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    Virginia Jail Holds Father-Daughter Dance For Prisoners


    In 2012, the father-daughter dance at the Richmond City Jail was born.

    It was the brainchild of Angela Patton, who runs Camp Diva,

    Patton convinced Richmond City Sheriff C. T. Woody Jr. to host the dance inside the jail, and he agreed.

    "They are not hard core criminals, they deserve a second chance," Woody said. "And they can be very good citizens and the best way to make a good citizen is to make good fathers."

    "I did this because I know how important family is. Someone saved me. I haven't always been a law-abiding, law enforcement officer," Woody said.

    When the big moment arrives, the young girls in brightly colored dresses are escorted down the drab and dreary halls of the jail. When they walk past the solid steel mechanical doors, the fathers waiting on the other side start to cry

    with video - but just reading it is enough to just say...finally no red tape, no crap, just someone who had a great idea! I love this idea so much and hope it catches on.

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    I saw this on the news the other night and I cried because it was so sweet. Time with their children like this has to be a huge motivator for some men to turn their lives around, plus these girls need their fathers in their lives.
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    Yes, it was sweet. The pictures were precious. Yes, time with their children has proven to be a great motivator for rehabilitation, and there are prison programs throughout the nation that promote good parenting skills. That's true rehab at work!

    Another great motivator for rehabilitation is the Paws in Prison program:


    This is one of my "pet" projects, if you will!

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    I love it. Let's not just give up on everyone! Wonderful story.
    Thanks for posting it.

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    Aw....this mde me cry...how sweet! I Luv his sheriff - what a wonderful opportunity for all involved!

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