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    MS - Donna Cupido, 45, Iuka, 21 Oct 2004


    Classification: Endangered
    Date Of Birth: November 19, 1959
    Age: 44
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green

    Distinguishing Characteristics: Cupido wears eyeglasses for reading. She has a three-inch scar on her left knee and a tattoo of a butterfly in purple and dark blue ink on the back of her right shoulder. Her ears both have three piercings.

    Cupido was last seen dropping her daughter off at Tishomingo County High School on MS 72 W in Iuka, Mississippi on October 21, 2004. Her daughter said Cupido was behaving normally that morning and promised to pick her up after school was over.

    Cupido never picked her daughter up as scheduled and has never been heard from again. Her silver two-door 2001 Kia Sportage was later found abandoned behind the Apostolic Church on MS 72 E in Iuka. Cupido's family believes she met with foul play, as it is uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning. She was having an extramarital affair at the time of her disappearance; both her husband and her lover took lie detector tests and passed. Cupido's case remains unsolved; the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are unknown.

    Some agencies state that Cupido was last seen at the Wooden Nickel Restaurant in Cherokee, Alabama. She is originally from Canada and still has relatives living in that country.

    Brian Cupido believes something sinister happened to his wife.

    He showed Action News Five maps of his own search efforts, including Bear Creek where fisherman found parts of Donna's wallet two months after she disappeared.

    No money was ever taken from her bank accounts.

    Cupido says, "What I'm told is, Brian all we deal with is facts I know you have theories, but we have to have facts and I said well what about these facts?"

    Police admit they took very little evidence from Donna Cupido's car.

    Inside, police found an unopened carton of cigarettes which suggests to her husband she didn't leave voluntarily.

    Cupido continues, "Donna just seems to be swept underneath the carpet."

    Police say they worked the case until it ran cold.

    Chief Stringer continues, "I think we polygraphed a total of 7 people and I think we have excluded all of those...but one who did not pass it."

    That person...now has an attorney...and refuses to be tested again.

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    Wow! I am from that area, and I've always wondered what happened to this lady. Wish there were renewed interests in the case.

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    Donna Teresa Cupido - she was a mother of 3. I didn't know her, but seeing these photos and video really brought her to life. She seemed like a really fun and sweet person. Such a sad situation. It looks like there were a couple leads in the case, but it hit a brick wall at a certain point and no developments since. I really think this case could be solved if it got some attention.

    Photos of Donna:




    Links to news articles:




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    one person didn't pass the poly and lawyered up

    interesting ...

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    Very interesting. When this happened in 2004, people didn't have easy access to the internet like they do now. Some had it, but it was very slow in rural areas at that time and many older people didn't know how to use it. Now even grandmas use Facebook. Texting was pay per text. Phone calls were by the minute. My point- it appears a lot of people in town knew more details of the case, but in 2004, information didn't circulate as easily as it does now. People weren't in constant and easy contact to discuss stuff. The story died down and nothing more happened with it. I really think if it were brought back up at this point, and people could easily discuss it and also give anonymous tips, it'd possibly be solved or at least find the body to put her to rest. I don't give much weight to topix, but it appears some locals were using it to discuss the case.

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    Locals always know what's up ....

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