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    Quote Originally Posted by mom23gr8kids View Post
    Jury is going to adjourn for the night. So that makes me think that they are not very close. I would think if they were close they'd have dinner brought in and keep going. JMOO

    Oh well at least now I can run to the grocery to grab something I need for dinner.
    Doesn't it make you nutty playing the jury guessing game. We all do it, and of course, none of us are ever right
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    Quote Originally Posted by deelytful1 View Post
    OMO but I feel like if they were going to say GZ was innocent, they would do it tonight and not make him sweat another night.. I think they're really undecided.
    I think if the deliberations were moving along then they'd want to continue into the night. That they requested to stop now kind of says to me that it's not going well and they are getting frustrated with each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdana View Post

    She was not credible, because her account was not consistent to a truthful narrative. First, she failed to call TM back over the next two days when she was so concerned for him and he was supposedly in fear according to her testimony. She acted like a mind reader of TM's fighting propensity, like when she would know how serious he would fight or when he would fight, as one example. In addition, her testimony was created with the assistance of Mr. Crump weeks after the incident, when it could be contaminated by outside knowledge of the case. It would have been much more credible if she had been contacted by the LE before many facts of the case were public knowledge. It is impossible not to question the accuracy and veracity of her testimony considering how long after the fact it came, even if she had valid (in her mind) reasons not to contact LE immediately.

    why are you assuming she didn't know he was dead? No one asked her if she knew any of his other friends - or if it was on his facebook or a friends facebook that he's been murdered?

    Pretty hard to tell the LE her side of the story when the LE took GZ's story at face value and assumed he was a ****. It took them months to get in touch with her. They didn't even bother to canvas the complex the night TM was found to see if he lived there or not. All of GZ lies were instantly taken as truth.

    When there is Justice - there is Peace.

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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    This thread is closed. Please check back tomorrow. We will open the thread if the jury deliberates over the weekend.

    Don't forget tonight on Tricia's True Crime Radio my guests will be Florida attorney Richard Hornsby and Sheryl McCollum.


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