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    WFTV Eyewitness News ‏@WFTV 3m
    After over a year of silence, former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee is on the stand. WATCH LIVE: http://at.wftv.com/15QGYxF #Zimmermanon9
    Retweeted by Kathi Belich, WFTV

    OM asks what his best practice would be for family listening to tape...separately..Lee excused...

    David Ovalle ‏@DavidOvalle305 4m
    Ex-Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee says he was excluded from room when city officials played 911 tape to #TrayvonMartin relatives
    Retweeted by Kyle Hightower

    DLR asks him in his experience it would be policy to just show one picture or one tape to a witness, same with lineups. agrees, in his experience..

    Lee tells OM that his recommendation had been that the tape should be played to individual members of the family.

    Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 2m
    Jurors have been collectively active with note taking during Tracy Martin and now Bill Lee testimony. #zimmerman #TrayvonMartin

    OM asking Lee how long he was chief at SPD, his background.

    Kathi Belich, WFTV Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 4m
    Former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee is now on the stand. #ZimmermanOn9

    Kathi Belich, WFTV Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 6m
    Tracy Martin is done testifying. Onto the next witness. #ZimmermanOn9

    Kathi Belich, WFTV Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 8m
    Martin: I played tape over & over because I was trying to figure out why the defendant got out of his vehicle & chase my son. #ZimmermanOn9

    Kathi Belich, WFTV Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 10m
    Martin: I was listening to my son's last cry for help - Listening to his life being taken. #ZimmermanOn9

    Kathi Belich, WFTV Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 11m
    Martin: My world has been turned upside down since that day. #ZimmermanOn9

    Kathi Belich, WFTV Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 14m
    Martin: I listened to a series of 911 calls while at the police station. #ZimmermanOn9

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    Judge says they have some issues to settle and she is dismissing jury for the night.

    Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 29s
    Lee is off the stand. Judge is about to dismiss the jury for the night. Says there are matters that need to be taken up. #Zimmerman

    Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 38s
    First up is a Richardson hearing. State looking to strike Donnelly testimony IDing Zimmerman on 911 tape. Never said it in deposition

    Jeff Weiner ‏@JeffWeinerOS 1m
    Prosecutor Mantei: Lawyers spent several hours together yesterday, defense didn't tell state about new Donnelly testimony. #ZimmermanTrial
    Retweeted by Kyle Hightower

    Judge says OM admits the info was not given; the question is what is the prejudice to the state? Kept them from investigating witness further to find out when and how he listened to the tape, why he made the decision to not inform the state. Mantei brings out that supreme court has ruled on providing evidence to each party. OM arguing back on and on....Judge say defense did not supply to state but state has not proved prejudice, his testimony stays.

    Next....West ....question about the TMs level of PHC being given to jury; we know the ME changed the level and said it could have had some affect.

    State/Guy says this level is so small, is prejudicial and judge's prior ruling should stay.

    Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 2m
    Defense arguing that it has a witness that says the amount of THC in #trayvonmartin system could cause impairment.

    GZ had made observation that TM looked like he was on drugs.

    Guy, not just that the substance exists, but the effect has to be proven and it has not been. Defendant said a lot of things about Trayvon that were not true. Defense is trying to back door some very poor character evidence.

    Judge quotes another case that to not allow the evidence would be reversible error. Says state can cross examine the witness and call rebuttal; West says witness probably be sometime tomorrow..she will allow .....

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    Third issue...OM
    Jeff Weiner ‏@JeffWeinerOS 3m
    Next: State motion to block #GeorgeZImmerman defense's law-enforcement expert who says GZ was justified. #ZimmermanTrial #TrayvonMartin
    Retweeted by Kyle Hightower

    Judge asks can't the jury determine that for themselves. OM says no he does not feel this jury has the background to decide how LE would react to the situation.

    Guy...the witness may apply to LE but not to what defendant would do..

    OM wants her to review the deposition...judge does not need to read it for that purpose, and court finds that allowing this witness to testify that GZs actions were reasonable is unreasonable...state/limini will stand...that leaves the animation..she asks if it is to be introduced as an exhibit and if so, will require a Doggert? hearing....OM is fluxed and asks for a break, law has changed since 7/1....

    Recess for 15 min.
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    Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 2m
    Court is in recess for 15 min #Zimmerman

    Kyle Hightower Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 4m
    Judge is now hearing arguments about a defense expert's computer animation that the state wants the judge to exclude.

    Kyle Hightower Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 5m
    Father says he never denied screams were #Trayvon (from @AP) #zimmerman http://m.apnews.com/ap/db_268748/con...tguid=6ffAdDvu

    Jeff Weiner Jeff Weiner ‏@JeffWeinerOS 12m
    Next: State motion to block #GeorgeZImmerman defense's law-enforcement expert who says GZ was justified. #ZimmermanTrial #TrayvonMartin
    Retweeted by Kyle Hightower

    Kyle Hightower Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 11m
    Judge says the defense will have a chance to present the toxicology testimony on small amount of marijuana in #trayvonmartin system.

    Corey Dade Corey Dade ‏@CoreyDade 17m
    Defense: Pot in #TrayvonMartin's system also supports evidence from 7-Eleven video showing TM was "swaying." #GZtrial
    Retweeted by Kyle Hightower

    Kyle Hightower Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 16m
    State argues that there's no way to know for sure if amount in Martin's system isn't known and of value.

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    Still on recess... Bill S. says there was a deal between defense, state and judge..if you let the statements of what Mr. Martin said to LE about the tape stand, then the defense needs to call him and we can cross to see his own statement.

    Bill says he is very dignified and soft spoken and what he said was very sad and emotional. OM has to be wondering was it worth it? When OM asked him if he thinks LE lied, it was totally improper question and objection was sustained. Cannot have one witness judge what another has said.

    DLR may call Mr. Martin back as rebuttal witness also.

    Back to court regarding the animation..OM talking about the new version. Judge asks state if there are still concerns..Guy says some have been removed but there remain objection J, what the change in version 2 and 3 is really based on..are we still relying on certain testimony, or what is basis of this. Judge says we can talk to the witness before and ask him question. Be in recess while state meets with Mr. Shoemaker and then will decide. They can let her know when they are ready. He will be here in 1/2 hour, then they have to interview him.**

    Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 1m
    Court is in recess awaiting arrival of defense computer animation expert for admissibility hearing. #Zimmerman**

    State presents change to timeline only in how it is written, from printed to handwritten. No objections.

    ** Up to mods if they want to hold this open for that decision. I'll check back to see and will post if thread still open, if not, then will post in the morning.

    Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 3m
    Not sure how long this recess will be before defense animation discussion. Will keep an ear out and update when it's up. #Zimmermanon9

    Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 2m
    @pinkfox The hearing will continue on our #Zimmermanon9 live stream which is still up: http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream/
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    Live hearing came back on:

    Mantei says he needs to discuss more with Mr. Shoemaker and wants to take another deposition.

    Judge says he can do that tonite? He will be happy to: Mantei.

    Judge says that can be done and then the hearing continue in the morning.

    Judge asks will he testify tomorrow, Shoemaker? defense says they plan to depending on how hearing turns out. She says then will have hearing tomorrow and if needed he can testify.

    Mantei/OM also bring up that this witness has different info from Dr. de Mao about the angle of the bullet. Judge says ask him about this in the deposition and then call the dr. if you need more info.

    Court in recess until 8:30 am.

    Rodney Hawkins Rodney Hawkins ‏@RodneyCBSNews 2m
    Court is back in session. State and Defense arguing if animation of the night of the shooting should be allowed.
    Retweeted by Kyle Hightower

    Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 2m
    Judge allowing state to conduct deeper deposition 4 defense computer animation creator. Will now have admissibility hearing Tues morning


    Kyle Hightower Kyle Hightower ‏@khightower 29m
    ICYMI: Judge: Martin's use of pot may be presented (from @AP) #zimmerman http://m.apnews.com/ap/db_268748/con...tguid=6ffAdDvu

    Wow, what a day! That's it folks!

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    6:29 PM EDT

    O'Mara introduces Shoemaker to the Judge

    Proscecution Mantei says State in same position, has new info and without adequate time to explore and develop.
    Wants or needs more time with this witness.

    The software, the depos so far probably meet Daubert purposes. Other objections by State are not based on Daubert.

    Another new version of the software and no one told us. Hearing under Pierce case? Or opportunity to talk with Dr Shoemaker in a deposition?

    Since he is at the Court, and is available, The Judge will allow further depo by State to be done this evening.

    O'Mara now telling Judge how to arrange the morning schedule. Another proffer hearing needed tomorrow. Judge this hearing regarding Shoemaker, first thing in the morning.
    Dr. DeMaio spoke to Shoemaker about how Bao and DeMaio said the shot angle was and Bernie just found out. O'Mara glossing it all over, saying poo, poo, doesn't really amount to anything.
    Judge says State can ask Shoemaker what D'Maio said and go from there.

    Judge calls attorneys to bench to discuss something.

    6:40 EDT

    Judge: Court is in recess until 8:30 in the morning. Dr Shoemaker if you will please stay for your deposition. That's All Folks!

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