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    The 911 dispatcher who took the Amanda Berry call was formally reprimanded in a letter that will remain in his file for three years.

    In the letter, Bureau of Communications and Property Control Commander Thomas Stacho wrote “without question, you should have kept her on the line as I believe that that simple, required act would have enhanced her sense of safety".

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    I heard the F.B. too. I know that after a time some people get compassion fatigue. I'm sorry to say that I did after 12 years working in the domestic violence field. Hopefully I hid it well until I switched from client services to paper pushing. I greatly preferred filling out forms and writing grants. There is a big difference in this dispatcher and the Haleigh Cummings one. She (in FL) was under great stress but managed to remain kind.

    Now I am about to insult half of the people here and please forgive me. As a southerner we are sticky sweet all the time, honey, and bless your heart sweetie. Could it just be a regional thing that this dispatcher was brisk and professional?

    Still there were questions he didn't ask that he should have.

    Adji, you are not forgotten and you are loved.

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    I heard him say 'dear' but did not hear him say effing biatch. He had a condescending tone though.

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