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    This is most likely not a match but I thought I'd suggest it. On NamUs it states that this jane doe is between 10-30 years old. Tara Cossey went missing a year prior, she would have been 13 at the time this jane doe was found.


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    Her drawn-on eyebrows, as seen in the crime scene photo and sketch, are really striking to me. I can't imagine that someone would go to that effort for everyday wear. Were there any strip or dance clubs in the area at the time? It would be really helpful to know where the perp picked this Doe up.

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    The namus page says Latino/Hispanic, but I wonder if maybe she was Native American and maybe the "eyebrows" were something tribal. I'm trying to find a map showing reservations from the eightie but I haven't found anything. Its just a thought, but if it gets her closer to getting her name back, I thought I'd throw it out there.

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    I think she kind of looks like Laura Hernandez. I'm aware Laura went missing in December of that year, but the way her Namus read it kind of sounds like she might have been reported missing later. She was also known to dye her hair blonde. I'm only recommending her because one of her pictures reminded me of this Jane Doe.


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    I think so, too, but both have DNA in CODIS, so it would be an auto rule out.
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