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    Surprise while fishing off leeward coast of Oahu


    took his kayak out to fish in waters off of Leeward Oahu on Sunday, he planned on filming his catch using the GoPro camera affixed to the front of the boat
    Very short article.

    Here is his video uploaded to his youtube account. WARNING: he says one mild curse word.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puNhvXutVjQ"]AHTV: Chompy the shark - YouTube[/ame]

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    He's sooo calm about it. I'd be frantically paddling towards that really big DRY place behind me...screaming the whole time. No, he just says Holy (curse) and starts laughing.

    I have NEVER liked swimming in the ocean since I saw Jaws. Shoot, I used to worry that a shark could come up into the swimming pool at my Mom's house, or somehow make it into the tub when I was taking a bath. While my logical head knows that just can't happen...well...the primal part of me insists it WILL happen.

    So if that happened behind me, I'd grow wings and fly back to DRY land.

    Cool video, though.

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    Oh NO.....I just couldn't be that close in the water and have that thing coming out like that. He handled it very well!
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