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    Madeleine McCann Forum is Open

    Dear Websleuths Members,

    The Madeleine McCann forum is open.

    We said we would open this forum when there was something new and thanks to Scotland Yard re-opening the case we are re-opening our forum.

    According to Sky News:

    "Scotland Yard believes it has unearthed enough evidence to justify the Portuguese authorities reopening the case but so far they have refused to do so. " http://news.sky.com/story/1104068/ma...-funds-inquiry

    Please take a moment to review the rules on Websleuths.

    Instant access to the rules right here: The Rules - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Instant access to tips for dealing with other members right here: Best Practices Dealing with your fellow posters - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Thank you,

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    I am beyond thrilled this search has been reopened. I remember when Madeleine went missing. I followed the case very closely and checked in several times a day for updates. Over the years from time to time I still would do a Google News search to see if anything had popped up. Now that the case is reopened I am praying Madeleine is found alive.

    I've spent some time today reading through past posts and it's so interesting to me to see a case where so many of us are divided on the parents involvement. Up until now the only cases I've followed on WS have been Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias. Everyone was pretty much on the same page for both those cases and it was very rare to see anyone disagree or argue. This is so different.

    For what it's worth, my - I think the parents acted very foolishly in leaving their children alone. I think it was neglectful and bad parenting at it's finest. I've taken into account that they were only so far from the room and that they were checking on the children regularly (not enough IMO) and that they probably were all from a generation where this was done often. Knowing that the children had been sick and that Madeleine had been asking why, the night before, nobody came to them when they were crying should have been enough for that mother to say "I'll pass tonight and stay with my kids." As a parent (I wasn't a parent yet when this first happened, and I didn't realize this at the time) your sole purpose as a parent is to keep your children safe and you're responsible for being by your child's side when they need you. It is incomprehensible to me how she went out that night, leaving her VERY young children.

    That said, I do not believe they had anything to do with the disappearance. From what I have read and the facts and interviews from the police reports (I don't give media reports much credence), I honestly think someone saw a pattern of these parents leaving their children alone and took advantage. There seemed to be no shortage of "questionable" characters in or around where they were staying.

    I found this site helpful in separating what was "reported" and what was actually said and done: http://madeleinemythsexposed.pbworks...40/Main%20Page

    I am praying there is some closure found soon and that Madeleine is alive and well. I also look forward to reading posts and opinions about this.

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    I am so glad this case has been reopened!

    I am surprised that the forum has been so quiet, though.
    Justice for Jonbenet!

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    I cannot post here as my views are against TOS.

    I am thrilled that the case is being reopened.

    I will be even more thrilled if the friends/family of Madeleine actually cooperate with the investigation, this time.

    Everything I post is my opinion only, can change at any time, and is not intended to replace fact.
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    So glad the met are going to investigate, British prosecutors have been in Portugal too. Sad however to see that there are over twenty suspects not discounted yet, and that one was a man living in the area who left just months after and was subsequently put in prison on child abuse charges (or so media have claimed).

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    Question Question-madeleine mc cann

    Can anyone shed light on the female childminder employee Pauline Frances Mc Cann who was employed at the children's creche during the Mc Cann holiday in Portugal? Is she related to the Mc Canns? I thought it was an unusual surname, not to even mention that apartment 5A also belonged to " a Mc Cann"?

    The taxi driver, Mr Castelio, who claims he drove 3 men, a woman and a child on that fateful night : Is the staff member who was working at he Ocean Club with the same surname, Castelio, a family member of the taxi driver?
    Just wondering....for now.

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    I've not heard of her, but the surname mccann is not that unusual. The flat owner, McCann was not a relative. But you can look up birth registers in the UK to get more info. I have a feeling the taxi passengers were identified and dismissed as being involved

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    I came here after this was reported on my local news. Thought maybe someone had some new info. Alas, this is all I got today;
    MY DAILY REMINDER; "Okay, I want you to Google the term "stay under the radar" and read the results V E R Y carefully!

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    I have read Mrs McCann's book 8 times now and she says she couldn't make out if Madeleine was in the bed or not on her 10pm check as it was so dark in the room, yet her husband who did a 9h05 check saw her clearly in the dark and thought how beautiful she was.

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    Madeleine McCann was asleep on her left hand side as seen by her dad at 21h05. Jane Tanner saw a person carrying a child at 21h15 with her feet showing, so now her head is on the other side, which could mean she was passed to another person as if she was picked up from her bed her head would be on the right side of the person carrying her. Even if a left handed person picked her up he would pick her up with her head on his right hand side. The image Jane Tanner saw shows that the child's head is now on the left hand side.
    Was Madeleine passed from one person to another?

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    We are going to be locking up all the old threads and start one general discussion thread. Just a short head's up to all!

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