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    Arrow Members' Theories

    This is a thread for members to post their theory or theories. It's not a discussion thread.

    Here's how to use it--

    Create a new post and call it (e.g.) WSPoster's Theory.

    If you have more than one theory, then call them (e.g.) WSPoster's Theory (1) and WSPoster's Theory (2) but put them in separate posts.

    Remember - do not use this thread for discussion. If you wish to discuss another member's theory, start a new thread and call it (e.g.) WSPoster's Theory (2) - Discussion.

    It will be interesting to compare the theories. You should aim to answer such questions as--

    (i) Who the perp was
    (ii) What the motive was
    (iii) How the perp gained entry and how he left
    (iv) What caused the head blow
    (v) How long the perp was in the house
    (vi) Has the perp offended before (or since)
    (vii) What pieces of evidence are for real and what are red herrings
    (viii) others?

    If anyone wishes to post a theory anonymously, send me a PM.

    NB -- Do not name any private individuals (i.e. give them a pseudonym).
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    Eliza's theory

    This is the first time I have joined a forum and I would like to post my theory but am not sure how much I am allowed to say. It seems it is OK for people to say Patsy or John or Burke did it but as I am one of the minority group who thinks that an intruder did it and was known to the family, even if I give them a pseudonym it will be pretty obvious who I am referring to. Would that be OK?

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    Wow, almost 500 views and no theories posted yet? Ok, I'll give it a go.

    I think JonBenet was put to bed somewhat sleepy but awake enough to walk up the stairs. Maybe complaining she's hungry and Patsy just says "oh sush now you've had plenty to eat and you need a good nights sleep for tomorrow"--

    Once in bed she didn't fall straight to sleep but rather just as PR and JR are getting ready for bed she goes to Burkes room and complains she's hungry. Burke is there with the flashlight under his covers playing with a gameboy type thing or reading. He leaves the flashlight and toy/book behind and goes downstairs with JonBenet, he has tea and she has pineapple. They return upstairs and JonBenet is more awake and wants to cuddle in with Burke.

    At first he just returns to whatever he was doing earlier and JonBenet snuggles beside him... it turns into him sexually assaulting her. She tries to get out of bed and he bashes her in the head with the flashlight. She had let out a scream just before he hit her which brought Patsy and John running to Burkes room.

    There are screams, terror, shock and quick panic reactions. John picks up JonBenet and runs her away from Burke while Patsy (terrified and in shock) demands an explanation. Not sure here what Burke says but Patsy tells him to stay in his room.

    I believe the fear and shock that Burke would feel at this point being left alone in his room is enough to send this kid into very deep denial and loss of memory and very easy to manipulate into believing something horrible happened to his sister AFTER he hit her. That is the only way I can reconcile in my own mind why John and Patsy would add the ropes and tape to their precious little girls already battered body.

    It was heartbreaking and I don't doubt both parents were in agony. They didn't just need to convince the outside world that someone other than Burke did it, they needed to convince Burke.

    I hope it's ok to come back a fine tune this if I want?


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    "Just a theory"...

    My theory is that an intruder- or possibly two intruders- had gained entry to the house via the broken basement window, having targeted JonBenet after seeing her perform in the kiddie pageant world. While waiting for the Ramseys to return home the ransom note was written almost as an afterthought, using Ramsey-owned pen and paper, perhaps to confuse the police. JonBenet was removed from her bed and silenced using a stun gun. In the basement she was tortured and killed.

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    ok, here goes.

    I think p.r. found out that JonBenet had been molested. The two visits to school nurse just before Christmas break? Not positive about that. The 911 phone call from ramsey house on 23rd was someone who was going to alert authorities. JonBenet herself maybe? Sometime between the 23rd and JonBenets murder before midnight on the 25th, patsy wrote the ransom note. Before midnight on the 25th patsy murders JonBenet, premeditated, chokes her to death first, bashes her head in with tremendous force, thrusts the paint brush in JonBenet's vagina to cover up prior sexual abuse. patsy stays up all night because of the high level of anxiety, wakes john in the morning and it goes from there.

    I think it had to be john who was molesting JonBenet because this would be pretty much the only person which would enrage patsy to the point of murder. It happens many times that a mother can find out of a child molestation between child, father/stepfather/boyfriend and the mother will blame the child and punish the child. If you have some doubt as to my accuracy on this go to Oprah.com forums and look up where they post on it. You will be surprised and sickened.

    Bed wetting is a sign of sexual abuse. Burke at 10 yrs. old is ejaculating onto a blanket? I believe 10 yrs. old is very young, more like 12 would be "normal" and indicates sexualization by an adult. IMOP

    patsy became very defensive with Steve Thomas on Larry King Live when he ask her about the paint brush used on JonBenet was hers. (I read the transcript) The paint brush was patsy's. In the transcript she says she doesn't know. ???

    The sister-in-law entered the ramsey home to retrieve clothing for the ramsey's for JonBenet's funeral. Like they couldn't have bought some so the crime scene wouldn't be even further contaminated. The sil took more than clothing but no one seems to know what. I'm not saying the sil was privy to the knowledge of a close family member having murdered JonBenet but could have just thought she was removing things to help j. & p. in their defensive mode with l.e.

    Lawyering up was major red flag. I have said several times to consult an attorney and to retain an attorney can not be held against them. To hide behind an attorney for 4 months to avoid questioning by l.e. is highly suspicious.

    ramsey's have done little to try to find "the real killer" since JonBenet's murder but they have been extremely busy suing everyone they could come up with. The fund raising they claim to have done in memory of JonBenet has netted $1000 towards a camp for children. Was more money donated? The money raised was for legal fees, childrens causes. Well, $1000 was something anyway.

    That is my theory.....Duffy

    When you've got a hammer in your hand everything looks like a nail!

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    An IDI theory

    A group of Boulder paedophiles had been sexually abusing JonBenet ever since she had come to live there.

    This group held a lot of parties together and holidayed together and were friends of Patsy and John.

    They organised a paediatrician for JonBenet. The paediatrician was a paedophile acquaintance of theirs. He turned a blind eye to the signs of sexual abuse with respect to JonBenet.

    A few days before Christmas ‘96 another Boulder paedophile who had befriended Patsy told her he knew a photographer who wanted to take a few photographs of Santa with JonBenet on Christmas Day for some special purpose

    Without John’s knowledge Patsy let Santa in around 11 pm that evening. They went upstairs together to get JonBenet and brought her down to the kitchen.

    While they were waiting for the photographer Patsy fell asleep in the living room. Santa fed JonBenet drugged pineapple he had brought with him in a plastic bag then took her down to the basement

    Four others joined him. One was an new person who brought a stun gun. Two of them left to go to the house of Mr Big when the stun gun was produced but three stayed on. They accidentally killed JonBenet around 2 am.

    The one with the stun gun left immediately . The other two phoned Mr Big. Mr Big was the leader of the paedophile group and was home that night with all his relatives and the extra two.

    Mr Big said there wasn’t enough time before John would be up to organise the safe disposal of the body. They must hide it really well within the house and make it appear that JonBenet had been kidnapped. Santa hid the body in the wine cellar and the other two cleaned up the basement.

    Mr Big said Patsy must write a ransom note with her left hand. One of those with him dictated the first five sentences over the phone to Patsy and Mr Big dictated the next two in which he hoped someone from John’s work could be implicated as the kidnapper. Mr Big said Patsy would have to finish the note on her own and that she must make sure it would stop John from calling the police at least until they could get rid of the body.

    Mr Big told her she must ‘find’ the note in the morning and alert John then call him and his wife and they will come over straight away. Mr Big then contacted his man in the BPD and told him that if he was to get a call about a kidnapping not to investigate it too thoroughly

    Patsy didn’t follow the instructions properly the next morning and called the police when John yelled at her to.

    Mr Big and his wife arrived immediately after Patsy called them. But the police were there so Mr Big was not able to take complete control as he had planned. John unfortunately found the body and Mr Big had to change the kidnap plan immediately. He now had to implicate John as the murderer.

    This is all my opinion only

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    I had a theory "until" the California woman came forward . She wasn't part of my theory, and at that time other than not completely discounting Singular's theory, the thought of a ped ring such as AussieSheila puts forth seemed sci-fi. After reading the ca woman's story, it was just too difficult to believe she was a liar. She was ill , in the way most tormented , molested children grow up, she was easily manipulated into looking foolish to be dismissed by the "powers", but something of what she said rang true. If a part of what she said is true, and I believe it is, the family that is being protected is not the Ramsey family.

    There are many available articles and statements concerning her, but tonight I can only find one on hand without doing a search. Surely if anyone is interested there is more to find.

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    Yet one more theory...

    Please take the time to check out the recent July 15th post on the Planet Huff website regarding the Idaho mass murderer, Joseph Duncan III as it might possible relate to the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey as well.


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    IMO Incest is often a "family affair" If the oldest boy had been molesting her, he probably molested her young brother...who in turn would molest his little sister as well. PR & JR probably knew, probably wanted to keep it quiet and believed they had it under control& had dealt with it. It happens all the time so it wouldn't surprise me at all. Something went terribly wrong, and her own young brother wacked her on the head with that flashlight.

    JR & PR's own guilty feelings about not seeking help or handling the incest differently lead to covering it up.

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    My Condensed Theory

    The KIDNAPPING was planned by important/powerful people/person,(referred to here on as IPP), some how associated to John Ramsey.The IPP warned JR not to step on toes,but JR got too cocky and confident to heed their warnings,After all didn't his business hit the $1 Billion mark in 1996.
    Enough .... pay back time.

    The intruder was a low life from the seedy part of Colorado,paid off by the IPP to do the KIDNAPPING. (Money talks when your trying to feed your drug habit.)Everything was arranged and set,the day,the keys,stun gun,ransom note. The ransom note was important...this was written in a covert way to let JR have a suspicion as to who had a hand in this KIDNAPPING,without really revealing any one specific.The low life was to wait until the Ramsey's got settled in for the night,open the door,snatch JonBenet from bed by using the stun gun,wrap her in a blanket and keep JB,until the next day when they contacted the Ramsey's between 8 and 10:00. That's when they would have dropped JB off some where for the Ramsey's to find her.It was never about the money or JonBenet,it was a message to John for not listening to their warning.

    But something went wrong ... the low life,probably getting all excited about the prospect of the good chunk of money he was going to be getting soon to feed his habit,got greedy and molested (probably EA),and killed JonBenet.The plan was not to harm JB. He panicked,bashed JB in the head and took off.

    The rest is history.

    Now the tricky part ....

    John wants to get the person who killed JonBenet,but he also wants to get the person who planned the now aborted kidnapping,which led to her murder.He doesn't know specifically whom it is,but he has a few chosen people in mind.As he stated "It's an inside job." he has a pretty good idea.

    The problem is ... he can't go around spewing names,because as mentioned before,these people probably bring in a lot of money into Boulder,that would not be wise.And they would all an alibi ... after all,they really didn't do it ,did they?

    The intruder? Heck ...he's long gone.What can the police do? Talk to every low life in Colorado.Anyway ... the IPP are pretty mad at him.for not keeping his side of the bargain,on this now NATION WIDE tragedy. Wouldn't it be too bad if some how the low life bought some bad drugs and died??? Hmmm ... you never know. The IPP don't like people stepping on their toes.
    Helgoth is dead right???

    As you can see John is between a rock and a hard place.

    PS. As for the Ramsey's lying or covering up? I don't think so. Are they evasive ...yes. Because I think that was the advise of their lawyers. The lawyers drilled into the Ramsey's that the BPD think they are guilty,and no matter what the Ramsey say they will twist it around to their favor. So to play it safe ... don't lie,but be evasive with "I don't remembers,and I don't knows."

    The End.

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    At first I thought Patsy did it. Then I thought a brother did it. Then I decided a stranger did it. The parts that bother me are the amount of money being mentioned (a huge hint of a known person) and the multiple handwriting things, particularly on paper from their house--if this had followed a plan, the note would have been written ahead of time, of course.

    Now, I don't know who did it. I don't think Joseph Edward Duncan III did it but of course there are people trying to tie him to it. I have a feeling we are never going to know about this murder unless someone confesses.

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    GuruJosh's Theory (Number 1)

    I think Burke killed JonBenet - but I am not sure at what age he realized it.

    i.e. like Jubie's theory, I believe that Burke was responsible for bashing his sister over the head, and perhaps for some superficial sexual abuse too. But Patsy decided to stage things, NOT to convince the authorities, and NOT for themselves: they staged the crime scene in a perfectly rational (though desperate and upset ) way to convince BURKE that an "intruder" had killed JBR at some stage AFTER he had hit her in the head. Perhaps Patsy wanted him to think that JBR had recovered from the blow, only to be kidnapped and murdered by a "foreign faction" in the middle of the night.

    I believe this is the reason they were able to send Burke back to school so soon after the murder.

    I believe this is the reason for lying about whether or not Burke was awake; I believe this is why Burke asked them "What DID you find?", I believe this is why John sternly said "we're not talking to YOU."

    I believe Patsy wrote the note to make her son believe (over the next few years) that an intruder killed JBR.

    I think she underestimated the speed at which he would work out the truth, and the only question in my mind is at what age Burke realized that he was responsible for killing JonBenet - was it when he was 11? 14?

    I think it's likely that Burke had a mild form of psychiatric illness, perhaps something affecting his concentration, or perhaps something almost autistic in nature (though on a far less obvious scale).

    No doubt Patsy and John will have spent plenty of $$ on treatment and "counselling" for their son by now.

    I think John found out about Patsy's cover-up (for Burke's sake) after the police arrived, although I think he suspected as much before the 911 call. I don't think Patsy and John communicated too much that day.

    I think the parents were fairly distant from each other ever since Patsy's cancer; it is possible that John was considering a divorce from Patsy not long before JBR's murder. I think these plans changed because of the murder. In a sense I think John may have even loved his wife MORE for what she had tried to do. Yes, the plan to convince Burke that he didn't kill his sister was creating more trouble than it was worth; but that was the strength of protection and love that Patsy had for her children - both JBR and Burke.

    And I think if John had gone ahead with a divorce, he and/or Patsy would have become the prime suspect(s), even more so than they are today.

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    Shelayne's Theory (#2 or 3)

    I say theory #2 or 3 because I used to be totally convinced that the Ramseys did it. I listened to all the media coverage, saw the baby beauty pageants, knew the statistics and thought, "They did it!" Nothing was going to change my mind, unless there was DNA evidence or a confession.

    Now, I am not convinced of that. The more I read about this case, the less I believe her parents had anything to do with her death. The foreign DNA is troubling.

    First of all, the crime itself is horrendous. Unless this was a premeditated murder of a little girl they couldn't stand, I see no motive to kill her. WHY would you choke your little girl and bash her head?

    IF it was a horrible accident caused by Patsy, enraged by JonBenet's bed-wetting, WHY then the strangulation and the sexual component? Icky. Why not just put the child in the tub and say she fell off the edge as she was preening in front of the mirror? THAT would be easy enough to stage. Why the ransom note? What is the POINT of a rambling ransom note that could ultimately point right back at you!? Besides, the strangulation happened BEFORE the head bash, so that doesn't even fit in the equation. The whole Patsy-killed-her-by-accident-and-then-tried-to-cover-it-up-with-a-garrotte thing doesn't wash with me.

    I think that there is a lot about this case that has not been released as it is evidence for a future trial and this must be preserved for the integrity of the trial. I think a lot of the stuff that has been "leaked" is false or skewed. I am very skeptical of all these reports, especially this so-called enhanced 911 call. And even if Burke IS in the background, maybe they honestly don't remember him there. They were, after all, in total panic--their baby had been kidnapped while they slept, for goodness sake!

    Right now I am of the mind that an intruder did this. I have no suspects, but feel that it is not a stranger to this house. The $118,000 from the bonus the year before, is highly suspect. The brutal references to beheading JonBenet and how many times "she dies" is written is indicative of someone very resentful of the Ramseys, filled with hatred and revenge.

    I think that when LE came upon the scene, and upon the discovery of murdered JonBenet, they immediately zeroed in on the Ramseys. Remember this was 1996, and there were not a rash of children being ripped from their homes in the middle of the night to be later found murdered. Today, I think this would be approached differently. There would be a broader search of sex offenders. I understand they would be suspects; that is SOP. I just don't believe Boulder PD seriously thought that anyone other than a Ramsey was responsible, and they had tunnel-vision.

    Absent another crime by the same perp, and his DNA positively identified, and perhaps a confession with things ONLY the perp would know, I think the Boulder PD may have let this one get away. At least that is my thinking at the moment.
    The above post is my opinion to which I am entitled.

    Philippians 2:5-10~~'nuff said.

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    This is my revised theory:

    I think that JonBenet was accidentally killed during a session of sexual abuse by a group of pedophiles. I think that most of them were so-called friends of the Ramseys who had been regularly abusing her, and that night they allowed one extra new person to join the activities, one who proved to be exceptionally violent and this led to her death.

    Lead up to the murder:

    I think that JonBenet had suffered frequent sexual abuse for many years, probably for half her life, mainly when her father was away on business trips. I think that when the Ramseys moved to Boulder JonBenet was targetted by one pedophile in particular who befriended John and Patsy in order to gain access to JonBenet. He and his wife subsequently became ‘best friends’ of John and Patsy. I think that Patsy was aware that her child was being abused but I think she had been sexually abused herself as a child and saw it as ‘normal’ and so did nothing to protect her daughter. I think that the ‘best friends’ arranged for JonBenet to be treated by a pedophile pediatrician who was prepared to turn a blind eye to the abuse and to reassure Patsy that JonBenet’s bedwetting behaviour and recurring vaginal/urinary tract infections was all perfectly normal.

    On the night of the murder:

    I think one of the pedophiles organised a session with JonBenet to be held in the basement of the Ramsey home once the parents had gone to bed. One of them arranged with Patsy to let him in on some pretext; maybe that a prestigeous photographer friend of his wanted to take pictures of JonBenet with him at Christmas before the Ramseys left the next morning for Charlevoix.

    I think that night Patsy got in bed still fully clothed and feigned sleep intending to get up again once John was asleep. When the time came she went downstairs and let the next-door neighbour in who arrived in his Santa suit with some drugged pineapple in a plastic bag in one of his pockets.

    Patsy offered him a cup of tea and they sat down and waited for the photographer to arrive, they waited... no photographer. Santa suggested they go upstairs and wake JonBenet, which they did. When JonBenet was wakened she had to use the toilet which they had to leave unflushed so as not to wake John.

    Patsy wrapped JonBenet’s little white blanket around her for warmth, Santa picked up the pink Barbie nightgown for JonBenet to change into for the photographer and they went downstairs to the kitchen. The three of them sat down to wait...still no photographer. Patsy got tired, Santa suggested she lie down on the sofa in the living room. Patsy did and then fell asleep. Santa got out the pineapple, emptied it into a bowl and fed some to JonBenet. He drew a little red heart on the palm of her hand, a part of the prepping ritual, then led her down the stairs to the basement.

    Soon the invited guests started to arrive, some via the front door using a key, one of the many that had been distributed around Boulder to Ramsey acquaintances. Another got in by lifting up the grate above the storage room window, which he knew would be left slightly open for him.

    The last pedophile to arrive first checked through the basement toilet window that all was OK, then let himself in through the front door with his landlord's key. This one was armed with a stun gun. One of the others freaked out at the sight of it and bolted for the window that he came in by, grabbing a suitcase that was lying nearby, clambering onto it and exiting through the window back to his girlfriend’s house, leaving a shoe skid mark behind on the wall.

    The hard core group did whatever monstrous things they did to JonBenet with the cord and the duct tape they had brought with them and the paintbrush that they found on the floor.

    Then at around 2am something went wrong. When the stun gun was used JonBenet screamed a terrible terrible scream, people panicked, one pulled the ligature around her neck too tightly, another grabbed a baseball bat and whacked her over the head, killing her instantly. The one with the stun gun left almost immediately back to the comfort of his sickbed in the basement of the house across the road, leaving Santa and one or two others stranded.

    Patsy had wakened at the sound of the scream and came down the basement stairs. Santa rushed out to stop her coming any closer assuring her that everything was alright, that there had just been a little accident and to go back upstairs. She did as she was told.

    The pedophiles were in a state of panic. Santa tried to clean up JonBenet’s body - he even crept upstairs to her room to get a clean pair of panties, but probably realised it wasn’t going to help him much. The others realised they were going to need help from outside to cover up what had happened. One of them rang FW, a relative of his whose house he was staying at, who was at home with the rest of his family that particular night. His relative who was also John’s ‘best friend’.

    The original cover up plan:

    I think this was masterminded by FW. He told them to hide the body so that John and Patsy would not find it and to clear away all evidence of the night’s activities. He instructed them that they must make it appear that JonBenet had been kidnapped. He told them somone must write a ransom note. Santa went home to get his wife. FW told her what to include in the note. He told her to demand $118,000 as ransom which he knew was the amount that John had received as a bonus. He reasoned that this could be used to put suspicion on someone at John’s workplace which would be helpful. He told her she must include threats that would frighten John into not calling the police until they could get rid of the body.

    FW then spoke to Patsy. She must have known by now that something was horribly wrong. She must have known that JonBenet was dead. She must have been beside herself. But FW being a very masterful type persuaded her to calm down and take control of herself. Perhaps in spite of her anguish she knew instinctively that appearances must be preserved. She could not have the world know what had been happening to her daughter. Better that her body should be taken away and never found. FW told Patsy she was to ‘find’ the ransom note in the morning. He told her not to ring the police but to ring him and his wife and they would come over immediately and take control of things.

    Then FW rang his contact in the BPD and told him that if they were to get a call about a suspected kidnapping they were not to investigate it too closely and they were definitely not to bring in the FBI.

    Things did’t go quite to plan. First Patsy stuffed up because after ‘finding’ the ransom note she rang the police anyway after John told her to. Arriving soon after the patrol officers, FW took the first possible opportunity to go down to the basement and check that all was in order. He had to check not only that every trace relating to last night’s activities been removed, but also that JonBenet’s body was well hidden. He checked the window where he knew someone entered and left by last night. He searched through some of the junk in the hallway and finally checked the cellar room making sure that the body was hidden in there as he had instructed.

    The next thing to go wrong was Linda Arndt suggesting John make a search of the house. FW’s worst fears were realised when John found JonBenet’s body. The original cover up was beginning to fall apart.

    This is all my own opinion only


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    HoJo Theory #1

    My attempt at amateur sleuthing:
    I think the perpertrator was familiar with the Ramseys, not in their inner circle of friends, but on the fringe where he could be continually aware of the Ramsey's habits & activities and close enough to be invited to the house fairly often & become very familiar with the layout - possibly a church member. I think the person may have coveted JBR for awhile, his main purpose in associating with the Ramsey's was to get close to JBR. He spent a considerable amount of time planning how to get her, & what he would do with her. I do not think it would be terribly difficult to get a small child out of bed without alerting the parents who are sleeping on the floor above (Elizabeth Smart, Polly Klaas come to mind). Once he got her to the basement he knew he had all night to do what ever he pleased. It would have been more dangerous to risk trying to remove her from the house quietly or being seen by someone outside, carrying a recognizable child that does not belong to him. He likely entered through a door even before the Ramsey's returned home, but propped the suitcase by the broken window just in case he needed a quick exit. But all went as planned and he exited as he entered, most likely through the butler's pantry door, setting the ransom note on the stairs, as he passed by. The RN is a red herring, probably as I saw hypothesized on some program, something the killer did to pass the time while he lay in wait at the Ramsey's house. RE: The pineapple: not inconceivable that the perpertrator was wearing gloves, he could have given JBR the pineapple to soothe her (he did bring her blankie). The tea glass, since Burke is the known tea drinker, unrelated, just left out from earlier in the evening. The Blow to the head: not sure what caused it. The person probably just needed to make sure JBR would not live to point the finger at someone she knew, & her parents trusted, probably a well-respected member of the community (possibly impotent) with a prediliction (sp) for playing rough games with little girls. The person may have molested other girls before JBR who have never come forward, but JBR was his ultimate prize, the little beauty queen. He relives every moment of his time with her in his mind & for now it is enough. For how long, I don't know.

    Those last two sentences were disgusting to write, but I just read about another case in the trials forum involving a 9-yr old girl, Sharra Ferger, & one of the killers' inmate said he told him the sex he had with this 9-yr old girl was the sex of his lifetime. Absolutely sickening.
    Edited to add:I don't want anyone to think, you know, I came up with the thoughts of reliving it just off the top of my head or something.

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