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    Talking Easter Bunny Arrested For Harrassment!


    COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- Council Bluffs, Iowa, police say the Easter Bunny has hopped his way to jail.
    Authorities say they got a call Saturday afternoon about a man dressed as the Easter Bunny who was causing a disturbance at a local mall.

    Police say the 36-year-old man told officers he was working at the mall's picture taking area when someone threw water at him.

    Police say the man left the area, changed clothes and came back to tell a fellow employee he was leaving.

    The employee says she became frightened when he started yelling at her. Police say the suspect also threatened another person to get out of his way.

    He's charged with two counts of harassment.
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    Theres something a little freaky about the Easter Bunny to begin with.

    We ran into an Easter Bunny at K-Mart on Saturday. We went to grab some Geek stuff that was on sale in the Electronics section, and literaly ran into this guy in his bunny suit.

    The face looked like an evil stuffed animal that your kid hides in the bottom of the closet because they are afraid of it.
    He had these "bunny feet" attached over the top of his dirty sneakers with rubberbands.
    My 3 year old wouldn't let go of my leg, she was terrified, even my 7 year old was freaked out.
    We don't do the Easter Bunny thing in my house, we do Easter, with baskets and such... but no Bunny stuff.
    Now I'm glad we don't, he was not a nice bunny!


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    I really don't like my daughter sitting on the easter bunny or santa claus lap,I think sometimes the people that are in those suits might be pedophiles or something.I won't let her sit on them anymore,she can shake their hand but that's it.

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