This one should be a little easier. Various references have been made by the Ramseys over the years as to what they did like to watch. So, here goes:

{{feel free to jump in and add to the list of what the Ramseys did like to watch on their big screen TV}}

Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase was a big favourite with the Ramseys - including Patsy. This is that classic about the big Griswold family Christmas with all the relatives - I can tell you the whole story as it is a big favourite around my home as well.

Now this is comedy action adventure with violence and a kidnapping thrown in to boot.

I think it's DOI where Patsy says they watched it every year.

And TV Shows - well they were certainly familiar with CNN. And news can get a little gritty at times.

But Geraldo - not only did Patsy watch - Patsy called Geraldo. She tells you that in DOI.

And then there's the thing they did to the editor of the National Enquirer - Patsy and Susan Stine. That's in DOI as well, so they were reading tabloids.

And the only other one I can think of off the top of my head is that one of the White house guests was watching In the Nick of Time and any or all of the Ramseys could have participated. This is another kidnapping epic. Begins with someone chasing and I believe clobbering a young girl. It's been a while since I watched it.

Actually, quite a number of American movies are kidnap movies. There's a list somewhere on the Internet, I'll see if I can find the URL again. I found it when I was looking up the Ransom of Red Chief - which is an O Henry short story made into a play. O Henry was a successful prolific writer from North Carolina.

So, add to the list - what else did the Ramseys actually say they watched?


oppps...I think she called LKL when Princess Di died to empathise about papparatzi (sp? too lazy to look it up...) So, I guess she watched LKL, as well as appeared there.

Wonder if she watched Oprah?