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    NV - Diane Hietbrink, 58, Henderson, 25 Sept 1996

    According to police, a few witnesses said they saw a Hispanic man in his early 20's in a buttoned-down striped shirt leave an area near the rear of Hietbrink's house.


    There are more pictures from the scene of the crime at the link above.

    Hope one of you has the clue that will solve this murder!!!

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    Thanks for the links. That always helps!

    A lot of evidence to look at here. Was there a place nearby where illegals congregated to look for work? I see a 7-11 in that picture. Did illegals go there and hang out waiting for potential employers to stop by and give them work? Could be someone noticed this older lady and mosied on over for a quick robbery that escalated to murder when she fought back. He probably left the country and that's why you won't find his DNA in any database here.

    As for the card, did they check that out? Calle means street in Spanish so that could be an address. If they followed up on an address, they might have found the killer and extradited him back to the States.

    EDIT: That card is freaking me out. I've tried Googling all manner of phrases and variations based on what I see and nothing comes up. Weird. Those are addresses I'm sure of it, at least the parts with calle in them. The other phrases/number/letter combinations? No idea.
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    Could that card mean a street/calle with the number 5000 (calle w no 5000).

    What also strikes me is that a button down stripe shirt doesn't seem typical for an undocumented worker in the US.

    Weird evidence, the card either seems like shorthand or code?

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    I thought code too after doing a number of searches and finding nothing that made sense. I also thought calle w no 5000 would be something like Calle West No. 5000. Nope. Nothing came up as a match.

    As for a button down shirt on an illegal I've seen pictures of border crossers where they are wearing all manner of clothing. They tend to be pretty poor and wear whatever they can afford so I think that it is entirely possible he could be illegal and wearing such a shirt. From the looks of it he probably didn't wear the shirt for long as I suspect he had to be fairly well covered in blood when he left the house.

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