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    Parents school call suicide note assignment ‘inappropriate’


    Young teens at a pricey private school on New York City's Upper West Side were asked to write first-person suicide notes — a macabre assignment that some of their parents have blasted as "inappropriate."

    The English-class homework at York Prep required students as young as 14 to write goodbye missives from the perspective of a character who offs herself in “The Secret Life of Bees,” a best-selling book and film.

    The task included justifying why they had committed suicide, a grim process that rattled a few nerves.


    I understand that suicide has became an epidemic. I do not think this is a way of going about bringing awareness.

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    At an age where experiences can profoundly affect development, I would think that that exercise could "plant that seed" deeply in their brains and might always be a thought that other people who hadn't done that exercise wouldn't go to quite so easily. Really bad judgement....IMO.

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    I’m sure I read about another school that got into trouble for doing something similar too this a while ago.
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