Daily Mail:

Family of girl search for heroine who saved their daughter, 4, from drowning despite only having one arm
The family of a 4-year-old girl who nearly drowned in a lake is searching for the heroic one-armed woman who saved her.

Caylee Brumlow was celebrating her fourth birthday with family at a beach on Allatoona Lake outside Atlanta, Ga., Saturday when her parents realized she was missing.
'As soon as we didn't see her, neither one of us wanted to admit it, but we thought the worst right then and there. We thought that she had went under,' said Caylee's father, Corey Brumlow.

After a minute of complete panic, Caylee's older brother spotted her being held above water by a one-armed woman in the six-foot deep lake at Red Top Mountain.
'As soon as she walked up, the woman put her arm around my neck and we hugged and kind of shared a thank you-type embrace and I never saw her again,' Brumlow said.
'I would like to thank her and tell her how much I love her for what she's done,' he said.

'She let my baby girl see 4-years-old.'
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