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    Police Chief Charged With DUI Twice in One Day

    A police chief was ordered held without bail Monday on charges of driving drunk twice in one day. Middletown Police Chief Roger Ashley has been held in jail since his arrest Saturday. An April 11 trial was scheduled after a court appearance Monday.

    Ashley was arrested the first time in his unmarked police car and a second time, five hours later, in his personal vehicle, Strasburg Police Chief Marshall Robinson said.

    Officers responded to the first arrest after Robinson's car had run into a vehicle on Route 11 in this northern Virginia community.

    Robinson was arrested a second time in his personal vehicle, police said.


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    Cassy, Your police chief, Roger Ashley, sounds like a piece of work. Living in the area that Jessica Lunsford was murdered by John Couey, within 10 miles of where that couple tortured 5 out of 7 of there children, and the state that just "pulled the plug" on Terri Schiavo, it seems a former "long time" Police Chief in Inverness, Fla. has probably been forgotten. He was the one that woke up new years day with a craving for a cheeseburger. He called a local rest., drove up in civilian cloth's and in his private car, to collect his "yen". The order was not ready, a little shoving took place, and the chief called "backup" and had the rest. owner arrested for touching him.
    Such an uproar was created by this "that the chief was in the wrong" it ended up costing him his job.

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