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    Sailed from Cuba in a 1951 TRUCK - picture included

    I think the coast guards should have let them land.... they were returned to Cuba. Someone this smart should be able to stay.


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    They get to stay BlueClouds

    From the link:

    They were held in custody in Brownsville, Texas until Sunday. They traveled to Miami on Monday after being released on parole for humanitarian reasons. They will be allowed to apply for permanent residence in 2006.

    * * *

    Under U.S. immigration policy, Cubans who reach U.S. shores generally are allowed to stay while those caught at sea are usually returned.

    * * *

    After interviews showed that the Grass family had a credible fear of persecution if they were sent home, the United States held them at Guantanamo until a third country, in this case Costa Rica, agreed to grant safe haven.

    Bus rides, hitchhiking from Costa Rica to Texas
    The family lived in Costa Rica until last month, making their way into Mexico and to Texas by bus and hitchhiking.

    Allen said the Grass family will "begin the process of legalization," and Luis will apply for a work permit.

    * * *

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    Now I've seen everything!

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