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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonya610 View Post
    And if there is such a thing as BLATANT WITNESS TAMPERING I think Ms. Jeantel and her "Yes Sir" is a good example.

    The State telling their witness to use "yes sir", "no sir", "yes m'am" and "no m'am" does not equal "blatant witness tampering", IMO. The State and the defense are allowed to remind their witnesses of things such as that.


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    Mantei has me missing Jose Baez and his antics. Mr. Mantei is rather dull, so are the rest of the attorneys. At least Jose gave us some "shock" moments, like the time he was using one of his storyboards and called Ashton "laughing boy" causing Judge P to sit up and take notice.

    These guys are just so ho-hum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inobu View Post
    That is how the event changes. If TM had a MMA mount then TM knees would have prevented GZ from getting to his gun.

    TM knees would have been by GZ waist guarding his gun. Only when TM got off could GZ access his gun.

    Here is a recent incident that was in the news. If this incident had not been filmed the offender could have very easily claimed self defense. Too bad for him, he's in a lot of trouble now. it also shows how quickly things can take a turn when personalities become heated.


    Note: All statements made by me are MOO, IMO, or IMHO unless supported by a substantiating link. Thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Truthy View Post
    He specifically claimed the gun was superfluous because of the camera angle would not have shown it. They could have changed the camera angle with a mouse click. His explaination was BS, IMHO.
    IMO - Absolutely, and why I don't understand why this would be something the defense would argue to admit, but the gunshot was a key point, and could have been included easily, I agree with you - why leave it out? He's a skilled animator, at the request of the defense, who I can only guess did not want it there You're absolutely right, and it isn't logical, in my opinion.

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    Ok this thread is closed. We will open a new discussion thread tomorrow as soon as court is in session.

    Tonight on Tricia's True Crime Radio in addition to Sheryl McCollum from the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute we will welcome VPate. Vpate has had a very interesting journey where the Zimmerman/Martin case is concerned.

    She is an encyclopedia of knowledge of this case. She paid the price early on when she said George shot in self defense. Vpate will tell us all about the hell she has been through and about her latest take on what happened in the court room.


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