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    AR - Nathan Young, 32, & Brandon Prince, 39, Fort Smith, 26 June 2013


    An eyewitness said he was on the front porch of the duplex having a beer with the two victims when Kinsey was seen walking in the alley next to the home with grocery bags in his hands.
    According to court documents, Kinsey said he was walking back from the Dollar Store when he thought he saw a person who used to date his mother. While looking through a backyard, Kinsey said he was confronted by three people who wanted to know why he was there.
    Kinsey and the victims exchanged words and Kinsey pulled out a machete to warn them, the documents state.
    Kinsey told police he didn’t think the men would let him go so he started swinging the machete, striking two of them. The men backed away, but Kinsey told police he pursued them and hit one of them in the alley, according to court documents.
    The eyewitness told police he struck Kinsey on the head with a wood board and Kinsey then fled from the scene.
    Kinsey told police he had a “clear mind” and once the fight started “it was like he was watching a movie,” the affidavit for probable cause states.
    The gruesome scene was described by police as something “out of a horror movie.”
    The link has more details and an interview with the suspect's mother.


    This is a doctor's assessment of the suspect's mental illness and the Juggalo connection.


    Here are some photos of ICP stuff and bloody finger paintings inside the suspect's home.
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    “There’s gonna be a law to carry his name,” LeClaire said. “There’s gonna be something changed. He’s 20-years-old. He’s 20. Never gonna have children, never gonna get married. They took his life from him.”

    they took his life away from him? actually he killed them and ruined his own life by doing so. and what about the 15 and 2 yr old inside the house when thier father was attacked?
    who goes grocery shopping with a machete??

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    Not often I'm speechless but moms' interview?
    Just scratching my head

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    Aus prediction:

    It's a matter of time before some fundamentalist wack job with access to a news feed starts hooting on about how a murder committed by a severely mentally ill young man is somehow the fault of a bunch of musicians.

    Sounds like his mother is every bit as nuts as her son is. Bet there's some interesting long-term history there...

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    Here's his FB

    I removed the link out of respect for the poor people that had been murdered. He goes under Aaron Kinsey though.

    Not a Juggalo to be found. Plenty of ummmm images of I guess they are Satanic. Mom's a praying woman at least in her one profile.

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    From November 2014:


    A Sebastian County jury on Thursday night sentenced Gregory A. Kinsey, 21, to 70 years in prison for the deaths of Brandon Prince and Nathan Young.

    Kinsey was convicted Wednesday night of first-degree murder and second-degree murder after hacking Prince and Young to death with a machete last year.

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