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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarlettScarpetta View Post
    It is not a riot. It is a march and completely peaceful at this point.

    DR MLK daughter called for peace this morning. A march would be a peaceful protest.
    Yep that is what I said "NOt an actual riot"

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    Can we maybe get a GZ thread on a different board by any chance?
    "He who introduces KY into the relationship is no abused virgin." - Aristotle

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    Quote Originally Posted by azwriter View Post
    Can we all agree to state it this way:
    George Zimmerman was found not guilty.
    The jury never said he was innocent.

    My heart goes out to the Martin family this evening.

    I agree, but many won't.

    They equate not guilty = innocent.

    Which is not the way the law works.

    The standard is did the prosecution prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

    The jury may well feel that GZ was guilty but the state did not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt so according to the law they were bound to find him not guilty.

    Or they may well feel that GZ was totally innocent. Unless they speak, we'll never know just exactly what they meant by "not guilty."
    Be kind, for everyone is fighting a great battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarlettScarpetta View Post
    I find this kind of insulting.

    I am not a GZ supporter. I am supporter of the law for all people. A fair trial and constitutional rights for anyone charged with a crime.
    That is the law you are supporting- you want to apply it selectively now?

    I am very happy my state has saner statues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overuled View Post
    This was a JUST trial and emotion was left out like it should have been.

    Quote Originally Posted by Garland View Post
    As an African-American man myself, I'm outraged at this verdict. George may have gotten away with murder & may be free in the eyes of the courts, but he's not free in the eyes of millions of strangers. He'll now have to go into hiding for the rest of his life...or move out of this country & never return here again. It's cases like this that makes me want to move to another country, even.

    He'll have it even worse than Casey Anthony, especially when race is being brought into this equation.

    No damn sad is that? TM had no right to attack GZ. GZ shot in self defense....he was found NOT GUILTY...nuff said.

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    Sybrina Martin just released a statement. She has so much class!! RIP Trayvon.
    "It's like a field of lies that have sprouted around her, as she sat on that witness stand" - Juan Martinez - closing arguments 5/1/13

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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
    thread is closed. We may or may not open this thread.
    please check back.

    thank you everyone.
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