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    AK - Denise Lekanoff, 22, & Michelle Rothe, 32, Anchorage, June & Sept 2003

    I came across an interesting case where two torsos were found washed ashore in Anchorage back in 2003. The two torsos were eventually identified as Michelle Rothe and Desiree Lekanoff who were both sex trade workers. Investigators are linking this to a possible serial killer.

    I've always been interested in cases where women in the sex trade are murdered because it speaks to the dangers of working in the industry and it's also very saddening at the same time to realize how they ended up on the streets. You don't hear too much about the Alaskan word of drugs and prostitution. I hope there is justice for both Michelle and Desiree one day.

    Here are a few articles:

    Alaska Dispatch - Alaskan Underworld

    KTVA - Cold Case: The Torso Murders

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    Welcome jj vm!!

    I sure don't hear much about Alaska crime/drug use/prostitution. I do remember the serial killer Robert Hansen though and not all of his victims were prostitutes.

    Robert Hansen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I wonder if the torsos were separated from the head and limbs of these woman by natural causes, such as waves or predators or if the ME could tell if the head and limbs were removed by a person.

    I read the comments on the (I think) second article. I wonder if LE should read them. Sounded like the commenters might be local Might be a tip. I would imagine a lot of people involved in the sex trade are not going to talk.
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    The Frozen Ground - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Frozen Ground is a movie coming out in August about serial killer Robert Hansen. It stars Nick Cage and John Cusack.

    Hansen indicated he started killing as early as the 1970's.
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