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    OK: Gerth, Ernest Eugene DOB 02/05/1965 Found 01/18/2013

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    Ok, here goes, I hope I am doing this correctly, if not please let me know, I'd love to help out in this forum. I have an ancestry account so most info comes from there...

    Earnest E Gerth listed address as
    3936 sw 27th street, Oklahoma city 73108

    2 other "gerth's" can be found using that same address, one male, one female in approximately the same age range. I know we are not supposed to list names, but I am hoping this might be a jumping off point to maybe find a number.

    There is also family of Gerth's living in Ada, OK, but I am not able to make a family connection to them yet.

    And a big hello to all on this forum, you do awesome work!

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    Welcome to unclaimed! We appreciate your help. You are doing great work. I will check out the address you found.


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    I think this man has been claimed evidenced by no longer being listed on https://claimus.org/cases/435 (through this link as well as through a search).

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