    Jodi is not handcuffed and is in the interrogation room wearing orange prison garb.

    FO: If his mom and dad were sitting here right now, what would you say to them?

    (Long pause by Jodi – Jodi is crying)
    JA: I would tell them I’m very sorry.

    (Long pause)

    JA: Other than Travis, I’ve never lost anyone this close to me.

    FO: If they asked you why it happened, what would you say to them?

    JA: I don’t have the answer to why. It’s just… I don’t know why he was killed. I don’t know why. I don’t know why.

    FO: All right. Maybe you can’t understand why, what led up to it, but what would you say to them, because that would help them with the why? If you’re struggling with the why within yourself, then what led up to it?

    (Long silence)

    FO: How could you explain to his mom and dad what led up to it that would help them to understand?

    (Long silence)

    JA: (Whispering) I’m sorry.

    FO: Are you saying that to me or are you saying that to his family?

    JA: (Whispering) …to everybody.

    JA: (Louder voice) To everybody. To his family. To my family. To Travis. To God.

    FO: Then if you truly are sorry, Jodi, clear your conscience and give them an understanding of what led up to it.

    (Long silence)

    FO: Don’t paint yourself as the cold blooded person that they’ll be left with unless you give them an understanding.

    (Jodi crying)

    FO: I don’t want to believe that I was wrong about you.

    (Jodi puts her head down on her arm on the table and is crying).

    JA: Could you get me a Kleenex I can use?

    FO: Sure, I’ll be right back.


    (Jodi takes a drink of water and then puts her head down on table again and cries.

    (FO returns and hands Jodi a roll of toilet paper)

    JA: Thank you.

    FO: That’s all we have.

    (Jodi blows her nose).

    FO: I can see that your tears are real. That obviously is nothing that you can fake.

    JA: You know Travis told me that my tears mean nothing. (cry/laugh) He said that one time when we were fighting.

    FO: How’d that make you feel?

    JA: Well, I knew they were real, so that’s all that mattered. It just made me umm… I don’t think he…I don’t know. It was weird ‘cause sometimes he just seemed to have no emotional understanding or depth and then other times he could move himself to cry like that (snaps her fingers) if he wanted to or if he was on stage and it made him ….if he felt the speech, or whatever, but those were things that he felt deeply about, you know? So, we’re all different. We all express our emotions differently and I realize that.

    FO: Did he know how to push your buttons?

    JA: We knew how to push each other’s buttons. I could make him mad in 5 seconds. I… you know that’s not my favorite pastime or anything, but, I just knew how to do that and he knew how to make me cry in 5 seconds. So I think his emotional expression was anger and mine was just sadness, I guess.

    FO: Is that what happened? Did he push your buttons or you push his buttons? Is that what triggered this whole thing.

    JA: No.

    FO: Because looking at the pictures, it looked like, you know, you guys were engaged in some sort of (sigh) intimate umm…moment between the two of you. It didn’t look like it was all going bad. It looked like, you know, something happened real quick (sigh), and that’s the understanding I was talking about that you could give to the family.

    JA: (whispers) I just don’t know.

    FO: Well, maybe you don’t know why, and I understand, you know, that’s…that’s a pretty deep philosophical thing you’ll be struggling with within yourself, I’m guessing, but you know the factual things that led up to it, umm…and then people can draw their own conclusions from there, but sitting there silent and not saying anything makes you look like a horrible person.

    (Still holding the toilet paper in her hands that she blew her nose with, Jodi raises her hands and covers her face/eyes while still clutching the toilet paper)

    FO: I mean obviously, you’ve had other relationships with, you know, ups and downs that never drove you to that point.

    JA: They were far worse than Travis.

    FO: So what was it? What was it with Travis that set you off to such a degree?

    (Jodi appears to be crying, and at 09:59 she puts her hands up to her face again, still clutching the toilet paper)

    FO: I understand that you’re a very private person. Everybody has said that and that’s glaringly apparent, but all of your business is going to be out in the open right now, so there’s really nothing to hide from any more. You know what I mean?

    JA: I wasn’t as private as Travis.

    FO: Are you worried about his reputation?

    JA: Umm…

    FO: Is that what you’re trying to protect here?

    JA: Yeah. I mean I’m concerned. I just don’t want… I would rather everyone didn’t know that he was umm… that we were both violating certain chastity laws continually. That’s a very big deal in the church. I mean I know that his Bishop knows, but he keeps everything private and, you know, I don’t know if you’re familiar with our faith, but he…Travis has another Bishop now, you know in the next life. He’s working through those things, so he’s got his own path. I don’t want his family to…I don’t know…I don’t think all of his family umm….share his faith, or if they do they are not as involved deeply as he was so I don’t know how they would feel. I’m sure they don’t care. They just want to know why. I can’t imagine what they’re going through right now.

    FO: I mean at least on some level you can understand what’s going on in their head, you know -- the whys what we’ve been talking about. Was this a situation where you guys were involved in an intimate exchange and things got too rough? Is that…is that why the secrecy and privacy with me today?

    JA: No.

    FO: Then what’s keeping you from unloading your burden?

    (No response from Jodi)

    FO: Is it your own pride?

    (No response from Jodi)

    (Jodi places her crossed arms on the table and rests her head atop her arms)

    FO: Do you think at this point that your pride matters more than Travis’ family’s grief?

    (No response from Jodi)

    FO: You know, what if they don’t have a faith base like Travis did, and what if they don’t have the spirituality to fall back on to help them through this process, you know some people can deal with it better when they have their own spiritual roots that they can dig down and hold onto. What if they don’t have that, you know? What if they’re in more turmoil than somebody who did have a faith base? Wouldn’t you want to help them out? I mean you tell me that you’re sorry.

    JA: If I could I’d help them in a heartbeat…

    TO: Well, you know that you can’t bring him back, but you can help them understand, and no matter what you say it’s not going to change their love for their son. It’s not going to make them dislike their son no matter what happened, but at least they’ll have closure
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    Transcript of Video 8 conclusion.

    (Jodi blows her nose)


    FO: At least they’ll have closure.

    (No response from Jodi)

    (Jodi plays with her hair)

    FO: If you’re not going to do it for yourself, at least do it for them. If you’ve already resigned to the fact that your situation is hopeless, why wouldn’t you do that for them?

    JA: (Unintelligible) a question… (unintelligible)

    JA: Can I use the restroom?

    FO: Sure. You understand that I have to go in there with you?

    JA: That’s fine.

    FO: Okay.

    (Jodi tosses her used toilet paper into the trash can behind her, stands up, and then walks out the door to the restroom with the FO.)

    Jodi and FO return to the interrogation room and sit down.


    FO: So before we took a break, I posed a question to you that you felt was a good question. If your situation, if you see your situation is so helpless, why wouldn’t you at least give the family some closure and some peace of mind as to what happened or why?

    JA: (unintelligible)

    FO: If you have any feelings, emotions within you, any goodness in your heart, I don’t know why you wouldn’t do that.


    FO: Because if you don’t, and you don’t give them information that they seek for the closure, that makes you a very selfish person.


    JA: (Whispers) I think I’ve been pretty selfish.

    FO: How have you been selfish?

    JA: (Whispering) It’s just a lot of things. Travis was always so selfless. He gave me everything that I needed. If I needed money and he had it, it was mine, if I needed food, if I needed to borrow his car, to use the internet because mine was down; I needed to…if I wanted to borrow his books. He had a cool library or audio books. One time he helped me with my prepaid legal business and he doesn’t benefit monetary in the least, and I would help him, too, with that because you have to qualify and for his position there’s a monthly qualification and I would just help him with computer stuff. I think I’m selfish.

    JA: And one time we just met in Ehrenberg when I went to southern California so we could just rent a hotel room and make out the whole weekend, and umm…whatever, but we drove to go see a movie and there was this lady (Jodi crying) standing on the side. He pulled over in his BMW and rolls down his window and says, “Are you hungry?” and she said, “Yeah,” so we turned around and went to the Wendy’s right next to the hotel and he got her this triple decker and the biggie fries or whatever it’s called and the biggest drink they had and gave it to her. (Jodi crying)

    JA: He always did stuff like that (Jodi takes some toilet paper and wipes her nose). We pulled into this gas station once in Chinle, Arizona and saw this Navajo Indian, and nothing against that tribe, they’ve got a very rich culture but most Navajos that you meet they are really overweight and…but their animals are starving with their ribs sticking out, and it just made us feel so bad. Travis bought, well, we ended up splitting it, but Travis bought 7 cheeseburgers for three hungry dogs and one was a mother with puppies and they just wolfed them down. We felt better, but we just felt like we couldn’t do enough.

    FO: Then where did things to wrong, Jodi?

    JA: I don’t know. I don’t know.

    FO: This is your chance to make at least something right, even if it’s on a small scale it’s a big deal to his folks.

    JA: Do they already know I’m in custody.

    FO: I’m sure they do.

    JA: Well they feel better about that much.

    FO: But they still need closure. I mean just because you’re in custody doesn’t give them any closure.

    (Jodi drinks from her water bottle)


    FO: Is this something that you planned from Day 1?


    FO: Is this something you wish you could take back?

    JA: I wish I could change it. I wish I could rewind the clock.

    FO: What would you do if you rewound the clock?

    JA: I would have done everything I could to prevent it.


    FO: If your fate is inevitable in your mind, why wouldn’t you give the family closure?

    JA: I don’t know why. I don’t know if I can give them what they want. I just don’t know.

    FO: Wouldn’t you at least want to try and let them make that decision?


    FO: If it were my son, I would want to (unintelligible – sounds like: live the…??) information I could so that I could make some sense of it.

    (JA takes another sip of water)

    FO: Is this something that is so horrific in your mind that you don’t want to think that you’d be capable of such a thing?


    FO: Because that’s the person that I was talking about -- the person that is scared and remorseful and didn’t want any of this to happen. So I don’t think I was wrong, Jodi.

    (Jodi puts head down – appears to be crying)

    FO: This is your opportunity to make right on some of your selfishness and let the family decide how they’re going to deal with that information and how they’re going to use it.


    (Jodi wipes nose – holds toilet paper up to her nose. Puts head down on hand and rests on the table)

    FO: And why should they have any more suffering than they’ve already had?


    (Jodi blows her nose)


    FO: In your religion, and forgive me for my ignorance about it…

    JA: That’s okay. It’s a Christian based religion…

    (Jodi tears off more toilet paper)

    FO: Do they believe that the truth shall set you free?

    JA: Umm…I think, yeah, because it has to do with (unintelligible two words).

    FO: And if it’s just a Christian base theology, then I would say they would.

    JA: I think it even says that in the Doctrine of Covenance which is another part of our scriptures. I’m trying to remember if I just read that the other day.

    FO: Have you been giving much thought to that?

    JA: Umm…not within the last 24 hours. I haven’t been really thinking about a lot except…


    FO: You are the only person that has the information that the family seeks. They don’t seek, you know, crime scene information. They already… they will already have that. They seek something

    (JA let’s out a cry/whimper)

    FO: …that is on a much deeper level. It’s on an emotional level, and you are the only person that can help them with that.

    End of Video #8

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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation

    Video 9

    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 9 - YouTube

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores
    FO = Female Officer

    Transcribed by TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    JA: I wasn’t angry at Travis. Everyone keeps saying whoever did this was so angry.

    FO: Then what were you?

    (Jodi scratches her head)

    FO: Were you scared?


    (Jodi wipes her eyes and nose and cries)

    FO: Were you jealous?

    JA: I remember feeling jealous when we were together, because this one time, especially when he when he was letting this drunk girl hang all over him, and he wasn’t doing anything to stop it. He was just supporting her and holding her and like right in front of me, and I’m like, “What are you doing?” but I didn’t want to make a scene. You know all our friends were there so I just left. I felt more sad. They were, of course, feelings of…more feelings of insecurity, because it made me wonder, “What are your deeper philosophies if you think that’s okay and we’re in a relationship together?” To him, it was harmless. Umm…when I realized that he didn’t mean anything by it we talked about it so I remember feeling jealous about that. That was … it was almost a year and a half ago.

    FO: So if it’s not jealousy and it’s not anger, then what was it?

    (Jodi not looking at FO)

    FO: Have you been asking yourself that same question?


    FO: Is it that you’re having a hard time figuring it out within yourself?


    JA: (Whispers) I just don’t know.


    FO: Was it fear?

    (Silence) (Jodi not looking at FO)

    FO: So if it was fear, then what was it that you’re afraid of or were afraid of?


    (Jodi not even looking at detective – hands crossed in front of her – looks off to the side).

    (More silence)

    FO: Are you looking back and trying to remember that day?

    JA: I’m just trying to remember everything -- things that happened, our conversations, I just…
    I don’t know.

    FO: What do you remember about that day that would help the family understand?

    (Jodi, hand on face, not looking at FO).

    FO: Did you at least start out enjoying each other’s company that day?


    (Jodi puts fist on forehead, leans on table, not answering)

    FO: Did you go there with the intention to kill him? No?

    FO: What was your intention?


    FO: Did you mean for that to happen?


    (Jodi puts her head on her elbow on the table) (Sounds like she is crying)

    (Jodi rubs eyes, places hands on either side of her hair, leans back down on the table and is heard crying)

    (Jodi takes toilet paper and blows her nose and then wipes her eyes)

    JA: I’m not really good at expressing myself. I think I’m just going to write his grandmother.

    FO: Would you like to write them a letter now?

    JA: Umm…I think I want…I mean I could start but it would be just like a rough draft. It wouldn’t be something that I’d want to submit I want to think about it and make sure that that’s what I really want to say and I know you want everything now, but umm…if you don’t want to do that or help me any more, that’s fine but I’m still willing to write a letter. I can usually say things better in writing.

    FO: I think that’s a good idea for you to write them a letter. As far as the now goes for me, like I said, it’s not going to make any difference for me, but it would make a difference for you and it would make a difference for Travis’ family, because I think I’m very safe in my assumption that they’re seeking closure, and the more information that they have to understand why will give them the closure that they seek, and
    I think that you want to do that. I can see that in you.

    JA: (Whispers) They deserve that. (Jodi is crying)

    FO: They do deserve that. If you have a hard time expressing yourself, that’s okay and understandable in this situation. This isn’t an everyday average, normal situation.

    JA: (Unintelligible – crying) I can usually see things better in writing…

    (Jodi takes more toilet paper wiping her eyes).

    FO: If you would let me help you, I can help you with that expression, but you have to be willing. You can still write them a letter.

    (Jodi takes a drink of water)

    FO: And the least you can do is give the family something. I don’t know how many times I can say that enough. You say that you didn’t mean for that to happen that day, you nodded your head, “No” when I asked you that, and I believe that, but in order for that to be believable there has to be some understanding what led up to it.

    (Jodi throws used toilet paper in the trash can)

    (Jodi starts crying again and puts head on crossed arms on the table)

    FO: Was he expecting you to come over that day?

    JA: He wanted me to. I told him I wasn’t going to.

    FO: So was it a surprise that you actually showed up?

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    Transcript of Video 9 conclusion.

    (Jodi unravels more toilet paper and wipes her eyes then her nose)

    FO: Is it a matter of you not understanding how things got so carried away that it would end up in a situation like that,

    JA: I don’t know.

    FO:…or did you go there with the intention to kill him?


    FO: Do you want to leave here today with those questions not answered for Travis’ mom and dad?

    JA: His mom and dad passed away. I’m not saying that to be like trivial…it’s just when you say that, in my mind, I go, I understand, because they’re all together.

    FO: I see. So who, who’s left behind, his grandmother?

    JA: (Whispering) She raised him. He has a lot of brothers and sisters. I think he has three sisters, maybe four, Tanisha, Samantha, I don’t remember, and he has some brothers and a brother-in-law.

    FO: So what about his grandma and siblings?
    Do you want to walk way from here today without giving them something to understand?

    (Jodi crying)
    (No response)

    FO: If your fate is sealed in your mind, why wouldn’t you give them that?

    (No response)

    FO: And at the same time help yourself out?


    FO: Are you the cold hearted person that everybody thinks you are? Huh?

    JA: No. Not cold hearted.

    FO: Then what are you?

    JA: I’m weak.

    FO: What is your weakness?

    JA: I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it.

    FO: I can understand that. We’re all human. We all have weaknesses and embarrassing things that we wouldn’t want anybody to reveal.

    FO: What’s your weakness?

    JA: It’s stupid and it doesn’t really have anything to do with this, too much. It’s something I’m working through.

    FO: Do you have problems with your temper or anger issues?

    JA: No it’s nothing like that. I mean I sometimes I yell, but nothing like, I wouldn’t go as far as saying anger issues. I think it’s just ‘cause I come from a family that yells at everyone.

    FO: That’s how they communicate?

    JA: Umm…I think they’re just sort of desensitized to it. Like after I moved out I was away for awhile so when I came back for a visit it’s like, “You don’t have to yell, I’m standing right here,” or she’ll, my mom will yell at my brother, “He’s standing right there, you don’t need to yell,” and she’s like “Well, he doesn’t listen if I don’t yell,” and the thing is, it’s because he’s become desensitized to her yelling, so until she yells, he’s like, “Okay.” So maybe it’s something like that but not anger issues. I’ve been able to check that a lot because yelling is not a nice way to communicate in my opinion and it doesn’t really help anything.

    FO: So how could things go some wrong? I’m not understanding. If it’s not jealousy, it’s not an anger problem. You said you were afraid, or you nodded at least that you were afraid, but I’m not sure what you were afraid of.


    JA: (Whispers) It’s trivial.

    FO: It may not be trivial to his grandmother, his brothers and sisters.

    (Long silence)

    FO: And I think any information that they could have to help understand, you know who you are and what transpired that day is going to help them. It won’t bring their son back, but it will help them understand.


    FO: And I don’t understand why you wouldn’t do that for them, because you obviously care.


    (Jodi has head on hand – not looking at FO, hanging head in shame position)


    (Jodi begins rubbing her right hand up and down her left arm stroking herself)

    FO: I’m not asking you to make excuses for yourself, because I don’t think that you’re the type of person that would do that, but I’m asking you to do something for somebody else - somebody that deserves to know.

    (Jodi wipes nose)


    FO: What was it about your relationship that went so wrong that would have it end up like that?


    FO: And if that wasn’t your intention, then what was?

    (Long silence)

    FO: You say that, you know, you said at one point when I posed the question to you about why you wouldn’t do that for the family and you said that was a good question and you think you will…

    JA: Are you sure I will?

    FO: Well, now is your time. This is the opportunity that I’m trying to give you.

    JA: I understand and I appreciate that

    FO: Then what’s keeping you from doing it.

    JA: I think I just need to sort it through. I’m just not sure and they deserve answers. They deserve…

    FO: They deserve to know what happened. You have those answers. You may not know the why within yourself but you have the answers. You know what happened.


    FO: You can still write them a letter when you figure out within yourself, you know, some of the questions that you’re struggling with, but in the meantime you can let them know what happened, the facts of what happened.

    JA: I don’t have all the details.

    FO: What details do you have?


    FO: Was he happy to see you when you got there that day?


    FO: Or did he appear happy, or was he angry that you showed up?



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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores
    FO = Female Officer

    Transcribed by TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com


    From 00:00 until 09:29, this is a repeat of the end of Video #9. This video transcription will begin at the first statement after that point which is 09:29.

    JA: (Whispers) (Unintelligible) (Sounds like: It feels like a whole week since I’ve been here/back)

    FO: I’m sure it does.

    JA: Is there any way I can see some of those photos?

    FO: What would you do with them if you could see them?

    JA: Just look at them.

    FO: Do you think it would help you?

    JA: I don’t know if it would help me or… I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe it wouldn’t. I don’t know. I just think that… I don’t know.

    FO: Well, I know you can’t tell me that you’re not struggling in your mind and thinking in your mind what happened over and over and over again, at least what you can remember.

    FO: You can help me understand at least what led up to it.


    FO: I don’t think that you’re a bad person. I think that things got out of control and you don’t understand why. I don’t think that you’re going to feel good about yourself until you unburden yourself and give the family some closure, ‘cause at this point, what else do you have, what else do they have?


    FO: What have you got to lose?


    JA: I already lost everything.

    FO: Then do something selfless.


    (Jodi throws away her used toilet paper)

    (Jodi takes more toilet paper and wipes her eyes and nose)

    (Jodi runs hand through her hair and sighs)


    FO: Do something selfless, that quality that you admired in Travis.

    (Jodi takes a drink of water)

    FO: Show his family that at least you have that in you.

    (Jodi covers her mouth/nose and is crying)

    (Jodi wiping nose)

    JA: You know even though Travis was a real jerk sometimes, he really cared about me.

    (Jodi throws toilet paper away)

    JA: (Whispers) I don’t know why.

    (Jodi takes more toilet paper)

    JA: He called it umm… like… like…I had a reserve account because I’m trying to paint a picture once where I had so many good things that we had done and shared and I had done for him that even if I did something bad you know it’s like I was making a withdrawal but he saw it as a positive balance.

    FO: So he obviously saw that good within you.

    JA: His friends thought he was mine. Well, two friends in particular, not everyone.

    FO: Was he…go ahead…

    JA: He wasn’t mine though, he was just…We were just friends. I’m sorry what were you going to say?

    FO: I was just going to ask you if he was happy to see you that week – that day?


    FO: That looked like you’re saying, “Yeah, he was.”

    JA: (Jodi throws used toilet paper in trash can behind her) No, I didn’t say that.

    FO: Okay.

    JA: He was always happy to see me, though. I’m trying to think…

    FO: Were you happy to see him?


    (Jodi runs hand through her hair – uses her hand to cover her mouth)


    FO: You at least know that.

    (Jodi wipes her nose)

    FO: I don’t believe you went there with the intention to hurt him.


    FO: Maybe you did.


    (Jodi sighs)

    FO: How is seeing those pictures again going to help you?

    JA: I just thought it would help me piece things together.

    FO: What is it that you’re trying to piece together?

    JA: Umm. I don’t know. There’s also a bit of morbid curiosity, I think. ((Crying) I just want to see the pictures. He showed me a good picture of him yesterday.

    FO: Is it the one with him in the shower?

    JA: He had water all over his face or something.

    FO: You took a nice picture of him.

    JA: He would never let me take pictures of him in the shower, you know, despite our intimacy he was very private about his showers. You know, like he had a room. I don’t think you’ve seen the room, but

    (Jodi becomes animated and proceeds to use her hands to draw a diagram of Travis’ rooms on the table)

    it was here. There were double doors here leading into the room, a walk-in closet here and a hallway, sort of short hallway here that went this way, and then there was a bathtub here, a shower here and a bathroom here, full enclosure, and so if he was taking a shower you couldn’t see if you were in the bedroom unless you walked down the hall, and I never went in the bathroom when he would shower because he was just private about it, you know. It’s not like we were a married couple ever. We had a time when we did something and then after that it was …you know…we weren’t a couple, you know…

    FO: Are you saying that those pictures were taken without his consent?

    JA: I’m just saying that whoever took those pictures must have, I mean it’s hard to imagine because I got pictures of him once shaving and he was already weird about that.

    FO: Well, Jodi, when you say things like that, it’s obvious to me that you don’t want to do the right thing for the family, you don’t want to unburden yourself, you don’t want to give them closure, and you’re jerking my chain, because there’s no doubt, and I’ve already told you there’s no doubt in my mind or anybody else’s mind that you were responsible for his death, and I don’t appreciate my chain being jerked. I don’t appreciate you thinking I’m some sort of fool.

    JA: Well, the detective says he has pictures of me.

    FO: Mmm hmmm. I’ve seen those pictures. They were taken the same day.

    JA: Well, certainly not the same time.

    (Jodi takes a drink of water)

    FO: Within the same time frame.

    FO: And to tell you the truth, I think I’ve done all I can here. I was hoping to, you know, be able to relay some sort of information or message to the family because they deserve it. You have the power. You have the control. You’re the only one that can give that, and I’m tired of playing games. I’m tired of skirting around it.


    FO: And I guess I just leave here today and leave them with the image that they have of you. I don’t know what else… There’s nothing else that I can do. I thought that it would be easier for you to talk to a woman, especially about the… you know, I mean this was a very intimate incident, and it would be easier to say what you need to say to a woman. Sometimes it is. It’s not as threatening.


    FO: But unless you’re willing to give me something, something to help you with and I can help you walk down that path and help you remember those details then I can’t do anything for you.

    FO: You need to decide whether you’re going to give that family closure or leave them with the picture that they have of you and wondering why their son died. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. That’s what you need to decide. After today, things are going to go so fast for you that you are going to be totally out of control of the situation. The wheels of justice will start turning.


    FO: I can see that you want to do that. That’s clear. I can see that. I understand that you’re afraid and that you’re horrified about that person that’s in you that could do something like that, but it happened, and it’s a done deal, and it did At least you can do is tell the family how it happened so they can understand why.

    FO: Are you going to do that for them today or not?

    JA: I’d…I’d like to… um…

    FO: Then what’s holding you back?

    JA: I’d like to begin something…like a…I don’t know. I just… ‘cause I don’t know what to say to them.

    FO: Well, let’s throw a few things out. You said you were sorry.

    JA: (Whispers) Sorry seems so meaningless. Of course, I’m sorry.

    FO: Unless you back it up with something else as to why you’re sorry, you’re right.


    (Jodi sighs)


    (Jodi leans over, rests elbows on the table, bows her head)

    FO: Give them something, Jodi. Did you guys get into an argument that day? Was there some kind of fight? I mean help them understand. That’s what I’m talking about.


    FO: I mean do you think you’re going to get this opportunity again to sit down and just have a freeform discussion?

    JA: No, probably not, unless it’s with lawyers. When you say freeform, do you mean like in this room?

    FO: Yeah, just exchanging, communicating. There’s not going to be any situation or place that’s going to make it any easier for you. This is as good as it gets for you right now.

    JA: Yesterday Detective Flores asked me if I wanted to see those pictures, and I told him no.

    FO: Mmm hmm. Do you think that’s going to help you?

    JA: I don’t know.

    FO: Well, let me tell you what. Let me check and see if we can get you some pictures to look at.

    JA: He had a whole binder of stuff. If they were all pictures, I don’t know.

    FO: Yeah, there are a lot of pictures.

    FO: I’ll be right back.

    (FO leaves the room)

    (Jodi still leaning over, head bowed, elbows on table, hands behind her hair/neck)

    (Jodi sits up, tosses her toilet paper in the trash can, opens the water bottle and takes a drink)

    (Jodi stands up and walks to the wall out of view of the camera to see what she is doing)

    (Jodi sits down with her back to the camera and stares at the wall)

    (Jodi rests her head on the table)

    END OF VIDEO #10
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