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    'The girl who makes your ears ring'

    Police in an Indian city are hunting a beautiful woman who slaps her male victims hard before running off with their valuables.

    Her tactics have earned her the nickname of 'The girl who makes your ears ring' in Lucknow, reports the Hindustan Times.

    Three men have reported being robbed by the woman - but others are said to be afraid to report her because of rumours that she's a policeman's daughter.

    One man who did lodge a complaint was Brajesh Prajapati who was on his motorcycle when the girl flagged him down and offered to buy him dinner.

    Falling for the bait, he gave her a lift to a local restaurant but as she got off the vehicle, the girl slapped him so hard he nearly fainted.

    When he came to his senses, he realised the woman had disappeared - along with his wallet and motorbike.

    Another man, Rahul Misra, was also stopped on the road by a girl who asked for change. As he fished out his purse, she dealt him a resounding slap, snatched his money and fled on a scooter.


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    ummm....wow, that is all I can say. that is crazy.

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