Staff at Boston's Green Dragon Tavern say they've got the Virgin Mary grilled cheese beat, with a clean-up rag that looks eerily like the Shroud of Turin.

Waitress Arleene McDaid, who moved to Boston from Ireland several years ago, reported the cloth she used to clean off a table in the saloon and tossed atop the linen basket looked like the Shroud of Turin, the cloth that some believe covered he body of Christ after his crucifixion and bears his image.

"I was sitting there eating a salad, and I said, 'Holy (expletive),'" said bartender Ryan Lugones, the Boston Globe reported Thursday.

He added everyone who sees the cloth says it looks like Jesus, and the he is spooked by the phenomenon. "We're not going to move it," he said.
Waitress McDaid seconded the notion. "I'm not as religious as I tell me mom, but I'll definitely be at church on Sunday," she said.