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    boom! no I didn't compare the times

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    It seems the prosecution is becoming quite frustrated. They are becoming almost brash with their questioning. The defense seems cool and confident. IMO

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    I really like his perception of time changing. That's just real.


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    This Prosecutor is not very effective. But then again I'm used to the very best prosecutor.

    Can't wait for closing arguments.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DIBSY View Post
    Regardless of what the bloke from the gym testified, that same gym is using George Zimmerman as an advert for using their gym..which leads me to believe that the general public is soo inamoured of GZ's fighting prowess, they will pay large sums of cashola to be like George.

    Why base an advertizing campaign on George IF he isn't The New Poster Boy for successful fisticuffs...nevermind the G U N.

    Please see my Sig for link to GZ's gym's promotion of his training.
    IMO, GZ would be the LAST person I would use to advertise ANYTHING!

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    This is the important thing.. Fights are not calm events, they are all crazy and all over the place. They happen fast and remembering every precise event or action in the fight is just not possible.
    Atticus Finch: “You never really understand a person . . . until you consider things from his point of view.” To Kill A Mockingbird

    All my posts are my opinion only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William N View Post
    IMO GZ used his gun after being sucker punched and his head pounded into concrete by TM.
    Thank you, William N. That effectively negates this witness' entire testimony pertaining to the " fist fight" he claims to have taken place.
    As a rule my comments are my views.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIBSY View Post
    This witness is testifying to what LE should do in such a situation. Which as Defence 101 has pointed out, plays right into the Prosecution's allegation that GZ is a Cop Wannabe. Thanks defense!!!
    Was wondering if Root did any training of the general public?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karmady View Post
    West was making the point that the schedule the judge is imposing is outrageous because she kept them until 10 then insisted on resuming at 8. Leaving the defense with no time to both prepare and sleep. He said it was impacting his physically. The Judge wasn't hearing it and abruptly recessed and left the bench. She later changes her mind and started at 9, obviously.
    I watched it and it was actually kind of funny but I felt bad for West; he also mentioned his health can't handle these hours and he was just so frustrated and MOM put his hand on West's arm b/c the Judge just stopped listening and walked off and West just kind of put his hands up in resignation of the whole thing.

    And good morning all and thanks for the thread Fran
    Everything stated is JMO and I like my opinion
    My canine angels I love you
    My amazing Dad I love you

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    Quote Originally Posted by sacrablue View Post
    So GZ was out of shape and got over his head with his little chase the bad guy game so he says you loose, pulls out a gun and blows the kid away. What a tough guy. IMO
    nope, IMO he was getting beaten up and had to defend himself.

    I think it is a crock that TM's past is not able to be brought up but GZ's is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by costalpilot View Post
    so, according to HLN they cant show the re enactment in the body of their case but can in their closing. seems weird 2 me.

    it also seems weird 2 me that evidence of TM's fighting past isn't admissible while evidence of GZ's interest in law enforcement is.
    IMO, the judge's ruling on the admissibility of the text messages is reversible error.



    At an in limine hearing, the trial court found the two images and one text message the ex-wife testified to admissible, but concluded the remaining exhibits inadmissible as the ex-wife could not authenticate them. The court erred. The images and text messages were found on the defendant’s cellular telephone, seized pursuant to a search of the defendant’s home through a warrant shortly after the alleged incident. This fact, testified by the State’s forensics expert, is sufficient to authenticate these exhibits. U.S. v. Caldwell, 776 F.2d 989, 1001-02 (11th Cir.1985) (holding that authentication of evidence merely requires a finding that the evidence is what it purports to be). It also is immaterial that the ex-wife could not identify each of the messages being shown to her on the night of the incident. Regardless how these images and text messages might have found their way onto the defendant’s cellular telephone, the State has presented sufficient evidence at this stage that these exhibits constitute evidence of motive. Craig v. State, 510 So.2d 857, 863 (Fla.1987) (stating that evidence of motive is admissible when it would help the jury understand other evidence). Accordingly, they are admissible into evidence at the trial of this case upon the State laying the proper predicates as indicated by this opinion


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    Quote Originally Posted by DIBSY View Post
    This witness is testifying to what LE should do in such a situation. Which as Defence 101 has pointed out, plays right into the Prosecution's allegation that GZ is a Cop Wannabe. Thanks defense!!!
    And just why is being a Cop Wannabe a bad thing? Is being a **** Wannabe a good thing?

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    Excellent! Please tell us about the flashlights and where they were..any why.
    "You are free to choose, You are not free from the consequences of your choices."

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    The defense opened up a can of worns

    Here is the problem.

    GZ only has information based on the sequence of events that happen and events that have no form of validation. When the defense calls in the animation to depict the events they must use GZ testimony.

    GZ testimony is limited as he narrated it from one perspective (his). Although is sound good in delivery under scrutiny it comes unraveled.

    Testimony has TM on a full mount. This is validated by a witness. A full mount has TM on Gz chest and waist area. In this position GZ has no access to the gun. Although in GZ mind he can shimmy upward to free access to the gun in all actuality he cannot. GZ would have to shimmy to a point where TM is on his thighs which would change the bullets angle of trajectory.

    GZ stated that TM said "you got me" or something to that effect after he shot the gun. That comment does not make sense but what does is?

    If GZ said "you got me" then TM would have stopped and proceed to dismount. This will allow GZ to access his gun and change the event and out come.

    That would also account for the angle in which the bullet entered TM and support the position of TM hoodie.

    GZ is telling what happened one just need to assign the actions to the right person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cityslick View Post
    Most people/TH's, even those usually pro-biased pretty much agree the defense has succeeded in breaking down the states entire opening argument. The witness yesterday (DiMieo) basically shut the door on any doubt that GZ was on the ground getting hurt. The state has no counter witness to that IMO.

    this is TRUE imo

    but many in the guilty crowd dismissed the defenses medical expert testimony as basically worthless. One poster opined that he was "embarrassing himself."

    which made me wonder, whose kidding who?

    it was the states medical expert who really embarrassed herself when she made the ridiculous assertion that GZ's injuries were caused by ONE BLOW. when a expert makes an assertion that a layman can easily see is not true, that is actually more than embarrassment, it invalidates her entire testimony, imo.

    whose kidding who.
    IF I PUT IT HERE ITS MY OPINION. apparently i have no idea when i need to say that in a post, so this should cover it....IN MY OPINION anyways,

    welcome to the gates of hell JVDS.

    Jose Baez: “I sincerely believe that when we have finally spoken, everyone, and I mean everyone, will sit back and say, ‘Now, I understand. That explains it.’”

    Jose Baez to da judge :

    ".....that type of testing is unique. we requested that they be allowed to test items and that of course was objected to by the state and and uh the state uh granted or sustained their objection, denied our opportunity to have him test these items due to a very specialized field, subfield, of dna that he is one of the pioneers of uh in the alternative of we were granted the ability to test certain items by an outside lab...."

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