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    'Left Lane Law'


    FINALLY a new law I can really get excited about. When I lived in Arkansas, we had two lanes, the go-slow-lane (right) and the go-slower-lane (left).

    DENVER (AP) Colorado is serious about its no-dawdling law in left lanes.

    Drivers who insist on staying in the passing lane are risking tickets as the State Patrol has begun enforcing a law requiring motorists to use the left lane for passing only.

    Since the patrol started enforcing the "Left Lane Law" three months ago, troopers have written about 460 tickets or about an average of five a day to drivers who dawdle in the left lane.

    Master Trooper Ron Watkins said that since the ticketing campaign began three months ago about 90 percent of the drivers he has pulled over for dawdling or cruising in the left lane said they didn't know that it was illegal to do so.

    Violators of the left lane rule may be fined up to $41 and have three points tacked onto their driver's licenses. The law is not enforced when the highway is too congested to allow drivers to pass.

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    santa cruz, california
    thank you golfmom! i died and went to heaven! wish they would do it here in ca.

    on hwy 1 which is a 2 lane hwy with passing lanes along the way. what most people do is go slow when you cannot pass and when they come to the passing lanes (instead of staying in the slow right lane) they speed up so you are continually stuck behind these morons!