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    I live in Canada and I know that TGD are ultra famous internationally, and a lot of Canadian's would have hitch hiked to the show once passed the US Border.
    We have 6 teenage boys missing from Pickering (approx. 5 miles east of Toronto Lake Ontario. The went missing in March 1995. I read the comments on one news page there is someone inquiring about one of the boys Jamie Lefebvre who apparently looks similar to Jason.
    Oddly, a new clue is a pair of red levi's found at Niagara Falls from a decomposed body, same type of jeans another one of the boys, Jay Boyle wore the night he vanished. They think all 6 went to the marina, hopped in a boat and drowned. So.... am wondering if Jamie is Jason?

    Here are some links.



    Anna Christian Waters Web Page

    Anna Christian Water's WS Forum

    Search FB: Anna Christian Waters

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    I'm here I haven't been able to swing through at a time when the PD general offices would be open, but I'm here none-the-less. I have to work in Wilmington and Myrtle Beach this coming week, so I took a ride through Richmond to see my mom and niece. I pass right by Emporia on my way to Wilmington, so I took a little side trip.

    When I made my graphic above, I had to kind of estimate .3 mile. Now that I'm here, I've narrowed it a bit.

    .3 East of 605 on 58 is closer to the tip of the red arrow indicating Route 58 than the area I circled. I'll post my videos later this week, probably Wednesday or later.

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