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    Train uses emergency brakes to avoid dog tied to tracks

    Reaaalllly? He didn't know what he was doing? How do you have the wherewithall to tie a dog onto the RR tracks AND be senile? I'm sorry but I'm not buying it.

    There's no excuse. There are plenty of shelters - and a dog like that would be adopted very quickly.

    Train avoids hitting puppy tied to Calif. track; dog up for adoption

    Officials say a 78-year-old man tied a puppy to train tracks in the California desert, and an engineer had to use emergency brakes to keep from crushing it....

    ...Pina untied Banjo and detained the man, who said his family didn't want the dog and didn't know what to do.

    Pina says he couldn't pursue charges against the unidentified man because he appeared confused and didn't understand what he'd done...

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    I also find it bizarre that they can not charged him because he was confused? If he is so confused, should he be running around free?
    Today it is a dog, is it going to be something else tomorrow?
    Just my opinion

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