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    Sibling Bullying Can Lead to Depression, Anxiety in Victims


    Study says it may be as damaging as abuse from peers

    MONDAY, June 17 (HealthDay News) -- Being picked on by your brother or sister may seem like a normal part of growing up, but for some kids the bullying may be a source of depression and anxiety, a new study suggests.

    Researchers found that among 3,600 kids in a U.S. survey, those who were pushed around by a sibling -- physically or verbally -- had higher scores on a measure of depression and anxiety symptoms.

    "Historically, sibling aggression has been dismissed as normal," said lead researcher Corinna Jenkins Tucker, an associate professor of family studies at the University of New Hampshire. "It's been seen as benign, or even good for kids because it teaches them something about dealing with the world."........

    Still, he said, the findings shed some light on an issue that has gotten little attention compared with schoolyard bullying. "I think this shows us we need to address aggression no matter where it happens," Copeland said.

    More at link....

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    I suspect sibling bullying contributes a lot to bullying.

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    I was bullied by my older sister when I was a child. She always used to tell me how fat, stupid and ugly I was. When I was in my 20s, she still used to put me down -- but it eventually stopped after she went into therapy. She would also hit and punch me as she was quite a tomboy. As a result of her bullying, I used to pick on my younger brother and sisters. The way she treated me affected my self esteem and self confidence for many years -- I have never been diagnosed with depression but have gone through periods of mild depression. My therapist (I did see one for a few years) diagnosed me as having an anxiety disorder. Her suggestion regarding my sister was I put some distance into our relationship -- "Just because she's your sister doesn't mean she has to be your friend." Yes, I agree with this study. )
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    I think any family bullying is not normal at all. Kids bullying parents, elders bullied, siblings, etc. People can't always just move or get away from family and it can cause horrible anxiety.

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    I could've saved them years of research & money and told them this.

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    Well, all my siblings bullied me, and it actually helped when I was bullied by people at school... easier not to give a ***** about what those at school did considering my own family treated me like *****.

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